Thursday, May 6, 2010

Have you seen my shoes? I seem to have kicked them off in a fit of joy.

Location: Desk chair (but I'm on the laptop, so it doesn't count as desk territory)
Listening to: "I need to know. Otherwise this thing is going to spiral out of amok." (aka The Office)
Days til Graduation: 32

Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

This. Is. Fantastic. News!

I have a potential hanging-out-just-us type adventure with White Chocolate!!! It's still only tentative, but there's something to be tentative about! WHICH IS EXCITING!!!!

Let me explain: That night when we watched Blair Witch Project at Alison's, we got onto the topic of scary movies that kept us up at night. And everyone was talking about Paranormal Activity, which they watched at another friend's house after Senior Ball (our version of senior prom). I'd been in a different group, so I still haven't seen it. And I mentioned that and W.C. said he'd watch it with me sometime.

Well, this coming week, we don't have school on Monday. So Sunday night is pretty much a weekend night. And he texted me today and said we should watch Once after we watch Paranormal Activity, just to watch something non-scary. And I asked him if he's free Sunday. And he might be!

So we might hang out! Just us! YAY!!!!!

In other news, the AP Literature and Composition test was today. It was waaayyyyyy easier than I thought it'd be. I can't go into specifics (in case someone from the college board happens to stumble across this blog and see it...I really don't want my scores to get voided/get AP tests canceled for my school/get in trouble), but I will give you an example of the type of thing I wrote in my essays to show you how seriously I took it:

"Even though he gave up everything to feed his obsession, all Frankenstein ended up with was a dead family and an angry, vengeful monster."

Yup. I definitely didn't get bored/tired of writing useless crap. At all.

How have you guys been this week? I know TS Hendrik from The Non-Review has been dealing with some soggy situations (I hope that's getting better for him). Hopefully things weren't as damp for the rest of you!

Here's a picture of a van I saw outside my work on Sunday. Just for fun.

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  1. Good luck with WC on Sunday. If it means anything you are playing everything exactly right by being 'cool' with him. I hope he doesn't see your blog though or you are so busted.

    Oh and I dug your 'Frankenstein' quote. Do they grade AP stuff on a 4 point system too?
    In Canadian colleges it's a nine point system.