Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I felt like an adult today...until I put on this Snuggie.

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As I've said many, many times before, I don't know why you guys choose to follow my stuff, but I love you for it! Welcome to ASBLACKASOBAMA (which I think is maybe one of the best names I've seen on here). And thanks for putting up with my nonsense.

Well, I wasn't planning on writing today (I usually like to wait until I have a few comments because I feel like there's not much of a point in writing unless people are actually reading, but I digress) but I came on here to check up on a few other people's blogs (mostly Hayley's) and I noticed that I had a new follower! Which was exciting. And then I wanted to write about my excitement. And then I remembered that I actually had some stupid things happen to me today. And maybe you would like to hear about them.

Well, I spent most of the day filling out thank you cards from my graduation party. This is pretty much the first time I've ever put any effort into something like thank you cards. I usually just tell my mom that I did them and then never actually do them. But I decided that since I'm a High School Graduate now, I should do the responsible/polite thing and actually write them. So I put on some Jim Dale reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, hunkered down, and filled out 26 thank you cards for people, most of whom are friends of my parents or parents of my friends that I don't know very well. It was a challenge, but I did it.

I also filled out my very first credit card application today. Yes, soon I may be able to order things online and buy things when I don't actually have money and risk having my identity stolen while building a credit score that, with my luck, will be less than stellar. And then I'll fall into a pit of credit card debt and unpaid student loans and I'll have to resort to playing the harmonica on a street corner somewhere which, because I live in a fairly small town, probably won't earn me very much or give me a very good quality of life.

I guess that's not very important, though. At least I'll have my high school diploma to keep me warm.

The highlights of today were also my 3 biggest failings of the day. Well, one was a fail and a win at the same time. It's kind of tricky. They all have to do with boys (go figure, right?). For your entertainment, I'll list them!

Highlights/Failings Of The Day

#1: I recently checked out 6/7 Harry Potter books on CD from my local library because I'm kind of the hugest geek in the entire world. So I went to return them today and also pick up the one I didn't have. So I checked out and was walking out to my car when I see this incredibly attractive guy. He was walking into the library listening to his iPod. I literally stood in the parking lot debating whether or not I should go back in and try to strike up a conversation about something because it's rare to find a boy who is cute and literate and a fan of music. I decided to go about my errands and stop back at the library on my way home just to see if he was there. If he was, I'd find a way to talk to him. If he wasn't, too bad for me.

He wasn't there. I kicked myself all the way home.

#2: My family was all out doing things at dinner time, so I was left to fend for myself. Which I'm really bad at. So I ran to the grocery store to buy a Kashi frozen dinner (don't judge me, they're healthy and delicious!) and some snacks. So I grab all of my food (which I made sure totaled less than the $10 that I had on my debit card) and headed for the check out line with the cutest cashier (because I'm a teenage girl and that's 99% of what occupies my mind). So he rings up my food and I'm being all smooth with my debit card and stuff when I accidentially hit the button to receive $60 cash back. That's $60 worth of cash that I didn't have on my debit card. Now, instead of pretending that's what I meant to do and going on my way, I got all blushy and started joking around about how I fail at life and I didn't mean to do that. So the cashier is totally trying to be nice and calls over his manager to see if there's some way they can reverse it and make it so I don't have to take the $60, and the manager makes me feel like the biggest idiot because of course by hitting that button it automatically took the $60 out of my account. So I had to take the cash. It was awkward and embarassing.

#3: Remember a few weeks ago when I told you guys about how Exboyfriend #1 was facing expulsion because he was getting really shitty grades in college and if he didn't get them up he couldn't go back the next year? Well, I decided that tonight I was going to figure out for sure if he was still in college or not. And I had a foolproof plan. I was going to get him talking on Instant Messanger by telling him that I was worried about being homesick next year and not  having a car on campus and never being able to come home. I figured this would lead to him telling me if he was still in college or not because the school he's going to is really close to the one I'm going to and he's told me before that he could always drive me if I need a ride. But he wasn't online. So I sneakily tried to get him to come online, but that only made him start texting me and hitting on me. Like, seriously hitting on me. He quoted song lyrics at me.

Him: I'm listening to Say Anything. "They're afraid of your eyes cuz they radiate blue." I immediately thought of yours. They're still the most amazing eyes I've seen.

Smooth, right? Anyway, I finally got him to talk about college and I guess he didn't get kicked out. Which is disappointing because it would have been hilariously entertaining if he had gotten kicked out (shadenfreude), but still good because I guess I have a ride home now.

Well, I think that's it for now. So, um, yeah. I need to get better at these conclusion things. I am so awkward...

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  1. And THAT is why we follow you. You think you are awkward but you are honest. I have several of the same people on my blog roll that have joined you. Obviously someone found you through one of those blogs like ASBLACKASOBAMA's or TS or mine or Bossy Betty's. You don't post pictures so that can't be the appeal. All you do is write and you write WELL. I know for me you tell great stories that remind me of when I was your age. The themes and adventures must be universal. I am sure that is why others follow. They visited once and liked what they read. Be proud of that. I got an email today from someone who thinks that I am a blogging GOD, which I am not but the compliments sure made me feel like I was. I like to encourage others (like you) when I find great content and you give good content. Just keep telling your stories and it will draw those of us starved for good writing to you like bees to flowers. (You are the flower in that analogy BTW) And now I have 'paid it forward' so my basket of Karma just got a little bigger.

    p.s. Did he really try to charm you with song lyrics? That is SO 1983.