Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Love is a Mixtape

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Listening to: Buffy
Days til College: 63

Well, hello there, Internet. Long time no speak. What's crackin'? Oh my God, I can't believe I really just wrote that. I could easily just slide my fingers on over to the backspace key, but you guys don't judge (well, you haven't told me if you do, so I'm making assumptions here) so I'm just gonna keep going. La de da. Nothing going on here. Move along.

Life's been pretty boring lately. Lots of work. Lots of sitting around in my living room watching seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and building puzzles to justify to myself the amount of time I'm spending in front of the TV. I started reading this awesome book called Love is a Mixtape. It's the autobiography of Rob Sheffield, a music journalist and contributing editor of Rolling Stone. It's an amazing story. I'm less than 30 pages in and I'm in love.

I haven't seen much of my friends lately, but that's gonna change pretty quick. Tomorrow I'm going to see Toy Story 3 and then going to a local theater production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat that a lot of my friends are in. I'm supposed to go to my friend Devan's birthday party after, but he sent a mysterious Facebook message that may or may not have been sarcastic cancelling it. So I've gotta figure that one out. Hopefully it's not cancelled because I'm looking forward to seeing Devan and meeting a bunch of his (hopefully cute) friends. I've known Dev since we were 4. We went to daycare together. We're close.

Well, I can't really think of much else that's going on in the life of Abbie. I got to stop taking the meds I've been on since my mystery illness in December. So far I haven't had any problems. Which is awesome, because I don't want to go to college and have to wake up at 6 a.m. every morning to take a pill. Not my thing. Both waking up early (especially when I don't have to) and taking pills.

Anyway, life is uneventful. But I guess that's better than having lots of bad stuff going on, right?

Thursday, June 24, 2010


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Listening to: KIM POSSIBLE! :)
Days til College: 67

Well, this is awesome. There's a new theater company in my town. It just started this summer and it's a community theater for my area of town. For their first production, they decided to put on Miss Saigon, which is an incredible show with beautiful music and a wonderful message. The directors decided to colorblind cast, which means that even though a good portion of the cast is meant to be Asian, they weren't going to base who got what part based on race.

They ended up casting this phenomenal vocalist as Kim - the lead female, a young Vietnamese woman who falls in love with an American GI. And they ended up casting a Caucasian girl to play her. Now, one of the Asian girls who auditioned is causing a huge stink because there was also a very good Asian girl who tried out who ended up getting cast as the supporting female lead. She got cast this way because she is a better dancer and that role is more dance-heavy, and her vocals were not quite as strong as the other girl and everything is sung in this show.

Now, the girl who got cast as the supporting female has no problem with the lead being white. She's very happy with the role she has and is very happy for the girl who got Kim. This other girl is just complaining because she thinks the directors were being racist and unfair when they cast a white girl as the lead. It's true that our area has a lot of Hmong people and it would have been very possible to cast the show in a racially-correct way. But colorblind casting is more fair, because it ensures that the actors and actresses who are best for certain parts get them and aren't disregarded because of their heritage.

So the girl who is causing a ruckus started a group on Facebook to boycott the show because the directors are racist and is causing a lot of trouble for the new theater group. This is their very first production and it's possible that they might start getting a lot of bad publicity because of this one girl. This one girl in a cast of 40 or more who has a problem with how it's been cast.

Ack. It just pisses me off when people are like that. She's so full of righteous indignation that she refuses to see how single-minded she's being. I really hope someone (possibly one of the directors) talks to her and makes her understand that they were not trying to be 'racist' or anything. Because she's only seeing it from her point of view.

Bah humbug.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cure for Loneliness

Location: The floor
Listening to: The seance part of Beetlejuice.
Days til College: 69

Well, today was fairly uneventful. Not gonna lie, it was an entirely standard day. I went to the doctor to get my vaccinations for college, then I ran errands and sat around. Jess, Joe, Alison, Alex and Steve came over for movies tonight, but that was pretty uneventful, too.

We did attempt to watch Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, but as promising as it sounded, it got boring fast. It's a total B-movie about how Jesus comes back to save the world from lesbian vampires. It's all punk-rock and looks like someone filmed it with a shitty digital camera that wasn't intended for video. The voice-dubbing is horrible and a lot of times the voices get out of sync with what's going on on-screen. It did have some amusing musical numbers and kung-fu scenes, but I think it would've been more fun to watch if a lot of people had been over to keep us entertained during the slow parts.

Bobby and I decided today that we're going to come up with a cure for loneliness. We collaborated and concluded that we feel the least lonely when people are paying attention to us and we are making other people happy. The most obvious solution is: find someone to love/love you. But that's kind of hard to do when you just get in a lonely mood. But we're working on something. Hopefully we'll come up with a fool-proof way to beat the lonelys, because I've been getting them a lot lately.

Remember the other day when I mentioned I may be kind of sort of developing feelings for someone? Well, it's definitely escalated to crush-level. But I think that's all it'll ever be. And I'm kind of ok with that. I do wish, though, that I'd meet someone who I actually want to be with. Not just someone like now where I'm sitting here thinking, "You know, it'd be nice if this person liked me back, but I don't like them enough to be motivated to do anything about it." I want to find someone who I don't get shy around and who wants to be with me and who I wouldn't be scared to make the first move with.

Whatever. I'm just impatient. Hah. I know, I know, I'm only 18. I have my whole life to worry about stuff like that. It's just that, it seems like if I don't find it now, I never will. It's times like this when college seems waaayyy too far away.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Drunk people are funny.

Location: The floor in front of the couch.
Listening to: A pump truck outside sucking up what I can only imagine to be the contents of a backed up sewer (ewww) and also Desperate Housewives
Days til College: 71

Well. Today was pretty much a success, let me tell you. There was an overall sense of "win" in the air. It was glorious and fantastic. And I feel like just leaving it at that, but I'm not the type of girl to leave you hanging like that.

So, obviously, it was Father's Day today. I love my dad. He's pretty much the greatest guy ever. He's really quiet most of the time and doesn't say much (ewww, definitely backed up sewer....ugghhh....everything smells like feces....this is gross...I need to close the windows....aaggghhh) but when he does it's usually hilarious. My dad is a firefighter with a love for practical jokes. Some of the favorites he's told me about are:

-Once, a new guy started on their firefighting squad thing. And they like to kind of haze newbies. So my dad rigged up some surgical tubing to a water bottle and stuck the bottle under the guy's mattress. Then he ran the tubing up under the guy's sheets. So every time the guy sat on or laid down in his bed, water pooled everywhere and it look like he peed himself. They did this for a week or two before the guy figured out what was going on.

-There was a guy on their squad who they called The Colonel. This guy was ancient and had been on their team since they had to use a bucket brigade to put out fires (well, that's what my dad said, at least). The fire fighters used to run a toy drive around Christmas where they would collect old broken toys and fix them then give them to needy children. One of the toys they had was a sword. This was also around the time that they first started coming out with universal remotes. One of the guys on the squad got a universal remote and another guy would point the toy sword at the TV and the guy with the universal remote would change the channel. The Colonel had the real remote in his hand and he didn't know about the universal remote, so he thought the guy was changing the channel with the sword. They had him totally convinced. And they let him think that until they gave the sword away.

Anyway, my dad rocks. And today was also his birthday. So we went to a celebratory father's day/birthday brunch at my grandma's and then to a community theater production of Rent which a ton of my friends were in. It was amazing. If you've never seen Rent, it's about a bunch of people living with HIV/AIDS and it's an incredible show. If you've only seen the movie, I highly recommend seeing the live show once. It's a true rock opera (nearly everything is sung) and completely amazing.

After the show I went to talk to the people I know and I got kidnapped and taken to the guys dressing room where I watched Bobby (who is a friend of mine who is four-ish years older than I am and has a habit of trying to hit on everyone. He's kind of large, and kind of like a teddy bear, so that doesn't really work.) and another guy I didn't really know chug a 32 oz bottle of Smirnoff Iced each. So watching them drunkenly try to help strike the set was kind of amusing. They kept hitting on me, which wasn't so good. But Steve was kind of babysitting them. So it was fine.

Exboyfriend #3 was also there. I made sure I looked really good out of spite. Which is petty, but entertaining. Anyway, he keeps hitting on Alison's sister so we car-painted his car. We didn't want to be mean, just awkward, so we wrote, "Happy anniversary schnookums! I love you and your hot bod!" and then a heart on his back window. He found out it was us and thought it was funny, and also thought it was ok to start texting me again. Whatever, though. I don't really care. It was just weird.

Now I'm fielding drunken texts from Bobby and trying to make sure Alex and Steve are keeping an eye on him because he is definitely not sober. They all went to a party after strike. It's kind of amusing. And kind of like, "Why do you think you need to be inebriated to have a good time?"

But I don't think Steve and Alex are drinking. At least, Steve said he's not. He called me when I was asking him something about Bobby.

But yeah. Interesting night. Tomorrow I work a closing shift for the first time ever. We'll see how that one goes.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Always winter, never Christmas.

Location: The couch.
Listening to: The battle scene in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Days til College: 73...aka too many

Well, hello, Internet. Fancy seeing you here. I never would have guessed that you could look as pretty as you do on my shiny, new(ly installed) Google Chrome. Fantastic! The fact that now I can make you all dressed up and fancy AND easily access my favorite websites from your handy bookmark toolbar AND still be able to frolic on StumbleUpon ALL AT ONCE is magnificent. Bravo, bravo!

Today I had fake college. I got to go to my campus (which, I feel the need to remind you, is 3 hours away from my home town and in this beautiful, charming little town conveniently between two bigger cities) and meet some other kids who are going to be going there in the fall and register for classes and get acquainted with how things work there. It was a surprisingly good time. At first when we got there, I was all embarrassed because my mom kept leaning over to read hand-outs over my shoulder and make sure I had everything I needed when I split from them to go off with my sectional group thing. I felt like a kindergartener (amusing fact: spell check wants me to change this word to kindergarten, kinderg√§rtner, undergarment, or kindheartedness) all over again. But I guess I'm the baby and my mom doesn't want to admit that I'm grown up enough to do everything on my own and that in a few short months I'm not going to be here for her to nag on a regular basis.

Anyway, I met some super cool people including my friend Erik's future roommate (who turns out to be a pretty fun guy. He laughed at my jokes about stalking him and didn't seem the least bit creeped out when I told him (jokingly) that I was going to pitch a tent in their room and never, ever leave). And I met some people who are going to be Journalism majors with me. There were only 5 of us there, but that made it easy to get to know each other.

I'm really pleased with how my schedule for next year turned out. My first class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starts at 9, so I never have to wake up before 8 (which is an extreme improvement from high school where I had to wake up at 5). Mondays I have 3 classes, the last of which gets done at 5. Wednesdays I have two classes, the last of which gets done at 5. And Friday I only have the one class that ends at 10. Tuesdays and Thursdays are a bit more hectic. I have a class from 9:30-10:45, one from 11:00-11:50, and one from 12:30-1:45. But then I'm done for the day.

There was only one class that I wanted to take this semester that was full, so hopefully I'll be able to get into it next semester. It's a required communications class, and I need it for my major anyway. I even got to squeeze in a Theater Appreciation class, which has nothing to do with my major, but which I think will be fun.

Exboyfriend #1 has not left me alone since the other day when I posted. The day after I last wrote,  I went out to coffee with Dillon and Bob and I was talking about how I wish I could get Exboyfriend #1 to leave me alone, but I don't like being mean to people and I don't like it when people dislike me. So they told me just to be obnoxious and annoying and they told me all kinds of things to say to him (not mean things, just stupid things). So I did. And ever since he has not stopped texting me. So I just stopped responding to him. Hopefully he gets the message that I don't want to talk to him. I probably was way confusing and mixed-signal-ing what with all the texts the guys were having me send. Blaagghh. I will never understand guys. Ever.

What I'm looking forward to most in the next week: Going to this gigantic buffet with some of my guy friends, having a girls' night with the girls, and attempting to make Turkish Delight with Dan (every time I see it in The Chronicles of Narnia, it makes me want to try it).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I felt like an adult today...until I put on this Snuggie.

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Days til College: 76
Followers: 14!!

As I've said many, many times before, I don't know why you guys choose to follow my stuff, but I love you for it! Welcome to ASBLACKASOBAMA (which I think is maybe one of the best names I've seen on here). And thanks for putting up with my nonsense.

Well, I wasn't planning on writing today (I usually like to wait until I have a few comments because I feel like there's not much of a point in writing unless people are actually reading, but I digress) but I came on here to check up on a few other people's blogs (mostly Hayley's) and I noticed that I had a new follower! Which was exciting. And then I wanted to write about my excitement. And then I remembered that I actually had some stupid things happen to me today. And maybe you would like to hear about them.

Well, I spent most of the day filling out thank you cards from my graduation party. This is pretty much the first time I've ever put any effort into something like thank you cards. I usually just tell my mom that I did them and then never actually do them. But I decided that since I'm a High School Graduate now, I should do the responsible/polite thing and actually write them. So I put on some Jim Dale reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, hunkered down, and filled out 26 thank you cards for people, most of whom are friends of my parents or parents of my friends that I don't know very well. It was a challenge, but I did it.

I also filled out my very first credit card application today. Yes, soon I may be able to order things online and buy things when I don't actually have money and risk having my identity stolen while building a credit score that, with my luck, will be less than stellar. And then I'll fall into a pit of credit card debt and unpaid student loans and I'll have to resort to playing the harmonica on a street corner somewhere which, because I live in a fairly small town, probably won't earn me very much or give me a very good quality of life.

I guess that's not very important, though. At least I'll have my high school diploma to keep me warm.

The highlights of today were also my 3 biggest failings of the day. Well, one was a fail and a win at the same time. It's kind of tricky. They all have to do with boys (go figure, right?). For your entertainment, I'll list them riiiiiiggggght.....here!

Highlights/Failings Of The Day

#1: I recently checked out 6/7 Harry Potter books on CD from my local library because I'm kind of the hugest geek in the entire world. So I went to return them today and also pick up the one I didn't have. So I checked out and was walking out to my car when I see this incredibly attractive guy. He was walking into the library listening to his iPod. I literally stood in the parking lot debating whether or not I should go back in and try to strike up a conversation about something because it's rare to find a boy who is cute and literate and a fan of music. I decided to go about my errands and stop back at the library on my way home just to see if he was there. If he was, I'd find a way to talk to him. If he wasn't, too bad for me.

He wasn't there. I kicked myself all the way home.

#2: My family was all out doing things at dinner time, so I was left to fend for myself. Which I'm really bad at. So I ran to the grocery store to buy a Kashi frozen dinner (don't judge me, they're healthy and delicious!) and some snacks. So I grab all of my food (which I made sure totaled less than the $10 that I had on my debit card) and headed for the check out line with the cutest cashier (because I'm a teenage girl and that's 99% of what occupies my mind). So he rings up my food and I'm being all smooth with my debit card and stuff when I accidentially hit the button to receive $60 cash back. That's $60 worth of cash that I didn't have on my debit card. Now, instead of pretending that's what I meant to do and going on my way, I got all blushy and started joking around about how I fail at life and I didn't mean to do that. So the cashier is totally trying to be nice and calls over his manager to see if there's some way they can reverse it and make it so I don't have to take the $60, and the manager makes me feel like the biggest idiot because of course by hitting that button it automatically took the $60 out of my account. So I had to take the cash. It was awkward and embarassing.

#3: Remember a few weeks ago when I told you guys about how Exboyfriend #1 was facing expulsion because he was getting really shitty grades in college and if he didn't get them up he couldn't go back the next year? Well, I decided that tonight I was going to figure out for sure if he was still in college or not. And I had a foolproof plan. I was going to get him talking on Instant Messanger by telling him that I was worried about being homesick next year and not  having a car on campus and never being able to come home. I figured this would lead to him telling me if he was still in college or not because the school he's going to is really close to the one I'm going to and he's told me before that he could always drive me if I need a ride. But he wasn't online. So I sneakily tried to get him to come online, but that only made him start texting me and hitting on me. Like, seriously hitting on me. He quoted song lyrics at me.

Him: I'm listening to Say Anything. "They're afraid of your eyes cuz they radiate blue." I immediately thought of yours. They're still the most amazing eyes I've seen.

Smooth, right? Anyway, I finally got him to talk about college and I guess he didn't get kicked out. Which is disappointing because it would have been hilariously entertaining if he had gotten kicked out (shadenfreude), but still good because I guess I have a ride home now.

Well, I think that's it for now. So, um, yeah. I need to get better at these conclusion things. I am so awkward...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

One of those days

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Days til College: 78
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Somehow since the last time I wrote, I gained two new followers! Hello Betty and Autless! I'm glad I somehow charmed you into reading my sporadic nonsense. It's a pleasure. :)

So I have officially been a High School Graduate-with-a-capital-G for about a week and, honestly, it feels wonderful. And by "it feels wonderful" I mean, "It feels just about the same as every other summer has except I know I don't have to go back to the hellhole that is high school and I get to move on to the exciting world of College". I've been a busy girl so far.

Graduation day was spectacular. I can't remember when the last time I wrote on here was, so I'll give you a summary of the activities.

Graduation Day (In a Nutshell):
Woke up. Went to class for three hours. Went to Subway with Alison and Dan. Went back to practice graduating. Went home and did laundry/cleaned my fish tank/changed. Graduated. Watched friends get hypnotized and do stupid things. Co-ed sleepover. All-you-can-eat Denny's pancakes.

I ended up having to work the day after graduation, which was kind of the longest thing ever because I was exhausted. But I got paid, so I tried not to complain too much.

Thursday was my senior recital for my voice lessons. It was Bob's and Steve's, too. It was really fantastic. The boys were hilarious and they sang wonderfully. I screwed up a few times, but so did they, so I didn't worry too much. The slightly-pretentious homeschooled guy I know (who I believe I've mentioned once or twice in here) sang Ces't Moi from Camelot which was hilariously ironic. (If you don't know the song, look up the lyrics and imagine someone who really thinks the world of himself singing them). Steve and I did our duet and only had one minor mishap. He hadn't had it memorized the night before, so I went to his house (for the first time ever, which is weird because we've been friends since 6th grade) to practice and there was one line he forgot to learn because on the recording, the girl sings it. So at the recital, he ended up singing something he made up completely off the top of his head. Which was amusing.

My friend/future roommate Allison is up for a visit. She stayed with me Thursday and Friday. It was really fun getting to see her and hang out with her (especially since we're living together next year). Pretty much we ran around and got into all kinds of hijinks. And it made me really excited for college.

Yesterday was my grad party. It ended up being a really good time. I got to see a ton of my friends and lots of my wonderful family. My parents got me a Kindle, which was pretty much the most exciting thing in the world to me. And I had an exboyfriend reunion. Exboyfriend #1 showed up and apparently sat in his car for 15 minutes writing in a card to me. He came to the party and awkwardly hugged me twice, dropped off the card, and left. And as he was leaving, who should appear but Exboyfriend #2! They saw each other and hugged (which was awkwardly entertaining) and then Exboyfriend #1 proceeded on his way out and Exboyfriend #2 came in and gave me an awkward hug and sat around for a while. Most of my friends are still mad at him for how he broke up with me (I've moved on, but apparently they care more about me than I do) so no one really talked to him. So he left. Then came back again. Then left again. Then came back with someone else. Then left about 30 seconds later. We're pretty sure he was mildly inebriated. Which was awwweeesoome.

I kind of think I might be developing feelings for one of my guy friends. But I'm not going to say who because I don't even know if I am. I just feel like I might be. And I think maybe he might like me (which might be why I think I like him) but I don't know about that either. Agghh. Hormones suck. I'll give you a hint about who, though. Throughout the course of my blog (the entire thing, not this entry) I've mentioned him a few times. You can guess if you feel like it. I'm not spilling, though. My lips are sealed!

It's just been one of those days. You know the ones. Where you feel kinda like everyone is out there with other people doing cool things and you're sitting at your computer eating pretzle M&Ms and listening to the intro music to You've Got Mail on repeat because you're trying to finish your blog post before you press play. Maybe because everyone is pairing off again. You know what they say. "When you're lonely, it seems like the whole world is in love."

Yeah. One of those days.

I hope you've all been having a fantastic day. And if you haven't, I hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why Girls Don't Wear Oldspice

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Listening to: Regis & Kelly

Last night was pretty much the biggest success ever. In the history of my life. It was the coolest/most exciting/funnest/greatest thing in the world. I just can't even fathom how fantastic it was. That's how fantastic it was.

We had finals until 11:05, which was a cinch because I didn't have any real finals. Just projects I had to present and stuff. So it was pretty much the easiest thing ever. I spent most of the day running around snapping pictures with my shit pile of a camera. Some of them are kind of entertaining.

Then Alison and I went to Subway and hung out with Dan. Half of our class ended up there, which was kind of cool, because we were all amped up on pre-graduation excitement. So everyone was being ultra friendly with each other.

After we ate, we headed back to the high school for graduation practice. Pretty much it was two hours of sitting in the gym pretending we were graduating while not actually graduating. It wasn't bad, though. I got to see and hang out with people. And Allison (my next-year roommate) came up to see us graduate, so I got to see her! It was awesome. She made me a bracelet that has my name woven into it. It's spectacular.

Several hours later, we all came back to the high school and went through the graduation ceremony - for real this time. It was my last time singing with the high school choirs, which was a little bitter-sweet. The whole thing was a little bitter-sweet. But I didn't cry! I was happy. After, we took the required five-trillion pictures and went to the band room to get our stuff. I ended up putting on some Oldspice deodorant because I felt sweaty and the only other option was Dove Powder Fresh deodorant, which doesn't do anything for making you feel fresh. Then we went to the school sanctioned post-graduation party. Which was actually really fun. They had all of these games you could play for monopoly money and then you could bid on things in a silent auction with your money. Alex and I ended up splitting this basket full of laundry essentials, because he out-bid me at the last second. But we're good sharers.

There was also a hypnotist there. The show was hilarious. The hypnotist picked 24 kids from the audience and hypnotized them and did all kinds of really neat things. The highlight was probably when everyone was all hypnotized and told to think of their favorite celebrity who they would want to meet and who they're attracted to and the hypnotist went down the line and asked everyone who their celebrity was and Jess's boyfriend said, "Jimmy Buffet." because he didn't hear the part about being attracted to them. And then when they were told they had to make out with their celebrity for an audition, he got all disgusted and when the hypnotist asked him what was wrong he went, "I don't like men!". It was kind of awesome.

Then everyone (Jess, Joe, Alex, Alison, Dan, and Steve) came and slept over. There was a bit of drama because Mel was pissed that she didn't get invited, but it wasn't her graduation and I'm not in high school anymore, so I don't have to put up with that drama. We all kind of slept in a pile on the floor. And when I woke up, I was confused about why I smelt like a boy. I had forgotten about the Oldspice incident at graduation. Then this morning we went to Denny's for $4 all-you-can-eat pancakes.

Pretty much, the best 24 hours I've had in a very long time.

Right now, I'm taking suggestions about what my new count should be. It could be a countdown to something or a tally of how many times I do something in a day or over an extended period of time, or an update on something that could change on a pretty regular basis (like the color of my shirt or something). It's up to YOU to decide!

Monday, June 7, 2010

What do you get when you cross a car and a panda?

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Days til Graduation: ONE!


I graduate tomorrow. Thirteen long, arduous years of tedious schoolwork and stupid drama and I'm finally going to be FREE! It seems totally surreal right now. I can't even really imagine it. I'll be going to college soon. Whoaaaa.

This weekend was pretty awesome. I was having weird dizzy spells early in the week and I went to the doctor and she said it was probably nothing. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm a hypochondriac and probably doesn't take me seriously anymore because I've been in and out of her office way more often than a normal person should be and so far they haven't actually found anything to be wrong with me. But whatever. So I missed my last real days of high school staying home sick because the room wouldn't stop spinning.

But on Saturday I sucked it up (it helped that the dizzyness had more or less subsided) and hit up a couple of grad parties. It was raining really badly, but that didn't stop us from playing frisbee for a while. I was drenched. Then I went to the grad party of a family friend. It was the most awkward thing ever. I went with one of my friends who is also knew this guy through church. And he totally knew her and stuff, but he had no clue who I was. And there were only about 10 people there, so we couldn't even just blend into the crowd. It was really awkward.

Then I was forced to go to our last dance as high school kids. Forced because I wasn't entirely sure if my dizzyness was gone and I didn't want to tip over on the dance floor. It ended up being fantastic though. Steve drove me around because I didn't want to risk a car crash if my vertigo came back. He got rear-ended earlier last week, so he has a super cool rental car until his gets fixed. It looks like a panda and a car had a baby. We went out to dinner with some of our friends and then went to the dance, which was at this ballroom/bar combo. Obviously since it was a school dance, we weren't allowed to go into the bar part. But at one point, some drunk fellas from the bar tried coming into the dance. Our school liason officer kicked them out pretty promptly, but it was hilarious.

We danced forever. And ever. And ever. The DJ played whatever we wanted and danced around behind his set up in an old man kind of way (he was in his late 50's for sure). We even got some of our teachers to dance. Which was hilarious.

After the dance, we tried to go crash our friend's neighbor's wedding, but by the time we got there they were already cleaning stuff up. So we went to Perkins instead and ate delicious waffles.

Tomorrow is graduation. And the school-sanctioned post-grad party. And then Alison, Alex, Jess, Joe, Dan, and Steve are sleeping over here so we can go get $4 all-you-can-eat pancakes at Denny's in the morning.

I'm excited.

A lot.

How have you guys been this past week?