Sunday, September 30, 2012

Things I Never Noticed

Location: Couch
Listening to: Once Upon A Time

So, do any of you remember that time when I decided I was going to become a big star on YouTube? And I made videos of myself reading entries from old diaries or just being a spazz or reviewing books?

I pretty much forgot about that. But this awesome girl I know named Taylor (check out her blog, she writes amazing stuff about her struggles with cancer and life and she's just incredible and pretty much my little sister) recently made the decision to start a vlog, so I decided to revisit my days as a vlogger.

And I discovered that one of my videos has over 9,000 views. (Probably because I talk about Harry Potter a lot and, as I've previously mentioned, Harry Potter = viewership/readership.)

This is incredible to me, because just about all of my other videos have gotten maybe a few hundred views in the two years they've been on the internet. I never thought that so many people would see something that I made. I mean, I don't know if any of them enjoyed it, but they all saw it.

I'm thinking about maybe starting up vlogging again. I don't know what I'll do or if I'll actually stick with it this time, but it might be kind of fun to keep doing book reviews and stuff. I read a lot, so it'd certainly be easy enough to come up with things to talk about.

What kinds of things would you like to see someone vlog about? Do you like watching videos that are just kind of silly and rambling, or do you prefer things that actually have a point? Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Layout, New Year

Location: Work
Listening to: That sound copy machines make when they're on but not being used for anything

Well, guys, it's official. I suck at blogging.

I could make all the excuses about being soooo so so busy or not having anything to write about or my dog eating my laptop, but the fact is, none of those would be true.

If you haven't noticed, this is my first new post since July. I have had plenty of free time to write. I honestly wasn't really doing much of anything besides work and my internship this summer, so I definitely could have found a few minutes here or there to squeeze in a new post.

Honestly, I just kind of forgot about blogging. A lot of the people who inspired me to blog and who were really active when I first got started a few years back aren't posting as often. It seems like people aren't reading as often or commenting as often. And I know I shouldn't be doing this just so people will read my stuff and comment, but honestly, that's one of the most fun parts of having a blog.

Don't worry, internet. I'm not breaking up with you. I just think our relationship needs a little bid of adjusting. I am no longer the 18-year-old girl trying to finish out her last semester of high school (and dealing with everything that goes along with graduating) that I was when I began this blog.

I turn 21 in two weeks. I graduate from college in a little over one year. Soon I'll be thinking about full time jobs and eventually getting married and all of those other grown-up things you think about post-college.

I'm not quite there yet, though. But I'm at a spot where I don't really know what I want this blog to be for anymore. I'm not interesting enough to use it as a diary. I don't think anyone would read that. Every post would be, "Today I woke up and went to work, then went to class, then went back to my apartment and hung out with my boyfriend's cats until he woke up to go to work."

I don't do anything crafty or neat. I wish I did. I really want to sew and make clothes and projects, but I lack the necessary tools and the time needed for such a hobby.

I really want to learn a musical instrument and maybe start YouTube-ing again with some song covers or such (like 90% of people on YouTube), but I don't really have the time for that either. Or the patience. I want to just instantly know how to play the guitar like a pro and just be able to do whatever I want.

One thing I might do is use this as practice for saying what I think. I just got hired as the Opinion Editor for my campus newspaper, so I'm in charge of writing the editorial every week. If you're not familiar with editorials, they are articles that express the opinion of the newspaper staff (or specific staff members) on a topic. For instance, the first editorial I will be writing is about how easy it is to educate yourself before voting and why students need to educate themselves before going to the polls.

I'm kind of bad at speaking my mind, though. I never used to be. I guess I changed. But sometime between high school and now, I got kind of shy and I don't speak up when I need to. I'm hoping this newspaper position helps with that. But maybe this blog could help me out, too.

The new layout is a product of this quest to find a niche. I loved my old one, but it was starting to feel a little childish. I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I think this new one looks more grown-up, but still like me.

Have you ever gone through a blogging identity crisis? How did you get through it? Did you end up making a big change? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for things I can do with my blog instead of just jabbering about my day? Any ideas are hugely appreciated! Leave them in the comments!