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Days til Graduation: 12 (or, at least, that's what I've been writing in people's yearbooks all day)

We had yearbook signing today. It was pretty nice. We don't do superlatives at our school, but if we did and it wasn't a total popularity contest, I would probably get "Most Likely To Change The World" or something because of my aspirations to be a newspaper writer/editor/something. Probably. I really don't know what other superlatives there are that would fit me besides that one. Hah.

As promised yesterday, I'm gonna put in my top 5 most amusing yearbook entries. I'm also gonna put in the top 5 most sentimental. Because I'm only having my close friends (and people who directly ask) sign it this year, picking these was challenging. But I did it!

Top 5 Most Amusing Yearbook Entries

5.) The entry: Abz! Wow, we've been through a lot! Thank you for all the wonderful memories throughout the years. I particularlly remember an instance in 8th with a slide and a Sharpie... Best of luck in whatever you pursue! -Steve
Why it's amusing: In 8th grade, Steve and I briefly dated. One day a few of our coupled friends went to Dillon's house, but I couldn't go because I was babysitting my cousins. Apparently during that day, Steve wrote "Steve <3 Abbie" on a slide in Sharpie. I didn't know this and broke up with him a week or two later. It's funny because he never talks about the fact that I'm the only girl he's officially dated, and I usually think he totally forgot about it.

4.) The entry: Dear Abbie R., Have I ever told you your initials remind me of a pirate? They really do. Since I met you my soph year thanks to Dani, you've always been kind and cool. I wish we could hang out more, and I hope we can meet again some day. -Eric E.
Why it's amusing: He says I remind him of a pirate. And I wrote just about the same thing in his yearbook.

3.) The entry: Abbie! I'm so glad we've gotten closer this year, bonding over our mutual hatred of a certain ex-boyfriend. :) I have so many memories with you, especially bird girls! I hope to keep seeing you lots. -Joslyn
Why it's amusing: The ex-boyfriend is Ex-boyfriend #1. She also dated him, and he continues to creep on both of us. Also, I wrote almost the exact same thing in her yearbook.

#2.) The entry: The phantom's been invaded by an opera! The phantom's been invaded by a ghoooossst! -Maari/IHOP's been invaded by a phantom! IHOP's been invaded by a ghoooossst! -Maari
Why it's amusing: Those were our interpretations of the song Phantom Fugue from the musical Phantom: An American Musical Sensation (or some kind of nonsense like that) and I always laugh when I think of it.

And finally!

#1: The entry: There's really just one thing I want to say to you, Abbie. Now that's what I'm talking about! -Alex
Why it's amusing: Watch the movie Dracula 3000 and wait until after the credits. Then you'll understand.

Top 5 Most Sentimental Yearbook Entries

#5: The entry: Abbie - Nine years have flown by! Thanks for your friendship and hopefully we will meet again. Legitly, Zach.
Why it's sentimental: I've known Zach since 3rd grade and he's always been one of my best friends. The "legitly" part is an inside joke.

#4: The entry: Abbie, We have known each other forever, we have been in school together since we were wee children. And now is the time where we part. I'm going to miss you very much, Abbie. You better keep in touch while you are gone. I promise to keep in touch with you. I still want to be very close friends with you for as long as we can. Have a great summer. I hope everything goes well for you. Love, Devan. :)
Why it's sentimental: Devan and I have known each other since we were 3 and 4. He's maybe my best guy friend. I love him to pieces.

#3: The entry: Abbie, I love you. But I think I should write some more. You and I have worked through many, many, many hard times together. I think I'm alive right now because of you (and those bunnies of yours!). Just os you know, you're not allowed to move without my permission, ok? Ok. Love, Dillon.
Why it's sentimental: Just read it. Dillon is another of my best guy friends. I talked him down from suicide once. It was scary. But I love him to pieces, too.

#2: The entry: *sigh* Oh, Abbie, I love you to pieces. You've always known what to say when I'm sad and our boy adventures were priceless. From Taco Bell runs to dance parties in cars at red lights, we've always had a blast. I'm going to miss you so much next year. We need to make this summer count and have more adventures. I love you! -Alison
Why it's sentimental: It's my best friend. And we're going our separate ways next year. And it's sad.

#1: The entry: Abbie, you are the most friendliest and kindest person I've ever met! I can't believe I won't be able to see you any more (sniff). I wish you luck next year! -Ian
Why it's sentimental: Ian is this autistic boy who is always in all of our theater stuff, so I've gotten to know him pretty well over the years. He is honestly the sweetest boy alive. He always smiles at me and says hi to me in the hallways, and that makes my days so much better. I'm going to miss him so much next year!

Siiiiggghhh. Nostalgia. I've gotta go now. It's promo night for a community show that's going on this summer and I'm meeting Jess and Joe there. Have a nice night, Internet. :)

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