Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Major Dilemma

Location: The couch
Listening to: BETTY WHITE ON SNL!
Days til Graduation: Who cares? BETTY WHITE IS ON SNL!!!

I'm so excited to watch this crazy Betty White action on Saturday Night Live. I definitely am a member of the Facebook group that petitioned to get her on there. It's kind of the happiest thing ever. :)

Today I faced a terrible situation. Well, almost. I feel the need to tell you that it doesn't turn out terrible at the end before I tell the story, because I don't want you to get overly concerned. I worked tonight from 3-10, and during my shift I checked next weeks schedule. Originally I was supposed to work 1-5, which was perfect, because then I had all kinds of evening hours to hang out with White Chocolate. But they changed the schedule! So now I work from 3-10 tomorrow, too.

I pondered this for an hour or two, trying to decide what I was going to do about my previous plans to hang out with the boy I'm majorly crushing on. I didn't want them to get squashed by my need to save for gas money/college. But I couldn't ask someone else to take my shift for something that wasn't something I absolutely HAD to go to.

So I texted him and told him what happened with my schedule. And that we could still hang out after I was done with work if he wanted to, or we could just hang out some other day. To which he responded that he'd let me know. So I kept on a-workin', and at the end of my shift I checked my phone and he'd texted me again. And he said we could still hang out tomorrow night because we don't have school on Monday so it doesn't even matter how late we're hanging out. So our plans were saved!

Also when I checked my phone I had a message from Alison going, "Hello, dollface. It's your favorite. And you're my favorite. And I have things to tell you, so I'll talk to you either super late tonight after you're done with work, or tomorrow when you call me. Because you will call me. Bye, darling!" So I called her back, and she was all giggly and told me she'd talk to me tomorrow. So that's mysterious.

But on to the most important part: WHAT DO I WEAR TOMORROW? I mean, I'm pretty much hanging out with him right after work. So I'll be wearing nice-ish clothes (non-denim pants and a non-T-shirt). But I don't want to be too dressy. And I can always change super quick when I get home. What do you wear on a non-date with a boy you've been in love with for six years during which you're going to watch a really scary movie and a really romantic movie, really late at night??? Just the two of you??

I've never been in this situation! The only times I've hung out one-on-one with guys it's been guys I'm clearly just friends with, or guys who I was clearly interested in who were clearly interested in me. This gray area is too weird for me to handle.

Also, today I was going through our Netflix on demand movies (we got that cool disc for our Wii so we can stream our on-demand movies to our TV through it) and I found this one called Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. Which I'm pretty sure will be the greatest movie I ever see, when I get around to watching it. I think I'll make a post on here with commentary while I'm watching it. That sounds like a fun idea. Maybe on Monday.

What kinds of awesome things are you doing this weekend?


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  2. You wear casual around the house wear for when he comes over. Think of it as something that would not make someone in the house notice that you were dressed up and comment on it. Does that make sense? Don't ask me how I know all this.