Monday, May 24, 2010

It's all about the view.

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Days til Graduation: 15

Well, I'm writing this on Sunday because I'm bored and have nothing better to do than write blogs and waste my time. But I don't want to post this right away, because I already posted 2 posts today (well, Sunday). Even though one was at 1 a.m., which is technically still Saturday because I hadn't gone to sleep yet and obviously the day doesn't change until I've been asleep.

Anyway, you'll be reading this Monday. Today. Yeah.

I was sitting on the couch looking around at things because it's just so damn humid right now that my eyes are the only things I can stand moving. Anyway, I looked through the door to my room and realized, you can tell a lot about someone from the things you can see through their doorway. So that's what I'm going to do. Show you the view through my door, and maybe that will help you understand me a little more. (You might want to open the photo in a new window in order to see the numbers better.)

1.) Graduation Robe. Obviously, a senior at some sort of educational institution. One who did well enough to graduate and wear this lovely polyester creation, handed down from my older sister. Note the strategically tucked cap and the white cords around the hanger. I'm a good student (either that or my school just hands out graduation cords to everyone). I'm excited to graduate, otherwise the robe wouldn't be on display like that. Either that, or I really just like playing dress up.

2.) Bust of Abraham Lincoln. Definitely a sign of awesomeness. This was actually a gift from Alison and Emma for my dorm room (Allison [my roommate] and I have an inside joke about Abe). They found it at a garage sale. In the 1970's, it was a cologne bottle. No joke. The scent is "Avon President Lincoln Deep Woods Aftershave".

3.) Pictures of Friends. Not antisocial. I've got friends. There are quite a few pictures up there, so it can be assumed I'm kind of a social butterfly. I like remembering things and I care a lot about people. So I like to have photographs laying around that remind me of happy things.

4.) Stereo. A music fan. I like to listen to CDs sometimes (even though I have an iPod dock/alarm clock out of the frame of the picture) just because it's nice to know what you're gonna get sometimes. Also, cassettes are nice sometimes. And the radio. All kinds of great stuff.

5.) Closet Full of Clothes. Likes to be well dressed. I spend a lot of money on clothes I don't need. It's an impulse thing. I'll see a shirt on clearance for $3 that I only kind of want and I'll buy it because it's only $3 and maybe some day I'll need it. So my closet is pretty full. I also have all of my posters from shows I've been in on the walls of it. You can kind of see them.

6.) Stuffed Animals and Such. Likes to be cozy. I have a few stuffed animals that I've had for a really long time and yes, I still sleep with them. It's just really comfortable to have something to hold on to while I sleep. I have about five billion blankets and almost as many pillows.

7.) Purses. Another source of impulse spending.

8.) Clothes on the Floor. I'm kind of a slob sometimes. Usually just with clothes. I take stuff out to try on when I'm getting dressed and if I decide against it, I'm too lazy to hang it back up. I just throw it on the floor or on my chair. Which my mom hates. And which I need to stop doing before college, or my roommate will hate me.

9.) Books. Lots and lots of books. I read a lot. I love buying books. I can't remember how many I own, but I've counted many times. Words are the most beautiful thing I can think of, because you can use them to create any picture or any place or any feeling. I live in books.

10.) Disney Star Wars Bank. Jess got this for me when she was in Disney World over spring break. Because Star Wars is the best ever. :)

11.) Shame. Yes. I own a full set of Twilight-series hardcovers. Every time I look at them, I fill with shame and despair that I was ever a Twilight fan. Don't worry though. My Harry Potter hardcovers are on the built in shelf behind my door.

12.) Open Drawer. Another sign of slobbiness.

13.) Crap on the Floor. More slob signals.

14.) Floor-to-Ceiling Built in Bookshelf Behind Door.  This is my favorite part of my room. It's the one thing I will miss when I'm at college. I really like my books. :)

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