Monday, May 31, 2010

Don't fall asleep on the toilet.

Location: Desk
Listening to: A teen confess her promiscuous secret life to her mom on Tyra
Days til Graduation: 8!

Well, this weekend was a great success. Honestly, being up at Alison's cabin is one of my favorite things. Everything up there is just awesome. And we always have a great time. I'll give you a run-down of how epic it really was.

On Saturday morning, Emma, Alison, Jess, Dan and I drove up to the cabin. The rest of our friends were in a parade for marching band, so they came up later in the afternoon. We just hung out and kayaked around the lake and laid in the sun and played around until they came up. Once everyone else got there, we went to the swimming beach (the lake Alison's cabin is on is kind of mucky, so it's not good for swimming). There was a lot of flirting and dunking people underwater (as the only single girl there, I was a big target) and playing catch with a football we found (that ended up belonging to some little boys...don't worry, we gave it back when we realized it was their's). That night we were playing frisbee, and it turned into a girls vs. boys event. There was tackling and wrestling and all kinds of other things. It was kind of awesome. And fun. And fantastic. Then we all went on the beach and sat at the stars and there must have been some kind of small meteor shower or something, because we kept seeing shooting stars. It was gorgeous. Then we ended up sitting around a bonfire until 3 a.m. and just talking about everything.

Then yesterday, we woke up and meandered around the cabin and hung out. And a bunch of people showered. And most of us had just finished eating breakfast and we were sitting in the cabin and chatting about stuff when suddenly Nate, Emma's boyfriend, comes out of the bathroom and goes, "Was anyone trying to get in there?" and we all shook our head and stuff and he says, "Ok, good, because I kind of zoned out on the toilet. I think I fell asleep."

He had been in there for a good 40 minutes. Apparently he showered and sat down on the toilet while he was drying off and his mind started wandering (he's ADD, for real) and he eventually just dozed off. Naked. On the toilet. It was hilarious.

The rest of the day we spent playing frisbee golf and swimming again and tanning (I barely got sunburnt, which is impressive because I'm pretty much the whitest girl ever and I burn really easily) and playing regular frisbee and entertaining Alison's family and little cousins.

Emma and I left the cabin last night (Alison, Dan, Steve, Alex, and Nate stayed until today). We had just about no idea where we were going, so Dan wrote us directions, but we still ended up getting lost. We were listening to classical music on National Public Radio and it was storming so there was lightning and fog everywhere and the music always got ominous when the storm was intense or we were getting lost. And it always got triumphant when we found where we were supposed to turn or we called Dan and he let us know how to get back where we were supposed to be. It ended up taking us 2 hours to make a trip that should have taken 45 minutes to an hour tops.

Pretty much it was a fantastic weekend. I'm going to spend the rest of the today recuperating from the past few days. I hope you all had an awesome weekend as well. :)


  1. One of the best blog post titles, ever. lol

  2. These will be the best times of your life. Seriously. Don't waste a minute of the time you have with your friends. Your story makes me remember those months between the end of high school and the start of college and I smile. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. As good as the story was, TS nailed it: The title was awesome.