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Hey friends!

So, I realize it's been a hugely long time since I've posted anything substantial on here and I'm not going to start promising to provide regular lengthy updates on my life, but I have big news!

Brad and I got engaged on Sunday!

We've been together for a little over 3 years now (isn't that crazy?!). One of Brad's favorite pranks to play on me used to be fake proposing. I've been fake-proposed to so many times I can't even count them all. Over Thanksgiving weekend, he kept texting me saying he was going to propose on Monday and asking if I was ready for it. I just laughed it off, thinking he was joking as always. I even said, "When you actually propose to me, I'm going to think it's another joke."

On Sunday, we had plans to go see a movie with Brad's friend Jon and his wife. I was a bit under the weather, but on the way home Brad suggested we stop at a park we went to on our first date as a belated anniversary celebration. I agreed but rather adamantly insisted we only stay for a few minutes because it was cold out and I wasn't feeling well. We ended up getting out of the car and going out on this little bridge over a dam and just stood there for a little bit.

He tried to get me to go over by a lighted gazebo, but I refused to move any further from the car. After a few minutes, he went, "If I was smart, I'd propose to you right now. Like this," and then he got down on one knee. I rolled my eyes and laughed - I totally thought he was joking until he took out the ring! And then I couldn't stop smiling and saying yes and asking if he was serious.

It was basically the most adorable/romantic moment of my life. I'm so happy! Seriously. I still can't believe it. We're planning for a 2 year engagement so I have time to find a job after I graduate (also, I graduate in 2 weeks. Isn't this insane? Seriously. I started this blog when I was a senior in high school and now I'm an engaged college graduate, basically) and we can figure out where we want to live and have plenty of time for planning.

I thought those of you who still check in here might appreciate the update! :)

I'll keep posting as major life events happen, and hopefully someday I'll have time to blog consistently again.

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