Monday, May 30, 2011


Location: Home
Listening to: My neighbor's kids yelling outside

Well, apparently summer makes me suck at blogging. I guess that was kind of to be expected, you know? I go from being in a structured, educational environment where I always had other things to be doing but managed to find time to write at least once a week to a totally free environment where I have no limiting responsibilities and I can't find the time to bother updating.


Honestly, guys, my life is pretty boring. I started my job at Applebees, and at first I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or stick it out all summer, but now I'm having fun with it. I also already have managed to have to call in sick, accidentally miss a good chunk of a shift, and totally fail to call in for an on call shift. And I've only worked there for a week. Granted, I'm not sure if the on call shift one mattered, because I'm still not entirely sure if you're supposed to call them or if they just call you if they need you, but I didn't get any stern lectures or phone calls, and I'm pretty sure they didn't need me because it was a sunny Saturday afternoon over Memorial Day weekend, so everyone was probably up at their cabins or out grilling instead of eating there.

 Tomorrow I'm going to visit Brad for his birthday. I'm soooo excited to give him his present. I can't tell you what it is yet, because he sometimes reads this and I don't want to spoil it, but I'm pretty sure he'll like it. I've given boyfriend's gifts before, but I've never been this excited about it, and I've never spent this much time/effort/money on someone I've dated (not that I spent a lot of money, because I didn't spend that much but Brad specifically told me that if I spend more than $10, he'll complain about me spending my money on him). And I'm excited.

That's really all there is for me right now. Maybe I'll have better stories when I get back on Wednesday. Who knows.

More later.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Location: Couch (home)
Listening to: Commercials

This week has flown by. Seriously. It's nearly Saturday already and I'm pretty sure the last time I was conscious of it being a specific day was Tuesday. Because on Tuesday, I got to reunite with the boyfriend. It was wonderful. I know we'd only been apart for, like, four days. But it could have been nearly a month until I got to see him and I missed him terribly and getting a chance to visit made my week.

I ended up driving down to see him and help him move into a new apartment. We ended up playing Call of Duty (he thoroughly kicked my ass) and wandering around the park we had our first date at (awwwww) and driving to the closest mall and wandering around. And this was probably the best idea ever. Because we discovered a store that sold puppies (hence the picture of me with an adorable puppy). Now, Brad and I both loovvvveeee dogs. Serious discussion has been had of the two of us getting a puppy eventually. So we were both super excited to go in this store. I felt like a little kid. There was the most adorable husky puppy and we tried to play with her, but she was scared of us and hid in a corner and peed all over the place. We ended up leaving after that, but we came back as we were leaving and played with the little guy in the picture above. He was awesome. He was bouncing around and playing and cuddling and nipping all over the place. I didn't want to let go. But, sadly, neither of us have the money or time or living conditions to take care of a puppy right now, so I had to leave my new friend behind.

Originally, I planned to come home on Wednesday, but I was having a lot of fun helping Brad move. He was switching apartments because he went to resign his lease and someone else had already signed for his apartment, but there ended up being another studio open in a different building. Personally, I like his new place much better. It was a little roomier because it had one less closet, and they gave him more furniture and he was able to set it up so there was a divided living area and bed area. His friend Kent came to help move the big stuff and we all hung out and ordered pizza and the boys played video games while I screwed around on the computer and compulsively yawned every two seconds.

But that's not all! My busy week got busier when I started my new job at Applebee's on Thursday. Like I mentioned before, I got a job hostessing for the summer. I'm not really sure how much I'm going to like it. I've never worked in a restaurant before, so I've never had to deal with $4 hour wages + tip pool or being scheduled for a certain start time and working until they don't need you anymore or double shifts or any of the other craziness that apparently comes from working in a non-retail setting. All of the people who I work with seem really cool so far, but as far as the work goes, I could take it or leave it. But, it's a job and they're paying me and I really don't have any other options right now, so I'll tough it out.

That's my life in a nutshell recently. How have you guys been doing? I hope you're all having an awesome spring and that everyone's doing awesome on finals or at work or just having fun with life! Let me know about any cool things you're doing. I love to hear what you guys have to say. :)

More later!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Over the hump

Location: Home
Listening to: Commercials on Fox

This is how kick-ass my nails look right now. I just got done with an awesome and much needed girl time bonding session with Alison. I haven't seen her since Christmas break, so we had a lot of catching up to do and we spent it painting our nails, watching silly TV shows, and getting ice cream.

I am officially over the terrible hump of sadness that came with leaving my boyfriend halfway across the state. I miss him terribly, but I have resigned myself to the fact that being sad is not going to make him closer. And I'm visiting him this Tuesday instead of three weeks from now, which makes it much more bearable. I am so excited to see him!

Thanks to Charcoal Renderings for your awesome awesome awesome advice! It makes me feel a lot better about this situation knowing other people are in it and have dealt with it before and survived.  :)

Even though I actually did stuff tonight, I still don't really have much to write about. I've pretty much spent my time home so far unpacking and making my room a complete disaster and doing laundry. And playing's kind of addicting and I just got into it and it amuses me.

More later!

Friday, May 13, 2011

SPOILER: This is not a happy post.

Location: Home
Listening to: South Park

Well, guys, I'm back home for the summer. And honestly, I'm really, really, really sad. I know it's silly to be so torn up over being a few hours away from your boyfriend, but I was practically living with him these past few weeks and it sucks not being able to see him.

I mean, I'm going to visit every other week if I can afford it and we talk all the time and he'll call me every night and things will work out, I'm sure, but it's hard. Really hard. I'm kind of crying right now. I've never cried from missing someone who was still alive before.

Um. Yeah. I'm gonna stop now because if I keep going I'm going to keep getting sad.

More later.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer Can Wait

Location: Brad's Couch
Listening to: Wheel of Fortune

Sorry for not writing sooner! After BEDA, I definitely needed a break. Also, I have the greatest boyfriend in the entire world and last weekend he came home from work with four Harry Potter movies and Lego Harry Potter for his Playstation. And, Internet, I have a confession.

My name is Abbie, and I'm addicted to Lego Harry Potter.

I know it was made for, like, 8-year-old kids, but it is seriously distracting me from studying for finals. Or doing the other things I'd be doing to procrastinate instead of studying for finals. I am nearly done with Year 3, then I have Year 4 (which I'm really looking forward to) and then I can go back and try to get all of the extra things for each level.

Um. Yeah. I might be a nerd.

As it gets closer and closer to finals, I'm less and less excited to go home for summer. I mean, I'm sure it'll be nice to sleep in a non-dorm bed in my own room and have all of my things, but I am not looking forward to being so far away from my boyfriend. Which is silly, because I'm going to be visiting him all the time and he'll be visiting me, so we'll still get to see each other a ton, but not nearly enough.

And there's the whole issue of my friends. As in, I really don't feel like I have any anymore. I still keep in touch with my friends Dani and Dillon, but besides them and occasionally my friend Jess, no one really talks to me anymore. Granted, I don't really talk to anyone else. But just about every time I went home for a break this year, the friends I was closest to the last few years of high school would hang out and kind of forget about me. I don't know if it's something personal or not, but it feels like it is. Which I know is ridiculous. But I've definitely spent the last few times I was home sitting by myself and knowing that the people I would normally be hanging out with were all hanging out with each other without me. And that's a sucky feeling. I don't want my whole summer to be like that.

I have my orientation and training set up for Applebees, so I'll be busy for a few days while that's all going on. My sister graduates from grad school and my brother graduates college. Between work and grad parties and visiting Brad, I probably won't have time to think about sad things like feeling left out or whatever.

Meh. I'm still not looking forward to summer.

More later.