Sunday, May 16, 2010

Numbers don't exist.

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ELEVEN FOLLOWERS!! I got TWO NEW FOLLOWERS in ONE DAY!! I'm moving up in the world. This is awesome. Thanks, you guys, for following me. I'm glad you find my antics amusing or interesting or enough-like-a-train-wreck-that-you-can't-look-away.

Tonight is kind of a long night. I worked for three hours before the variety show. But it was actually kind of exciting. I was up on a ladder dusting things that were really high up when some guys I go to school with came in. I used to be really good friends with one of them, because our sister's were friends. So they come in and look around for something and find it, then I hear one of them going

"Dude. We need a picture with someone who works here."

And someone else goes

"Dude. She works here."

So I'm up on my ladder, minding my own business and trying not to sneeze and fall off when they approach me and ask to take a picture with me. It turns out that they were doing a scavenger hunt, and one of the tasks was to go to my workplace, find a specific movie and a specific word on the back of the case, buy a gumball, then take a picture with an employee, the gumball, and the movie case. So I laughed and posed for the picture with them and they scampered off.

This happened four times. And I was in the picture every time.

The variety show went well again. WC decided it was the best time we ever played our song (even though I'm pretty sure I did better last night, but I didn't tell him that) and actually hugged me. I was surprised, because he's usually not touchey-feeley with me. But he hugged me! Twice! Which was nice.

Then I was awkward and made him promise that we'll be best friends next year at college.

Now a bunch of people are at Dan's. And, once again, I wasn't invited. Whatever, though. It's high school. It's stupid stuff. I don't even care. La la laaaaa.....

Also, Ex-Boyfriend #1 is talking to me right now. He's telling me about how he's going to teach himself saxophone this summer (which is laughable because he thinks he can play every instrument ever, even though he has no sense of rhythm and a worse sense of pitch) and how he's on academic probation at college and faces a one-year expulsion if he doesn't get his grades up. What a winner. He also likes telling me about his girlfriend. I think he tries to make me jealous because I broke up with him a year or two ago, but he's told people he's not over me.

OOOH. And the best thing ever: Alison and Alex are officially together. Which is the most adorable thing in the world. I promise you that. It makes me really happy. And I witnessed the asking-out! Yaaayyyy for my friends. :)

Well, Internet. That's all for now. I'm going to go sleep so I can have enough energy to be a lazy bum tomorrow. Goodnight!

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  1. Lots to comment on:

    1. You're a scavenger hunt celebrity! Use your fame wisely.

    2. What song did you and WC do? I read a couple of posts to catch up but I have work to do so, let us know.

    3. I like your world-record-breaking thoughts -- I've had the same theory.