Friday, May 13, 2011

SPOILER: This is not a happy post.

Location: Home
Listening to: South Park

Well, guys, I'm back home for the summer. And honestly, I'm really, really, really sad. I know it's silly to be so torn up over being a few hours away from your boyfriend, but I was practically living with him these past few weeks and it sucks not being able to see him.

I mean, I'm going to visit every other week if I can afford it and we talk all the time and he'll call me every night and things will work out, I'm sure, but it's hard. Really hard. I'm kind of crying right now. I've never cried from missing someone who was still alive before.

Um. Yeah. I'm gonna stop now because if I keep going I'm going to keep getting sad.

More later.

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  1. My man and I are in the same boat. We're both done with college and have returned home to our respective living quarters. We are not in the same state. So yesterday, because we are only about four+ hours from each other, we decided enough was enough and to pick a spot on the map in the middle and drive the two+ hours to see each other. We picked this random sleepy little town off the interstate and had a lovely day of lunch and walking around and just being together. Always an idea if you guys are able to do this.