Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Location: Couch
Watching: Once Upon A Time

So, this summer has probably been the least exciting one in my life. I've spent the past three months working, interning, and taking a class. My lovely boyfriend got an exciting new job, which is great, but sadly he works a weird schedule now that means we never are free at the same time. The most interesting thing I've done is watch the local 4th of July Beauty Pageant with one of my friends. When I'm not working, I'm usually just sitting on the couch watching TV or reading or doing crosswords.

Pretty much, I need to make myself have some fun and get out of the house. So I'm making myself a summer bucket list. There's really only a month and a half left of summer break for me, but I hope I'll get a chance to do at least some of these things!

1.) Go to an amusement park. This is one of the most summer-y activities that I can think of. Being outside in the sun, going on crazy rides, and eating terrible food.

2.) Take a trip out of state. So many people I know have great internships in Chicago or are working at summer camps on the East coast or are vacationing in Florida or California. I don't care where I go, but I do want to get out of the state for at least a little while.

3.) Go camping. This one I know I'm going to be able to cross off. My family used to go camping every summer, but that tradition kind of fell apart once all of us kids were off at college. This year, though, we made reservations for my mom's birthday. I'm excited.

4.) Go to a beach. This probably goes along with the camping one. If not, there's a great beach near where I live that I bet I could drag my friends to.

5.) Go stargazing. Especially if there is a good meteor shower. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting under the night sky and staring at the stars. I love it.

6.) Have a cookout. I'm not sure how this will work since I live at an apartment and do not have access to a grill. And most of my friends are not in town for the summer. But I am determined!

7.) Attend a concert. I've never been to a big concert of a famous band. I saw the band Frickin A when I was in sixth grade (they had one song that was on the radio for a while, and then I think they fell off the face of the earth) and I saw the band Quietdrive on campus freshman year. But I've never gone to a cool venue and seen a band I love surrounded by tons of other people who love the same band. I want to do that.

8.) Attend a fair. I just like fairs. I like walking through the barns and looking at the cows and horses and pigs. I like walking through the vendors and seeing what is getting sold for extreme prices. I like the fairway food and the impossible games. It's just fun.

9.) Go to a drive-in movie. There used to be a drive-in where I grew up, but it was only around for a year or two before it got torn down. But luckily there's one near where I live now!

10.) Take a road trip. Self-explanatory. I think this is a mandatory college summer experience.

11.) Visit a museum. Because museums are always cool. Especially if it is a natural history museum.

12.) Visit a zoo. ANIMALS ARE COOL.

13.) Visit a weird landmark. Once, I saw the world's third largest loon. And I've seen the world's largest penny. I want to find something else odd to see.

14.) Travel out of the country. So many people I know have gone to Europe this summer. I get irrationally jealous, since I was supposed to go to Ireland earlier this summer, but the Financial Aid office crushed my dreams. I feel like my life will not be complete until I get there. I doubt it will happen this summer, but I may be able to squeeze in a trip to Canada!

That's all I have right now. Do you guys have anything I should add? What cool things have you done over the summers of your life?