Friday, May 28, 2010

Taste of Summer

Location: The couch
Listening to: Hugh Grant's charming accent in Notting Hill
Days til Graduation: 10 days 21 hours!

I am easily the most exciting person ever. It's a Friday night. Most kids my age are out getting drunk and doing stupid things. I, however, am sitting on my couch, already showered, doing laundry and watching old Julia Roberts movies. So awesome.

Nothing exciting has really happened this week. At all. But this weekend should be fun.

Monday is Memorial Day, which means we don't have school. Consequentially, a bunch of us are going up to Alison's cabin for a few days with her and her family. It should be a good time. There's a bit of potential for drama because there will be 20 kids in one place for three days. But there's enough space for us all to run around and ignore each other if we want to.

I'll probably get insanely sunburnt (I have extremely fair/sensitive skin, so that happens pretty easily) and pretty much have a happy time. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous. Sunny and 80 degrees the whole weekend. Can you get any better than that?

I have a strong feeling that this weekend will make me even more spacey in school. I'm already ready to be done, so having a glorious weekend that is more or less a taste of summer will just make me totally check out. It's ok, though, because by the time we get back, I'll only have eight days left of school. And my finals are going to be a cinch. The only ones I actually have to take are gym (easy peasy), chorus (we're having a mandatory party), and speech (we have to give an impromptu speech). All of my other classes either had projects for their final or we took the actual exam already.

So, dear readers, I will not be back writing until Monday. I'll give you an update of whatever goes on this weekend at that time. Have a wonderful weekend!

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