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Good morning, Internet. It's only been Monday for under two hours, but I can already tell it's going to be a delightful* day.

I had my hanging-out-as-just-friends date with White Chocolate tonight. And it was soooo fun! Let me explain in explicit detail. You will feel like you were a creepy little fly on the wall by the time you're done reading. I hope this post fills you with the warm-and-fuzzies. If it doesn't, I haven't done my job right.

So, I left work at 10 p.m., and on my way to my car, I checked my phone. I had a text from W.C. going, "Melissa says she needs something to do tonight. Should I invite her along? I don't know if you two get along or not, though." Now, Mel and I are pretty good friends. But she also has a crush on him, so the competitive side of me (which is, uh, rather large) immediately went on the defensive. So I texted him back saying, "Probably not. My mom's only letting you come over this late because she thinks we're going to practice a little." (which wasn't a complete fabrication - my mom did think that we were going to be practicing, but that had no influence on whether or not she let him come over).

By the time I got home from work, he had let me know that he was on his way over. So I rushed around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to organize everything so it seemed like I wasn't stressing over whether or not he would see through my casual-just-friends facade. I quickly changed out of my work pants and into a pair of old comfy jeans and threw a zip-up sweatshirt on over my work shirt to make it seem like, "Hey, I just got home from work and didn't care what I looked like, so I just went for comfort." (Thanks for that bit of advice, Cal!) And then I started peeling an orange (partly because I hadn't eaten since lunch, partly to give myself something to do to pass time, and partly to make it seem like I wasn't just standing in my kitchen, staring out the window because I was that excited for him to come over.)

Well, it turns out I'm speedier at peeling oranges than I thought. So I got done with that and he still wasn't there. So I just hung out, eating my orange, until he showed up. When he finally got here, we went upstairs and started watching our movies right away. Paranormal Activity was mildly disturbing. The fact that it was filmed to seem like home-video footage made it creepier. But W.C. would let me know when something scary was about to happen, so I had a chance to hide behind a pillow. Unfortunately, I never really got a chance to cling onto him, because shortly after he sat down on my couch, he grabbed a pillow to hold onto (he's as scared of these movies as I am...hahah) and instructed me to do the same, to make the movie less scary. So I spent most of the movie clinging to throw pillows instead of his arm, but he did reach over and rub my back once to comfort me. So that was good.

After that, we watched Once. Which he really liked. If you just listen to the music, you kind of expect it to be a dramatic movie. Just straight drama, no comic relief. But it's actually a pretty funny film, so we were laughing a lot.

We also talked** a lot. It was really nice. The conversation flowed really easily and was really comfortable. We got mostly caught up on life, which is cool. Because now I feel like I'm not going to come off as a creepy stalker when I text him or try to talk to him about things. I feel like our friendship is reestablished. It's a nice feeling.

Sadly, a poorly-timed door slam from one of my parents walking into their bathroom downstairs kind of ended our conversation by alerting us to the late hour. We don't have school tomorrow because we didn't use up all of the snow days our school calendar allows for us, so tomorrow is our make-up snow day. So the lateness of our hanging out didn't really matter. But his dad had asked him not to be out too late and we were both getting tired, so our conversation ended and he left. I'm pretty sure this conversation happened, though (but I can't completely remember if I imagined it or misheard or anything, so it might not be accurate):

It's really late. Wow.
Me: Yeah. *yaawwwwnnn*
Him: I should probably be going.
Me: Maybe.
Him: I don't want to. (This is the part I'm unsure about.)
Me: What?

And after that I forget what he said or what I said or what we said. When he left he told me he had fun and it was nice getting caught up. I think there could have been a goodbye hug, but I was too awkward and stood on the opposite side of the room. Because I win at life...hah.

I hope you all had a delightful evening, and I hope you have a delightful Monday.

*I don't understand why us American's don't use this word more often. So I'm taking the liberty to over-use it in this blog post. Because delight is a delightful concept, so I'm delighted to use various forms of the word delight.

**We talked about nearly everything. Fears, college plans, future jobs, past jobs, school, siblings, life, why we don't talk like British people. The only thing we didn't really talk about was relationships, which was kind of the main thing I wanted to talk about. But it's probably better that we didn't, or I'd be sitting here analyzing every word he said about every girl he dated and any comments he made about the guys I've dated. In other words, I'd be going crazy.

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  1. Here's what I think since I am batting a thousand and am totally impressed with myself right now.

    He didn't want to leave. That was clear because you made it easy to be around because it was so casual. He likes you but knew he had to leave before HE said something or did something to mess up the moment.

    Bet he remembers the night the exact same way you do. He may never tell anyone that but I know he will be thinking about you all day.

    He even asked if someone else could come over hoping you would say NO but giving you an OUT if you needed or wanted one. He was that nervous about being around you. ALWAYS a good sign.

    Play it cool. He's a good guy. I can tell from his actions.

    I miss that time in my life. Enjoy the next couple of years because after that you have to be a grown-up. And don't stop writing. I love following your story.