Wednesday, December 14, 2011

International Heart Break

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I am heartbroken. The Financial Aid department broke my heart.

I don't know if I mentioned this to you guys, but I had the opportunity to take a class next semester that would take a 3-week trip around Ireland over the summer. I was so excited, because it counted for my major and my favorite professor is leading it and I've always, always wanted to go to Ireland.

The trip is pretty expensive, but I was confident that I would be able to get enough financial aid to justify paying the rest out of pocket. The deadline to drop the class without having to pay the cost of the trip was the 9th, but today was the earliest I could get my financial aid appointment.

I spent all week thinking my appointment was at 1:30 p.m., so I wasn't worried when I woke up at 9:30, until I looked at the note I made on my laptop and realized that my appointment was actually supposed to be at 9:00 and I had completely missed it.

So I called the Financial Aid people, and they let me have my appointment via phone. And that's when the lady told me, "Sorry, hun, but we can't give you any money for your trip so I would advise you to drop it unless you have the money saved up or your parents are willing to take out $4,000-5,000 in loans."

And now I have to find someone to take my spot on the trip or I have to pay for it whether or not I can actually go.


On the bright side, my boyfriend is wonderful and has spent all day trying to cheer me up, and my boss is wonderful and told me if she had the money she would pay for my trip, and also gave me a nice little Christmas present. And since I can't go on the trip any more, I can focus on saving up for an apartment and I can actually be here to help move my stuff into an apartment this summer and I won't miss Brad's birthday now and I can spend those three weeks that I would otherwise have been gone working and saving up money.

But I wish I could still go.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Apology/Why isn't it winter yet?

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You guys, I am so sorry that it's been about fifty billion years since I've posted. Thanks to those of you who stuck around, and to those of you who started following me even though I hadn't posted in forever. I don't even have an excuse for not posting. I haven't been incredibly busy. I haven't had a traumatic life experience that made me terrified of blogs. There was a brief period where I didn't have a charger for my laptop, so that kind of sucked, but it only lasted about two days, so I can't even use that as an excuse.

I hope you forgive me.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, we reach my reason for blogging today: It is December. Technically it is winter. But there is no snow.

I do not know what winter is like for those of you who live in places that don't ever get snow, although if it is anything like this, I don't know how you do it year after year. In my home town, we usually have a good six inches of snow before November even begins, let alone December. Even at school last year by this time I'm pretty sure we had had at least one snow day. So this lack of snow is getting me down.

I know I've probably mentioned this before, but there is nothing that I think is as pretty as snow. I love winter, because everything is sparkly and magical. I love driving around at night and looking at Christmas decorations in people's yards and marveling at how beautiful they are glinting off of the snow.

It's so weird not having that right now. But I guess I just have to be patient.

What is it like for those of you who never get snow? I've never lived somewhere that never snows, so I can't imagine it.

More later.