Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm a pro at awkward

Location: Couch!
Listening to: The movie The Toothfairy (which, honestly, is an incredibly stupid movie)
Days til Graduation: 37 or so?

So last night ended up being pretty fun. The stormy weather was beautiful and glorious and just exactly what I needed. I love rain. And thunder. And lighting. The last two are kind of funny, because I used to be absolutely terrified of storms. At the first sign of thunder or lightning, I would run upstairs and hide next to this dinosaur bookshelf we had. Because I was convinced that it was the safest place to be in our house (even though it was on the top floor of our 2-story house and directly beneath a window and the bookshelf could have easily tipped over and crushed me).

After work, I went to Dan's house. Where Alison and Alex were being cuddley and adorable. And Mel was flirting (heavily) with White Chocolate (much to my chagrin). And the only open spot was next to Dan (who, at one point almost exactly a year ago, confessed his love for me and got super angry when I didn't return his feelings...and who it has been kind of awkward to be around ever since). So we watched The Best of Jimmy Fallon and then got kicked out because Dan wanted to sleep. So the rest of us went to Taco Bell and hung out for a while.

Today was our state music competition, so I was there all day. I have some really nice blisters from the shoes I wore (apparently 3-inch heels aren't a good choice if you're going to be walking/standing for 7 hours...). We all hung out and wandered around the college campus this competition was held on and pretty much just had a good time being losers.

It was on the ride home that Alison told me some things I'm glad I know now:
-Melissa has a thing for White Chocolate and
-Last night she (Mel, that is) tried to throw me under the bus, boy-wise.

She didn't go into the details about this last part. She just said that Mel brought up something about me at Dan's house before I got there. I'm guessing it was either about how I feel about W.C. or something that would make me look unappealing as a potential girlfriend.

This news sparked a drive in me. I know it's kind of petty, but I'm a little bit competitive. Anyway, it made me realize that I haven't had a good, in-depth life conversation with W.C. since about freshman year when we were still best friends. And the first step to getting close is to share things with each other. I figured I'll never stand a chance if I just keep everything to myself, and if I'm not entirely sure of what he's thinking about life right now.

So I texted him and the following conversation ensued:

Me: Wanna know what?
Him: Eh?
Me: You speak Canadian? Wow. Anyway, I just realized today that I feel like I haven't talked to you in about 100 years about real stuff, not situational stuff. We should catch up soon, ok?
Him: Lol, okay. And how do we go about doing that?
Me (stupidly): Uh....good question?

And that's where that ended. So I'll probably hit him up again tomorrow and be like, "Hey, I came up with some ideas." or something. Anyway, that conversation was either a step towards progress or a step towards awkward. I'm kind of annoyed with myself because he gave me a really good opener to come up with all kinds of things we could do together to get caught up.

If you can't tell by all of my awesomeness from the past 24-hours, I'm a pro at being awkward. And in the spirit of that, here is the most awkward photo of me in existence:

That's me. With Ex-boyfriend #1 before prom my sophomore year. If that picture isn't the essence of awkward, I don't know what is.


  1. You guys maybe could have stood a LITTLE further apart.

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