Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cure for Loneliness

Location: The floor
Listening to: The seance part of Beetlejuice.
Days til College: 69

Well, today was fairly uneventful. Not gonna lie, it was an entirely standard day. I went to the doctor to get my vaccinations for college, then I ran errands and sat around. Jess, Joe, Alison, Alex and Steve came over for movies tonight, but that was pretty uneventful, too.

We did attempt to watch Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, but as promising as it sounded, it got boring fast. It's a total B-movie about how Jesus comes back to save the world from lesbian vampires. It's all punk-rock and looks like someone filmed it with a shitty digital camera that wasn't intended for video. The voice-dubbing is horrible and a lot of times the voices get out of sync with what's going on on-screen. It did have some amusing musical numbers and kung-fu scenes, but I think it would've been more fun to watch if a lot of people had been over to keep us entertained during the slow parts.

Bobby and I decided today that we're going to come up with a cure for loneliness. We collaborated and concluded that we feel the least lonely when people are paying attention to us and we are making other people happy. The most obvious solution is: find someone to love/love you. But that's kind of hard to do when you just get in a lonely mood. But we're working on something. Hopefully we'll come up with a fool-proof way to beat the lonelys, because I've been getting them a lot lately.

Remember the other day when I mentioned I may be kind of sort of developing feelings for someone? Well, it's definitely escalated to crush-level. But I think that's all it'll ever be. And I'm kind of ok with that. I do wish, though, that I'd meet someone who I actually want to be with. Not just someone like now where I'm sitting here thinking, "You know, it'd be nice if this person liked me back, but I don't like them enough to be motivated to do anything about it." I want to find someone who I don't get shy around and who wants to be with me and who I wouldn't be scared to make the first move with.

Whatever. I'm just impatient. Hah. I know, I know, I'm only 18. I have my whole life to worry about stuff like that. It's just that, it seems like if I don't find it now, I never will. It's times like this when college seems waaayyy too far away.

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  1. You really need to develop a way to let a person know you are interested in them without taking out a full page add in the newspaper. The suble ways that allow you to save face if they don't respond but that is a big enough opening if they want to walk through it. If you fail 7 times out of ten then you still will succeed the other three.

    I can't really see you lacking confidence because you have so much going for you in terms of what you have to offer. Any girl can just give it away. You are the opposite end of that and that is actually more valuable to the kind of guys you want to be with.

    If you feel uncomfortable around someone, ask them questions. People love to talk about themselves and if you find interest in what they are interested in it an easy way to make a connection.

    Trust me, people remember those who take an interest in stuff they like. And if he is remembering you, he is thinking about you and half your battle is over.

    18? Not young at all to have a list of things that you want and a list of things that are dealbreakers. When you meet that right guy you will remember I told you this.

    I never hear from you so I hope you are not reading my balloon juice and thinking that I am a joke.

    Good luck. Cal