Monday, May 31, 2010

Don't fall asleep on the toilet.

Location: Desk
Listening to: A teen confess her promiscuous secret life to her mom on Tyra
Days til Graduation: 8!

Well, this weekend was a great success. Honestly, being up at Alison's cabin is one of my favorite things. Everything up there is just awesome. And we always have a great time. I'll give you a run-down of how epic it really was.

On Saturday morning, Emma, Alison, Jess, Dan and I drove up to the cabin. The rest of our friends were in a parade for marching band, so they came up later in the afternoon. We just hung out and kayaked around the lake and laid in the sun and played around until they came up. Once everyone else got there, we went to the swimming beach (the lake Alison's cabin is on is kind of mucky, so it's not good for swimming). There was a lot of flirting and dunking people underwater (as the only single girl there, I was a big target) and playing catch with a football we found (that ended up belonging to some little boys...don't worry, we gave it back when we realized it was their's). That night we were playing frisbee, and it turned into a girls vs. boys event. There was tackling and wrestling and all kinds of other things. It was kind of awesome. And fun. And fantastic. Then we all went on the beach and sat at the stars and there must have been some kind of small meteor shower or something, because we kept seeing shooting stars. It was gorgeous. Then we ended up sitting around a bonfire until 3 a.m. and just talking about everything.

Then yesterday, we woke up and meandered around the cabin and hung out. And a bunch of people showered. And most of us had just finished eating breakfast and we were sitting in the cabin and chatting about stuff when suddenly Nate, Emma's boyfriend, comes out of the bathroom and goes, "Was anyone trying to get in there?" and we all shook our head and stuff and he says, "Ok, good, because I kind of zoned out on the toilet. I think I fell asleep."

He had been in there for a good 40 minutes. Apparently he showered and sat down on the toilet while he was drying off and his mind started wandering (he's ADD, for real) and he eventually just dozed off. Naked. On the toilet. It was hilarious.

The rest of the day we spent playing frisbee golf and swimming again and tanning (I barely got sunburnt, which is impressive because I'm pretty much the whitest girl ever and I burn really easily) and playing regular frisbee and entertaining Alison's family and little cousins.

Emma and I left the cabin last night (Alison, Dan, Steve, Alex, and Nate stayed until today). We had just about no idea where we were going, so Dan wrote us directions, but we still ended up getting lost. We were listening to classical music on National Public Radio and it was storming so there was lightning and fog everywhere and the music always got ominous when the storm was intense or we were getting lost. And it always got triumphant when we found where we were supposed to turn or we called Dan and he let us know how to get back where we were supposed to be. It ended up taking us 2 hours to make a trip that should have taken 45 minutes to an hour tops.

Pretty much it was a fantastic weekend. I'm going to spend the rest of the today recuperating from the past few days. I hope you all had an awesome weekend as well. :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Taste of Summer

Location: The couch
Listening to: Hugh Grant's charming accent in Notting Hill
Days til Graduation: 10 days 21 hours!

I am easily the most exciting person ever. It's a Friday night. Most kids my age are out getting drunk and doing stupid things. I, however, am sitting on my couch, already showered, doing laundry and watching old Julia Roberts movies. So awesome.

Nothing exciting has really happened this week. At all. But this weekend should be fun.

Monday is Memorial Day, which means we don't have school. Consequentially, a bunch of us are going up to Alison's cabin for a few days with her and her family. It should be a good time. There's a bit of potential for drama because there will be 20 kids in one place for three days. But there's enough space for us all to run around and ignore each other if we want to.

I'll probably get insanely sunburnt (I have extremely fair/sensitive skin, so that happens pretty easily) and pretty much have a happy time. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous. Sunny and 80 degrees the whole weekend. Can you get any better than that?

I have a strong feeling that this weekend will make me even more spacey in school. I'm already ready to be done, so having a glorious weekend that is more or less a taste of summer will just make me totally check out. It's ok, though, because by the time we get back, I'll only have eight days left of school. And my finals are going to be a cinch. The only ones I actually have to take are gym (easy peasy), chorus (we're having a mandatory party), and speech (we have to give an impromptu speech). All of my other classes either had projects for their final or we took the actual exam already.

So, dear readers, I will not be back writing until Monday. I'll give you an update of whatever goes on this weekend at that time. Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Location: Desk
Listening to: That 70's Show
Days til Graduation: 12 (or, at least, that's what I've been writing in people's yearbooks all day)

We had yearbook signing today. It was pretty nice. We don't do superlatives at our school, but if we did and it wasn't a total popularity contest, I would probably get "Most Likely To Change The World" or something because of my aspirations to be a newspaper writer/editor/something. Probably. I really don't know what other superlatives there are that would fit me besides that one. Hah.

As promised yesterday, I'm gonna put in my top 5 most amusing yearbook entries. I'm also gonna put in the top 5 most sentimental. Because I'm only having my close friends (and people who directly ask) sign it this year, picking these was challenging. But I did it!

Top 5 Most Amusing Yearbook Entries

5.) The entry: Abz! Wow, we've been through a lot! Thank you for all the wonderful memories throughout the years. I particularlly remember an instance in 8th with a slide and a Sharpie... Best of luck in whatever you pursue! -Steve
Why it's amusing: In 8th grade, Steve and I briefly dated. One day a few of our coupled friends went to Dillon's house, but I couldn't go because I was babysitting my cousins. Apparently during that day, Steve wrote "Steve <3 Abbie" on a slide in Sharpie. I didn't know this and broke up with him a week or two later. It's funny because he never talks about the fact that I'm the only girl he's officially dated, and I usually think he totally forgot about it.

4.) The entry: Dear Abbie R., Have I ever told you your initials remind me of a pirate? They really do. Since I met you my soph year thanks to Dani, you've always been kind and cool. I wish we could hang out more, and I hope we can meet again some day. -Eric E.
Why it's amusing: He says I remind him of a pirate. And I wrote just about the same thing in his yearbook.

3.) The entry: Abbie! I'm so glad we've gotten closer this year, bonding over our mutual hatred of a certain ex-boyfriend. :) I have so many memories with you, especially bird girls! I hope to keep seeing you lots. -Joslyn
Why it's amusing: The ex-boyfriend is Ex-boyfriend #1. She also dated him, and he continues to creep on both of us. Also, I wrote almost the exact same thing in her yearbook.

#2.) The entry: The phantom's been invaded by an opera! The phantom's been invaded by a ghoooossst! -Maari/IHOP's been invaded by a phantom! IHOP's been invaded by a ghoooossst! -Maari
Why it's amusing: Those were our interpretations of the song Phantom Fugue from the musical Phantom: An American Musical Sensation (or some kind of nonsense like that) and I always laugh when I think of it.

And finally!

#1: The entry: There's really just one thing I want to say to you, Abbie. Now that's what I'm talking about! -Alex
Why it's amusing: Watch the movie Dracula 3000 and wait until after the credits. Then you'll understand.

Top 5 Most Sentimental Yearbook Entries

#5: The entry: Abbie - Nine years have flown by! Thanks for your friendship and hopefully we will meet again. Legitly, Zach.
Why it's sentimental: I've known Zach since 3rd grade and he's always been one of my best friends. The "legitly" part is an inside joke.

#4: The entry: Abbie, We have known each other forever, we have been in school together since we were wee children. And now is the time where we part. I'm going to miss you very much, Abbie. You better keep in touch while you are gone. I promise to keep in touch with you. I still want to be very close friends with you for as long as we can. Have a great summer. I hope everything goes well for you. Love, Devan. :)
Why it's sentimental: Devan and I have known each other since we were 3 and 4. He's maybe my best guy friend. I love him to pieces.

#3: The entry: Abbie, I love you. But I think I should write some more. You and I have worked through many, many, many hard times together. I think I'm alive right now because of you (and those bunnies of yours!). Just os you know, you're not allowed to move without my permission, ok? Ok. Love, Dillon.
Why it's sentimental: Just read it. Dillon is another of my best guy friends. I talked him down from suicide once. It was scary. But I love him to pieces, too.

#2: The entry: *sigh* Oh, Abbie, I love you to pieces. You've always known what to say when I'm sad and our boy adventures were priceless. From Taco Bell runs to dance parties in cars at red lights, we've always had a blast. I'm going to miss you so much next year. We need to make this summer count and have more adventures. I love you! -Alison
Why it's sentimental: It's my best friend. And we're going our separate ways next year. And it's sad.

#1: The entry: Abbie, you are the most friendliest and kindest person I've ever met! I can't believe I won't be able to see you any more (sniff). I wish you luck next year! -Ian
Why it's sentimental: Ian is this autistic boy who is always in all of our theater stuff, so I've gotten to know him pretty well over the years. He is honestly the sweetest boy alive. He always smiles at me and says hi to me in the hallways, and that makes my days so much better. I'm going to miss him so much next year!

Siiiiggghhh. Nostalgia. I've gotta go now. It's promo night for a community show that's going on this summer and I'm meeting Jess and Joe there. Have a nice night, Internet. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flay Ming Yung

Location: Desk
Listening to: Commercials on TV
Days til Graduation: 13

Flay. Ming. Yung. That's how my Foods teacher pronounces filet mignon. I feel like this sentence should turn into a "You know you're from the Midwest when..." kind of joke. But it's too hot and I'm too exhausted to think of a way to make that any more funny than it naturally is. So feel free to come up with your own joke for it.

I'm convinced that I live in the armpit of America. For the past few days, it's been in the upper 80's and lower 90's with disgustingly high humidity and overcast skies. Even with the air conditioning on, it still feels sickeningly warm. Like a fat, sweaty man is constantly pressing up against me. I can practically hear him.

"Hey, baby. My name is Rico. I'm a Pisces. I like game shows, the KFC Double Down, and Nickleback. And I have a glandular problem. Wanna dance?"


We got our yearbooks today, so I've been mildly nostalgic. Except for the fact that the only picture I'm easily identifiable in is my actually yearbook photo. Otherwise I'm in a bunch of group shots for clubs. I spent more time behind the camera (which is kind of impressive, seeing as how I didn't actually take yearbook for a class this year...but I was recruited anyway). It was nice though to go back and look at all the stuff that happened over the year.

Tomorrow we have this weird half day thing where we have classes for the first couple hours then forced "Fun Day" afterwards. It's not that fun, though. And you have to go. If you get caught leaving, you get a detention. Which is crap. Because no one wants to be there, except to sign yearbooks. But you can do that in classes for the rest of the year, anyway. So there's not much point in sticking around. Lots of kids mysteriously get sick or have "doctors appointments" during Fun Day. I'm not one of them. I tough it out to get some half-hearted signatures in my yearbook. I'll share the top 5 most creative ones tomorrow. Just for fun.

I'm off to battle the humidity for sleep. Hopefully I win.

Monday, May 24, 2010

It's all about the view.

Location: Desk
Listening to: The theme music to Goldeneye

Days til Graduation: 15

Well, I'm writing this on Sunday because I'm bored and have nothing better to do than write blogs and waste my time. But I don't want to post this right away, because I already posted 2 posts today (well, Sunday). Even though one was at 1 a.m., which is technically still Saturday because I hadn't gone to sleep yet and obviously the day doesn't change until I've been asleep.

Anyway, you'll be reading this Monday. Today. Yeah.

I was sitting on the couch looking around at things because it's just so damn humid right now that my eyes are the only things I can stand moving. Anyway, I looked through the door to my room and realized, you can tell a lot about someone from the things you can see through their doorway. So that's what I'm going to do. Show you the view through my door, and maybe that will help you understand me a little more. (You might want to open the photo in a new window in order to see the numbers better.)

1.) Graduation Robe. Obviously, a senior at some sort of educational institution. One who did well enough to graduate and wear this lovely polyester creation, handed down from my older sister. Note the strategically tucked cap and the white cords around the hanger. I'm a good student (either that or my school just hands out graduation cords to everyone). I'm excited to graduate, otherwise the robe wouldn't be on display like that. Either that, or I really just like playing dress up.

2.) Bust of Abraham Lincoln. Definitely a sign of awesomeness. This was actually a gift from Alison and Emma for my dorm room (Allison [my roommate] and I have an inside joke about Abe). They found it at a garage sale. In the 1970's, it was a cologne bottle. No joke. The scent is "Avon President Lincoln Deep Woods Aftershave".

3.) Pictures of Friends. Not antisocial. I've got friends. There are quite a few pictures up there, so it can be assumed I'm kind of a social butterfly. I like remembering things and I care a lot about people. So I like to have photographs laying around that remind me of happy things.

4.) Stereo. A music fan. I like to listen to CDs sometimes (even though I have an iPod dock/alarm clock out of the frame of the picture) just because it's nice to know what you're gonna get sometimes. Also, cassettes are nice sometimes. And the radio. All kinds of great stuff.

5.) Closet Full of Clothes. Likes to be well dressed. I spend a lot of money on clothes I don't need. It's an impulse thing. I'll see a shirt on clearance for $3 that I only kind of want and I'll buy it because it's only $3 and maybe some day I'll need it. So my closet is pretty full. I also have all of my posters from shows I've been in on the walls of it. You can kind of see them.

6.) Stuffed Animals and Such. Likes to be cozy. I have a few stuffed animals that I've had for a really long time and yes, I still sleep with them. It's just really comfortable to have something to hold on to while I sleep. I have about five billion blankets and almost as many pillows.

7.) Purses. Another source of impulse spending.

8.) Clothes on the Floor. I'm kind of a slob sometimes. Usually just with clothes. I take stuff out to try on when I'm getting dressed and if I decide against it, I'm too lazy to hang it back up. I just throw it on the floor or on my chair. Which my mom hates. And which I need to stop doing before college, or my roommate will hate me.

9.) Books. Lots and lots of books. I read a lot. I love buying books. I can't remember how many I own, but I've counted many times. Words are the most beautiful thing I can think of, because you can use them to create any picture or any place or any feeling. I live in books.

10.) Disney Star Wars Bank. Jess got this for me when she was in Disney World over spring break. Because Star Wars is the best ever. :)

11.) Shame. Yes. I own a full set of Twilight-series hardcovers. Every time I look at them, I fill with shame and despair that I was ever a Twilight fan. Don't worry though. My Harry Potter hardcovers are on the built in shelf behind my door.

12.) Open Drawer. Another sign of slobbiness.

13.) Crap on the Floor. More slob signals.

14.) Floor-to-Ceiling Built in Bookshelf Behind Door.  This is my favorite part of my room. It's the one thing I will miss when I'm at college. I really like my books. :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

An epiphany.

Location: Couch.
Listening to: 102 Dalmations?
Days til Graduation: 16!

I had an epiphany while I was in my car driving home from my grandparent's weekly Sunday Lunch today. I was sitting there kind of thinking about guys and relationships and all that kind of stuff when I realized two things:

1.) All of the guys I've dated recently kind of resemble Cary Elwes (more commonly known as Wesley from The Princess Bride).

2.) I have a habit of dating guys I know a little bit but not very well. Like, they'll be friends-of-a-friend, or I'll have talked to them a few times or I'll have had a class with them once or something. But I don't date guys I know very well, which could explain how I always end up with douchebags.

Because they're all charming and nice at first. And I only know the outer layer of their personality. But then as I date them and get to know them better, all their gross flaws come out and I'm like, "Huh, this was kind of a waste of my time." Which, I guess, is the point of dating. To find someone you're attracted to and get to know them better and hope for the best.

But my big problem is, half the time when I start dating these guys, I hadn't even considered them as options before they started paying attention to me. And then I go, "Wow, I like the fact that this guy likes me." and I decide that means I like the guy and then I end up dating him and he ends up being an asshole (usually).

So I am making a vow. I will not date a guy without spending at least a little time trying to get to know him beforehand. And I won't date a guy unless I'm sure I like him and not just the attention he's giving me.

Right now I'm kind of having that feeling like I'm missing someone, except I don't know who. Has anyone else ever felt like that? Where you just feel like there's someone out there and you're sad they're not with you, but you honestly have no idea who they are? It's really annoying. It's kind of an exaggerated form of loneliness. All my friends are kind of pairing off again. And it's making me miss having a boyfriend.

But at the same time, I don't want to date right now. I'm leaving for college in a few months and while I'm not gonna turn someone down if I find someone I really, really like before then, I'm going to meet so many new people there and I kind of want to keep my options open.

Blagh. What a quandary. I guess I don't have to worry about that unless I actually find someone before then. Oh man. Life is crazy. I kind of like it. :)

The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

Location: Desk
Listening to: Late night TV
Days til Graduation: Not sure.

Tonight was Willy-Wonka/Heavyweights movie night at Jess's. There were massive amounts of candy. Like, huge quantities. I ate so much sugar I'm pretty sure a diabetic vampire would go into a coma from drinking my blood. Here is an example of what we ate:

Yup. That's popcorn, Sour Patch Kids, two kinds of Kit-Kats, licorice, caramel filled chocolates, Milk Duds, Junior Mints, Swedish Fish, licorice, soda, and tacos. It was a good night.

Today was actually a good day overall. I hung out with Cassie this morning. We went on an adventure to find our town's mysterious second Taco Bell because the one we always go to is currently a pile of rubble. They're remodeling it because it was pretty much the sketchiest place in town. But we tracked down the other one way faster than we thought and didn't even get lost. So we ate. And went to the mall. And looked for cute boys. And failed at finding any.

Then I hung out with Alison, and we went on an adventure to find some tiny zip lock bags because she's in charge of props for a community theater production of Rent and they needing something to put the powdered sugar that's pretend crack in. That actually took a long time to find. And it was an adventure.

Then I went to Jess's.

I had something more significant to talk about, but honestly, I'm kind of amazed I'm lucid enough to write. My eyes keep doing that thing where they won't stay open. I'll probably wake up forgetting I even wrote this.

So gooodnight.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I made this for you.

Location: Desk
Listening to: The Office
Days til Graduation: 18

Hey folks. I don't really know what to write about, so I'm gonna make another list. K?

10 Things That Are On My Mind RIGHT NOW:

  1. I love Julian Smith.
  2. These next 18 days can not go fast enough. I'm pretty sure time is going to draaaaaaag, though.
  3. I wish college would hurry up and be here. I need a change of scenery. Everything seems so boring right now. And all of my friends who graduated last year are coming back now and they have all these awesome stories. And I just really want to get out of this town.
  4. My new hair cut is nice. It's not that much different from how it was, but I like it.
  5. When will the doctor finally get back to me? I went in yesterday to get some blood drawn and an x-ray taken. I'm curious to find out if I actually have anything. But they didn't say when they'll get back to me. So, yeah.
  6. Exboyfriend #1 is over-eager. All of the time. In a complete violation of his character, he admitted he sucked at guitar to me today. And then offered how to teach me to play the guitar. He assured me it'd be free of charge. What I'm wondering is: Why would he thing I'd want him as a teacher if he just said he sucked?
  7. I should have my drivers license revoked. Today I came about six inches away from t-boning a person while trying to turn onto the street where the place I was going to get my hair cut is. I didn't see them coming in the other lane and I went and I almost killed her and myself. But she was fine and I'm fine, so it's fine. I also accidentally cut someone off and almost made them rear-end me. So I really shouldn't be allowed to drive.
  8. I like summer clothes. Like dresses and skirts. And I finally found a pair of shorts I like.
  9. I want a snack. But we don't have any good snacks and I'm not inventive enough to come up with anything.
  10. Thinking up 10 things that are on my mind was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Disney deprived

Location: Couch
Listening to: Two and a Half Men
Days til Graduation: 21

Yesterday was mildly exciting. I sang at church in the morning then sat around for a good part of the day. I ended up going to Jess's house in the afternoon to watch Peter Pan because:
 a.) we have to re-write a fairy tale or childrens' story for our psych class and diagnose the characters with psychological disorders and
b.) Peter Pan was our story and
c.) I'd never seen the movie before.

Yes. You read that right. I have been alive for 18 and a half years and have not seen one of the big Disney classics. Actually, I haven't seen Snow White, Bambi, or Sleeping Beauty, either. And I just watched Pinnochio for the first time at work a few weeks ago.

I am a Disney-deprived child. There really isn't any reason why I haven't seen these classics other than...I just haven't. I probably was sat down in front of them when I was a toddler so I stayed occupied, but I don't remember any details from any of them.

Plus, I grew up in the 90's in an era of more highly advanced sound quality and more colorful animation. I thrived on Lion King and Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. The kinds of movies with fluffy plot lines and pop-y music that my friends and I still love to watch today. Fox and the Hound and Aladin and all of the other 90's Disney - those are the ones I know.

It makes me really sad to know that the kids that are toddlers now will probably only see a few hand-drawn animation movies in their lifetime. Now everything is computer generated and 3D and crazy. Now, don't get me wrong. It's awesome that technology is progressing to the extent that they can make things seem so real and life like. But there's something charming about the way movies were made when I was growing up. It was before 12-year-olds tried to be adults. Before Ambercrombie & Fitch started selling thongs in children's sizes. Before everyone was plugged into the internet 24/7 and chatting over a webcam qualified as face-to-face social interaction.

I know it was only a short time ago in the grand scheme of things, but things were simpler back then. Probably because I was too young to notice the things that were going on. I don't know. I'm just rambling now. Mostly I just wish they would go back to making hand-drawn animated movies. I'm not a fan of this computer animation nonsense.

Anyway, I'm exhausted now. I have to go to the doctor (again) to get tested for mono and get my lungs x-rayed to make sure I don't have pnemonia or blastomycosis or anything like that. In the meantime, I'm going to watch Big Bang Theory and sleep.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Numbers don't exist.

Location: Desk
Listening to: Some celebrity bashing show
Days til Graduation: Right now, numbers don't exist.
Followers: ELEVEN!!!

ELEVEN FOLLOWERS!! I got TWO NEW FOLLOWERS in ONE DAY!! I'm moving up in the world. This is awesome. Thanks, you guys, for following me. I'm glad you find my antics amusing or interesting or enough-like-a-train-wreck-that-you-can't-look-away.

Tonight is kind of a long night. I worked for three hours before the variety show. But it was actually kind of exciting. I was up on a ladder dusting things that were really high up when some guys I go to school with came in. I used to be really good friends with one of them, because our sister's were friends. So they come in and look around for something and find it, then I hear one of them going

"Dude. We need a picture with someone who works here."

And someone else goes

"Dude. She works here."

So I'm up on my ladder, minding my own business and trying not to sneeze and fall off when they approach me and ask to take a picture with me. It turns out that they were doing a scavenger hunt, and one of the tasks was to go to my workplace, find a specific movie and a specific word on the back of the case, buy a gumball, then take a picture with an employee, the gumball, and the movie case. So I laughed and posed for the picture with them and they scampered off.

This happened four times. And I was in the picture every time.

The variety show went well again. WC decided it was the best time we ever played our song (even though I'm pretty sure I did better last night, but I didn't tell him that) and actually hugged me. I was surprised, because he's usually not touchey-feeley with me. But he hugged me! Twice! Which was nice.

Then I was awkward and made him promise that we'll be best friends next year at college.

Now a bunch of people are at Dan's. And, once again, I wasn't invited. Whatever, though. It's high school. It's stupid stuff. I don't even care. La la laaaaa.....

Also, Ex-Boyfriend #1 is talking to me right now. He's telling me about how he's going to teach himself saxophone this summer (which is laughable because he thinks he can play every instrument ever, even though he has no sense of rhythm and a worse sense of pitch) and how he's on academic probation at college and faces a one-year expulsion if he doesn't get his grades up. What a winner. He also likes telling me about his girlfriend. I think he tries to make me jealous because I broke up with him a year or two ago, but he's told people he's not over me.

OOOH. And the best thing ever: Alison and Alex are officially together. Which is the most adorable thing in the world. I promise you that. It makes me really happy. And I witnessed the asking-out! Yaaayyyy for my friends. :)

Well, Internet. That's all for now. I'm going to go sleep so I can have enough energy to be a lazy bum tomorrow. Goodnight!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

World record breaking blog post!

Location: Desk
Listening to: That's So Raven
Day's til Graduation: 24 or so
Followers: 10!

Welcome to Ashlee! Another new follower! YAAYYYYY! :D

I discovered something yesterday: Anything can be a world record. Right now, I am setting the world record for blogging, eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and watching That's So Raven at my computer desk simultaneously. No one else can break this world record unless they start blogging, eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and watching That's So Raven from my computer desk all at the same time. Ingenuous, right?

Last night I broke the world record for performing a vocal duet with piano and guitar on the stage of my school for the variety show while having a 99 degree fever and inspiring lots of people to cheer my name before I even started playing. It was kind of the coolest thing ever. A bunch of people I know came last night (I didn't know they were there) and when we went out to do our song, I was super nervous. I wasn't feeling good and I was scared I was going to mess up the song and our auditorium was overheating because the night before someone had ripped the thermostat off the wall and it hadn't been fixed yet. So we get out there and set up the piano and get everything situated. And I put my hands on the keyboard when I hear


Which made me start laughing. Which made me relax. Because it reminded me that most of the people out there already loved me. Or wouldn't care either way if I screwed up or not. So I got ready to play again, and it started again.

"WHOOOOOOO!!!!! ABBIE!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!! WHOOOO!!!!!!"

This continued for a good couple of minutes. And then I decided to just start playing, because otherwise I was never going to start. And W.C. joined in. And it was beautiful. It was, by far, one of the best times we have ever played it (which is impressive considering that my hands were shaking so bad I was scared I wasn't going to hit the right keys, and W.C. told me that he was having the same problem with his guitar). Afterwards, people told us that we made them tear up and it was super pretty.

I felt happy.

And sick. So after the show, I went home and conked out on the couch while everyone else went out.

I also decided last night while laying on the couch in a low-fevered stupor that at some point, I need to stop calling W.C. by his code name if I'm deciding not to pursue him. Because the code name has no point, otherwise. So slowly, I'm gonna phase in his real name. It's going to be super sneaky, and you probably won't even realize it. But this is just a heads up. W.C. is not disappearing. Just being replaced by his real self.

A bunch of people filmed the variety show last night, and my parents are coming tonight, so hopefully I'll be able to get some video up here at some point!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Follow?

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Listening to: The morning news
Days til Graduation: 25

I recently discovered this magical little thing called the Friday Follow. So, because I have no shame, here we go:

Friday Follow

I feel a little cheap now. Like I'm wearing polyester or like I should go take a shower or something.

Anyway, happy Friday! I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Location: Couch
Listening to: A commercial for SNL
Days til Graduation: I honestly don't know.

Right now I look ridiculous. I'm not even joking with you. I look like a crazy person. I'm all ready to go to bed, so I'm in my sweats and this old shirt for my school's wrestling team from when my sister dated this wrestler about six years ago. But that's not the crazy part.

Tomorrow is the variety show (I promise, this will lead to an explanation of my crazy person appearance, just bare with me). So I want to have nice hair. That's understandable, right? But I am a lazy bum. I do the bare minimum to get by in life, and I'm pleased with that. So I want to have curly hair tomorrow for the v-show, but curling my hair takes five hundred years and the curls end up going limp in less than no time.

So I have my hair up in sponge curlers right now. And a blue bandana tied over the top of it. A light blue bandana. Mostly, I look crazy.

Today was a bad day. The only nice thing was I got out of classes all day to sit in the auditorium and practice variety show junk. And watch everyone else practice their junk.

I pretty much just sat there for a really long time. Then W.C. and I practiced our song and that went well. But the whole day I just felt kind of ignored and out of it, because everyone I'm friends with was all clustered together and having fun and there just wasn't really room for me. Plus, Mel was alllllll over W.C. It was kind of desperate looking (but I'm a bit petty and jealous, so I might have a bit of a biased view on that). But she was flirting up a storm and he was flirting back and I just sat there and got sadder and sadder.

I think I give up on him. I know that's kind of sad, but honestly, I don't think I have much of a chance. Not right now, at least. Besides, I'm leaving for college in a few months. I'll probably meet someone there. And, if not, he and I are going to the same college. And Mel will still be here. So my odds might be better then.

I'm just kind of sick of sitting here feeling like I have all of these feelings and not knowing what to do with them. Telling him wouldn't really work. We're not strong enough of friends that we could get past that, and I just got him back as a friend. Mel is jealous already that Alison and I are such good friends, so I think she flirts with him in front of me on purpose. But if that's the way she wants to act, I don't even care. It's immature of her and I don't want to deal with that drama.

I'm not that desperate.

I also went to my doctor today for the millionth time this year. I've been having these ongoing health issues (mostly weird fast heart stuff and weird shortness of breath stuff, but not always at the same time), so I've been in and out getting tested for stuff. Nothing's come back positive, though. So I went in again today because when I fall asleep lately, I wake up gasping for breath like I'd been under water.

Anyway, long story short, I probably have some kind of anxiety and my body likes to tell me that I'm too stressed out by making my body do stupid things. Which would totally make sense to me. I usually have too much on my plate at a time and I don't like to ask for help and all that stuff.

I don't really know why I shared that. It was just on my mind.

In other, happier news, an editorial I wrote for my school paper (I mentioned that I'm managing editor of my school paper, right?) won 3rd place in a national competition. That's the best placing anyone from our school has ever gotten in that competition ever. I also won a different award for outstanding scholastic journalism earlier this year.

Yay me!

I hope none of you had a day that made you as cranky as mine made me! If you did, watch these and feel happier:

And also: This one (which wouldn't let me just embed the video, but it's definitely the best one).

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dental hygene is important.

Location: My bed area
Listening to: The whirrrrrrr of my laptop
Days til graduation: No clue

I'm sleepy, but I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep (well, actually reading, but that's part of the process) when I got this idea for a post. So here it is:

The Average Girl Version of: Tik Tok by Ke$ha

Wake up in the morning not feeling like anyone in particular,
Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna do something of questionable productiveness
Before I leave brush my teeth with my regular toothpaste
'Cause when I leave for the night, I don't want to be a disgusting mess.

I'm talking nail polish on our toes, toes
Trying on all our clothes, clothes
Boys occasionally texting our phones, phones

Playing our favorite CDs
Pulling up to a party
Hoping my friends aren't too tipsy...

Don't stop, make it pop
DJ, blow someone else's speakers up
Tonight, I'mma try to get along with everyone
Because unnecessary drama is stupid.
Tick tock, on the clock,
Until the party stops because it's my curfew and I have to leave.

Don't stop, make it pop
DJ, blow someone else's speakers up
Tonight, I'mma try to get along with everyone
Because unnecessary drama is stupid.
Tick tock, on the clock,
Until the party stops because it's my curfew and I have to leave.

 I've got lots of cares in this world, and I don't drink beer,
Ain't got no money in my pocket, so I'm stuck at home.
And now the dudes are lining up 'cuz they find our awkwardness amusing
And we'll settle for them if they don't seem like too big of assholes.

I'm talking about everybody hanging out, out
Boys behaving properly,
Which is good, because otherwise this would be awkward.

Now, we go until someone's parents kick us out,
Or Taco Bell closes down
Taco bell closes down, down
T-bell closes

(Repeat chorus x2)

You build me up,
You break me down,
My heart, it pounds
Yeah, you got me.

With my hands up,
I pretend I'm coordinated enough
To dance like this
Even though I'm not.

You build me up,
You break me down,
My heart, it pounds
Yeah, you got me.

With my lack
Of coordination
Of coordination.

Now the party won't stop when I walk in.

(Repeat chorus x2)

That was fun. Have a nice night!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Location: The desk.
Listening to: An old episode of Bones.
Days til Graduation: 29

Good morning, Internet. It's only been Monday for under two hours, but I can already tell it's going to be a delightful* day.

I had my hanging-out-as-just-friends date with White Chocolate tonight. And it was soooo fun! Let me explain in explicit detail. You will feel like you were a creepy little fly on the wall by the time you're done reading. I hope this post fills you with the warm-and-fuzzies. If it doesn't, I haven't done my job right.

So, I left work at 10 p.m., and on my way to my car, I checked my phone. I had a text from W.C. going, "Melissa says she needs something to do tonight. Should I invite her along? I don't know if you two get along or not, though." Now, Mel and I are pretty good friends. But she also has a crush on him, so the competitive side of me (which is, uh, rather large) immediately went on the defensive. So I texted him back saying, "Probably not. My mom's only letting you come over this late because she thinks we're going to practice a little." (which wasn't a complete fabrication - my mom did think that we were going to be practicing, but that had no influence on whether or not she let him come over).

By the time I got home from work, he had let me know that he was on his way over. So I rushed around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to organize everything so it seemed like I wasn't stressing over whether or not he would see through my casual-just-friends facade. I quickly changed out of my work pants and into a pair of old comfy jeans and threw a zip-up sweatshirt on over my work shirt to make it seem like, "Hey, I just got home from work and didn't care what I looked like, so I just went for comfort." (Thanks for that bit of advice, Cal!) And then I started peeling an orange (partly because I hadn't eaten since lunch, partly to give myself something to do to pass time, and partly to make it seem like I wasn't just standing in my kitchen, staring out the window because I was that excited for him to come over.)

Well, it turns out I'm speedier at peeling oranges than I thought. So I got done with that and he still wasn't there. So I just hung out, eating my orange, until he showed up. When he finally got here, we went upstairs and started watching our movies right away. Paranormal Activity was mildly disturbing. The fact that it was filmed to seem like home-video footage made it creepier. But W.C. would let me know when something scary was about to happen, so I had a chance to hide behind a pillow. Unfortunately, I never really got a chance to cling onto him, because shortly after he sat down on my couch, he grabbed a pillow to hold onto (he's as scared of these movies as I am...hahah) and instructed me to do the same, to make the movie less scary. So I spent most of the movie clinging to throw pillows instead of his arm, but he did reach over and rub my back once to comfort me. So that was good.

After that, we watched Once. Which he really liked. If you just listen to the music, you kind of expect it to be a dramatic movie. Just straight drama, no comic relief. But it's actually a pretty funny film, so we were laughing a lot.

We also talked** a lot. It was really nice. The conversation flowed really easily and was really comfortable. We got mostly caught up on life, which is cool. Because now I feel like I'm not going to come off as a creepy stalker when I text him or try to talk to him about things. I feel like our friendship is reestablished. It's a nice feeling.

Sadly, a poorly-timed door slam from one of my parents walking into their bathroom downstairs kind of ended our conversation by alerting us to the late hour. We don't have school tomorrow because we didn't use up all of the snow days our school calendar allows for us, so tomorrow is our make-up snow day. So the lateness of our hanging out didn't really matter. But his dad had asked him not to be out too late and we were both getting tired, so our conversation ended and he left. I'm pretty sure this conversation happened, though (but I can't completely remember if I imagined it or misheard or anything, so it might not be accurate):

It's really late. Wow.
Me: Yeah. *yaawwwwnnn*
Him: I should probably be going.
Me: Maybe.
Him: I don't want to. (This is the part I'm unsure about.)
Me: What?

And after that I forget what he said or what I said or what we said. When he left he told me he had fun and it was nice getting caught up. I think there could have been a goodbye hug, but I was too awkward and stood on the opposite side of the room. Because I win at life...hah.

I hope you all had a delightful evening, and I hope you have a delightful Monday.

*I don't understand why us American's don't use this word more often. So I'm taking the liberty to over-use it in this blog post. Because delight is a delightful concept, so I'm delighted to use various forms of the word delight.

**We talked about nearly everything. Fears, college plans, future jobs, past jobs, school, siblings, life, why we don't talk like British people. The only thing we didn't really talk about was relationships, which was kind of the main thing I wanted to talk about. But it's probably better that we didn't, or I'd be sitting here analyzing every word he said about every girl he dated and any comments he made about the guys I've dated. In other words, I'd be going crazy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I love my mom.

Location: Desk
Listening to: CBS Sunday Morning
Days til Graduation: 30? 29? Somewhere in that ballpark.

Today is Mother's Day. There are a lot of blogs already honoring mothers and motherhood and mothering. But I want to honor my mother. Because, the thing is, the only two other people who could do that...don't have blogs. And live at least two hours away at their respective colleges. So, because I'm still under the same roof as her and see her on a fairly daily basis, this is for my mommy.

I'm almost positive I've never told my mom I've hated her. She and I don't always get along (in fact, I get frusterated with her quite frequently for babying me and hovering over aspects of my life that have nothing to do with her). But in spite of all of that, I still love her and respect her. She's kind of my hero.

Nearly every day at school, at least one of my friends will sit around complaining that their mom is "such a BITCH!" in near tears. Because their mom fairly punished them for something they did wrong or forgot about something they had planned to do together or had not had enough money to give them for one thing or another. Mostly, for all of these trivial things that aren't entirely their mother's fault, that they just blow waaaayyy out of proportion. One time, I went up to a friend's cabin with her and her parents, and she got in a huge fight with her mom because the woman who was pretty much her mom's mother figure was also up there, so her mom wanted to have dinner there (because the woman was throwing a party and she lives a state or two away, so they never got to see each other) instead of taking us out for a fish fry.

I never got things like that.

My mother is a superhero. When I was a baby, she worked at a shelter for women and children who had been in abusive relationships and had left their husbands/boyfriends but either needed protection or somewhere to stay until they could find somewhere on their own.

When I was a toddler, she started her own video production business. She now makes training videos for businesses and things like that. But that's not the cool part. The cool part is that she also makes drug-awareness videos. She makes movies about the dangers of specific drugs (like meth and ecstasy) for school health programs and rehab centers and for the state health department. She also made a documentary about drug endangered children -- the kids of meth-addicted parents who pretty much have to grow up on their own, and are oftentimes forced into pretty nasty situations.

The fact that she does these things makes her seem so strong to me. The drug endangered children video was depressing. Things like that don't have a happy ending. But my mom talked to so many people and got to know so many families going through that kind of ordeal and felt for so many children, but instead of letting it upset her, it just made her show her love for us even more.

I love my mom. I'm going to go to church with her now. Don't forget to tell your mom's how much you appreciate them, today!

(I'll update on my White Chocolate situation tonight after he leaves. Wish me luck!)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Major Dilemma

Location: The couch
Listening to: BETTY WHITE ON SNL!
Days til Graduation: Who cares? BETTY WHITE IS ON SNL!!!

I'm so excited to watch this crazy Betty White action on Saturday Night Live. I definitely am a member of the Facebook group that petitioned to get her on there. It's kind of the happiest thing ever. :)

Today I faced a terrible situation. Well, almost. I feel the need to tell you that it doesn't turn out terrible at the end before I tell the story, because I don't want you to get overly concerned. I worked tonight from 3-10, and during my shift I checked next weeks schedule. Originally I was supposed to work 1-5, which was perfect, because then I had all kinds of evening hours to hang out with White Chocolate. But they changed the schedule! So now I work from 3-10 tomorrow, too.

I pondered this for an hour or two, trying to decide what I was going to do about my previous plans to hang out with the boy I'm majorly crushing on. I didn't want them to get squashed by my need to save for gas money/college. But I couldn't ask someone else to take my shift for something that wasn't something I absolutely HAD to go to.

So I texted him and told him what happened with my schedule. And that we could still hang out after I was done with work if he wanted to, or we could just hang out some other day. To which he responded that he'd let me know. So I kept on a-workin', and at the end of my shift I checked my phone and he'd texted me again. And he said we could still hang out tomorrow night because we don't have school on Monday so it doesn't even matter how late we're hanging out. So our plans were saved!

Also when I checked my phone I had a message from Alison going, "Hello, dollface. It's your favorite. And you're my favorite. And I have things to tell you, so I'll talk to you either super late tonight after you're done with work, or tomorrow when you call me. Because you will call me. Bye, darling!" So I called her back, and she was all giggly and told me she'd talk to me tomorrow. So that's mysterious.

But on to the most important part: WHAT DO I WEAR TOMORROW? I mean, I'm pretty much hanging out with him right after work. So I'll be wearing nice-ish clothes (non-denim pants and a non-T-shirt). But I don't want to be too dressy. And I can always change super quick when I get home. What do you wear on a non-date with a boy you've been in love with for six years during which you're going to watch a really scary movie and a really romantic movie, really late at night??? Just the two of you??

I've never been in this situation! The only times I've hung out one-on-one with guys it's been guys I'm clearly just friends with, or guys who I was clearly interested in who were clearly interested in me. This gray area is too weird for me to handle.

Also, today I was going through our Netflix on demand movies (we got that cool disc for our Wii so we can stream our on-demand movies to our TV through it) and I found this one called Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. Which I'm pretty sure will be the greatest movie I ever see, when I get around to watching it. I think I'll make a post on here with commentary while I'm watching it. That sounds like a fun idea. Maybe on Monday.

What kinds of awesome things are you doing this weekend?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sheer perfection.

Location: The Couch
Listening to: Stewie plotting on Family Guy
Days til Graduation: Probably 31 or so.

Today. Was. Glorious.

Those are really the only words I can use to describe it. I can't think of a single thing that went wrong today. Everything just flowed so nicely and went wonderfully and was happy and good.

I got my AP Psych final back, and I got a B+ (which is way better than I thought, because I had to sharpen the pencil I was borrowing from this other kid, and the pencil-shaving-dust set off my allergies, so I was a bit distracted while I was taking it). So I'm getting an 89.9% in that class, and after Tuesday, we're just doing really easy work to more or less pad our grades. I'm pumped.

Then, I got to miss a lot of my classes to practice the big group stuff our choirs are doing for the Variety Show. So I just got to hang out with my friends in our theater and goof off. And not go to classes. Which means not getting homework and not having to deal with the really stupid people I have some classes with.

One of the guys brought in his (super awesome) sound system (huuugggeee speakers and a mixer and all kinds of awesomeness), so someone hooked their iPod up to it during our lunch and we had a dance party in the theater. It was kind of like what I imagine living in the movie Fame or an episode of Glee would be like. They were just cranking music and we were all singing along and dancing around and having fun and it didn't seem like real life. It seemed like a movie.

After school, White Chocolate and I practiced. We were both super exhausted from all the dancing during the day, so we pretty much just messed around and failed at all of our attempts at playing our song. But it was still really fun. And, here's the best part:

WE'RE DEFINITELY HANGING OUT ON SUNDAY!!! He figured out that he would definitely have time to hang out Sunday night, so he's coming over and we're going to watch Paranormal Activity (so I can be all scared and jumpy and maybe he'll comfort me?) and Once (which makes me cry). And he's going to bring his guitar so we can practice if we feel like it. And I'm just really, really excited.

Then, tonight, I went bowling with a bunch of people. It was a blast. We tried to do all of these trick moves and they turned on the blacklight at one point and we took all kinds of stupid pictures and just acted like teenagers. And, because I live in the stupidest state in the world, it's snowing and raining at the same time, even though it's the middle of May. But the weather did have one bright side: Alison, Steve and I had an epic snowball fight in the parking lot of the bowling alley. We used cars as shields and the snow was the perfect pack-y-ness and it was pretty much just the best thing ever.

On my way home I took these pictures. They're kind of paradoxial: All spring/summer things combined with snow. It makes me smile.

The first one is a bunch of garage sale signs covered in snow.
The second one is the flowers on the apple tree in my yard (also snowy).
The third one is this cool pink tree near my house (also snow covered).

It was pretty awesome. Anyway, to answer Cal's question from yesterday's post, this is how the AP system works:

The grading scale is different for each particular test. You also get different amounts of time for the different tests. But the final score for all AP tests when they combine the scores from the individual parts of the test (this is the score that determines how many college credits you can get for taking the test) is on a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the best you can do).

For the AP Lit test, there are usually between 45 and 60 multiple choice questions that make up about 50% of your grade, and three essays that make up the other 50-ish percent. The way the essay questions always go is like this. For the Lit test, Q1 gives you a poem and tells you to analyze it focusing on a particular aspect (the character's feelings, symbolism, etc) and you have to use quotes and literary knowledge/terminology to support your thesis. Q2 is the same basic concept, except it gives you a passage from a novel or story instead of a poem. Q3 gives you a prompt and lets you choose your own book to write about. So it could ask you something like, "Many books use setting as a way to emphasize the traits of the main character. Pick one of the following novels or a work of equal literary merit and explain how the setting helps to enhance your knowledge of the main character's personality." And then you just have to use what you remember from a book you read to write and support your answer.

Essays and free response questions are graded on a scale of 1-9 with 9 being the best.

I'm going to go sleep now. I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Have you seen my shoes? I seem to have kicked them off in a fit of joy.

Location: Desk chair (but I'm on the laptop, so it doesn't count as desk territory)
Listening to: "I need to know. Otherwise this thing is going to spiral out of amok." (aka The Office)
Days til Graduation: 32

Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

This. Is. Fantastic. News!

I have a potential hanging-out-just-us type adventure with White Chocolate!!! It's still only tentative, but there's something to be tentative about! WHICH IS EXCITING!!!!

Let me explain: That night when we watched Blair Witch Project at Alison's, we got onto the topic of scary movies that kept us up at night. And everyone was talking about Paranormal Activity, which they watched at another friend's house after Senior Ball (our version of senior prom). I'd been in a different group, so I still haven't seen it. And I mentioned that and W.C. said he'd watch it with me sometime.

Well, this coming week, we don't have school on Monday. So Sunday night is pretty much a weekend night. And he texted me today and said we should watch Once after we watch Paranormal Activity, just to watch something non-scary. And I asked him if he's free Sunday. And he might be!

So we might hang out! Just us! YAY!!!!!

In other news, the AP Literature and Composition test was today. It was waaayyyyyy easier than I thought it'd be. I can't go into specifics (in case someone from the college board happens to stumble across this blog and see it...I really don't want my scores to get voided/get AP tests canceled for my school/get in trouble), but I will give you an example of the type of thing I wrote in my essays to show you how seriously I took it:

"Even though he gave up everything to feed his obsession, all Frankenstein ended up with was a dead family and an angry, vengeful monster."

Yup. I definitely didn't get bored/tired of writing useless crap. At all.

How have you guys been this week? I know TS Hendrik from The Non-Review has been dealing with some soggy situations (I hope that's getting better for him). Hopefully things weren't as damp for the rest of you!

Here's a picture of a van I saw outside my work on Sunday. Just for fun.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ooooh, sweet child of miiiinnneeee

Location: Desk
Listening to: THE BIG BANG THEORY!!! <3
Days til Graduation: 35

I'm really sleepy. I've been studying AP Psychology for the past hour. This week is Hell Week (more commonly known as AP Testing Week). Well, so is next week, actually. Which is when the AP Psych test is. However, my AP Lit test is this week, so I'm not totally in the clear. But studying AP Lit is even more mind-numbing than studying Psych (because all you can study for Lit is thanks).

This is my study break. This and eating some of the slightly deformed cookies I made earlier. I really can't think of anything else to say, so this post is gonna be mostly amusing photos.

The other day, White Chocolate gave a speech for our Speech class. The topic was Demonstration Speeches, so he demonstrated how to fold various types of paper air planes (like a true senior boy). It was kind of entertaining because he provided paper for us all to follow along so we could learn how to fold them, too. And he gave a bunch of the folds his own names. One of them was "The Tuxedo Fold". To show why exactly he chose that name, he folded one plane up to that point, then decorated it to look like a tuxedo. After the presentation, I got to keep The Tuxedo. For your entertainment purposes, I took some picture of the various states of Tuxedo:

As you can see, it was a pretty classy paper air plane. That curly stuff is chest hair hiding under the bow tie. Totally legit, right?

I think that's about it. I just discovered a wasp in my shower, so I have a situation to take care of...or have my dad take care of for me. I'll leave you with this, just for kicks.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm a pro at awkward

Location: Couch!
Listening to: The movie The Toothfairy (which, honestly, is an incredibly stupid movie)
Days til Graduation: 37 or so?

So last night ended up being pretty fun. The stormy weather was beautiful and glorious and just exactly what I needed. I love rain. And thunder. And lighting. The last two are kind of funny, because I used to be absolutely terrified of storms. At the first sign of thunder or lightning, I would run upstairs and hide next to this dinosaur bookshelf we had. Because I was convinced that it was the safest place to be in our house (even though it was on the top floor of our 2-story house and directly beneath a window and the bookshelf could have easily tipped over and crushed me).

After work, I went to Dan's house. Where Alison and Alex were being cuddley and adorable. And Mel was flirting (heavily) with White Chocolate (much to my chagrin). And the only open spot was next to Dan (who, at one point almost exactly a year ago, confessed his love for me and got super angry when I didn't return his feelings...and who it has been kind of awkward to be around ever since). So we watched The Best of Jimmy Fallon and then got kicked out because Dan wanted to sleep. So the rest of us went to Taco Bell and hung out for a while.

Today was our state music competition, so I was there all day. I have some really nice blisters from the shoes I wore (apparently 3-inch heels aren't a good choice if you're going to be walking/standing for 7 hours...). We all hung out and wandered around the college campus this competition was held on and pretty much just had a good time being losers.

It was on the ride home that Alison told me some things I'm glad I know now:
-Melissa has a thing for White Chocolate and
-Last night she (Mel, that is) tried to throw me under the bus, boy-wise.

She didn't go into the details about this last part. She just said that Mel brought up something about me at Dan's house before I got there. I'm guessing it was either about how I feel about W.C. or something that would make me look unappealing as a potential girlfriend.

This news sparked a drive in me. I know it's kind of petty, but I'm a little bit competitive. Anyway, it made me realize that I haven't had a good, in-depth life conversation with W.C. since about freshman year when we were still best friends. And the first step to getting close is to share things with each other. I figured I'll never stand a chance if I just keep everything to myself, and if I'm not entirely sure of what he's thinking about life right now.

So I texted him and the following conversation ensued:

Me: Wanna know what?
Him: Eh?
Me: You speak Canadian? Wow. Anyway, I just realized today that I feel like I haven't talked to you in about 100 years about real stuff, not situational stuff. We should catch up soon, ok?
Him: Lol, okay. And how do we go about doing that?
Me (stupidly): Uh....good question?

And that's where that ended. So I'll probably hit him up again tomorrow and be like, "Hey, I came up with some ideas." or something. Anyway, that conversation was either a step towards progress or a step towards awkward. I'm kind of annoyed with myself because he gave me a really good opener to come up with all kinds of things we could do together to get caught up.

If you can't tell by all of my awesomeness from the past 24-hours, I'm a pro at being awkward. And in the spirit of that, here is the most awkward photo of me in existence:

That's me. With Ex-boyfriend #1 before prom my sophomore year. If that picture isn't the essence of awkward, I don't know what is.