Saturday, May 15, 2010

World record breaking blog post!

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Welcome to Ashlee! Another new follower! YAAYYYYY! :D

I discovered something yesterday: Anything can be a world record. Right now, I am setting the world record for blogging, eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and watching That's So Raven at my computer desk simultaneously. No one else can break this world record unless they start blogging, eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and watching That's So Raven from my computer desk all at the same time. Ingenuous, right?

Last night I broke the world record for performing a vocal duet with piano and guitar on the stage of my school for the variety show while having a 99 degree fever and inspiring lots of people to cheer my name before I even started playing. It was kind of the coolest thing ever. A bunch of people I know came last night (I didn't know they were there) and when we went out to do our song, I was super nervous. I wasn't feeling good and I was scared I was going to mess up the song and our auditorium was overheating because the night before someone had ripped the thermostat off the wall and it hadn't been fixed yet. So we get out there and set up the piano and get everything situated. And I put my hands on the keyboard when I hear


Which made me start laughing. Which made me relax. Because it reminded me that most of the people out there already loved me. Or wouldn't care either way if I screwed up or not. So I got ready to play again, and it started again.

"WHOOOOOOO!!!!! ABBIE!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!! WHOOOO!!!!!!"

This continued for a good couple of minutes. And then I decided to just start playing, because otherwise I was never going to start. And W.C. joined in. And it was beautiful. It was, by far, one of the best times we have ever played it (which is impressive considering that my hands were shaking so bad I was scared I wasn't going to hit the right keys, and W.C. told me that he was having the same problem with his guitar). Afterwards, people told us that we made them tear up and it was super pretty.

I felt happy.

And sick. So after the show, I went home and conked out on the couch while everyone else went out.

I also decided last night while laying on the couch in a low-fevered stupor that at some point, I need to stop calling W.C. by his code name if I'm deciding not to pursue him. Because the code name has no point, otherwise. So slowly, I'm gonna phase in his real name. It's going to be super sneaky, and you probably won't even realize it. But this is just a heads up. W.C. is not disappearing. Just being replaced by his real self.

A bunch of people filmed the variety show last night, and my parents are coming tonight, so hopefully I'll be able to get some video up here at some point!


  1. Hey congratulations, you know, not on the whole being sick thing, but on a good performance. It must be satisfying knowing that all your hard work rehearsing paid off.

  2. What a tropper you are. The show MUST go on. Glad you feel really good about your performance. It seemed like forever until it would happen (well maybe not for you but for me). Looking forward to seeing your performance.