Monday, May 3, 2010

Ooooh, sweet child of miiiinnneeee

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Listening to: THE BIG BANG THEORY!!! <3
Days til Graduation: 35

I'm really sleepy. I've been studying AP Psychology for the past hour. This week is Hell Week (more commonly known as AP Testing Week). Well, so is next week, actually. Which is when the AP Psych test is. However, my AP Lit test is this week, so I'm not totally in the clear. But studying AP Lit is even more mind-numbing than studying Psych (because all you can study for Lit is thanks).

This is my study break. This and eating some of the slightly deformed cookies I made earlier. I really can't think of anything else to say, so this post is gonna be mostly amusing photos.

The other day, White Chocolate gave a speech for our Speech class. The topic was Demonstration Speeches, so he demonstrated how to fold various types of paper air planes (like a true senior boy). It was kind of entertaining because he provided paper for us all to follow along so we could learn how to fold them, too. And he gave a bunch of the folds his own names. One of them was "The Tuxedo Fold". To show why exactly he chose that name, he folded one plane up to that point, then decorated it to look like a tuxedo. After the presentation, I got to keep The Tuxedo. For your entertainment purposes, I took some picture of the various states of Tuxedo:

As you can see, it was a pretty classy paper air plane. That curly stuff is chest hair hiding under the bow tie. Totally legit, right?

I think that's about it. I just discovered a wasp in my shower, so I have a situation to take care of...or have my dad take care of for me. I'll leave you with this, just for kicks.

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  1. Oh AP Test week :(
    Distant memories of the stress of last year (I opted not to take any this year!)...

    But you go girl! And good luck!
    Sweet Child Of Mine is one of my absolute most favorite songs :)
    And this just makes me laugh...reminds me of Glee for some reason :)

    Have a great Tuesday!