Friday, June 24, 2011


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I know everyone has things that annoy them and probably only them. Like, just little things that irk them to the point of wanting to, you know, rip their hair out or throw unnecessarily large objects at people. Whatever.

As it goes, I'm not generally an easily annoyed person. But there are a few things that bother me to no end (some more rationally than others). And I am going to detail them here for you. Just because. :)

1.) Loud chewing. Ok. This is seriously my least favorite thing in the entire world. The sound of people chewing makes me feel like I'm about to gag. I don't know what it is about it, but if I'm near a loud chewer, I get all edgy and annoyed and have to start chewing equally as loudly to counteract their chewing noises. Which is odd, probably. Open-Mouthed-Chewers are just as bad. Not only does it sound disgusting, but you have a disgusting visual.

Keep it in your mouth, people. Your closed mouth.

2.) People who actually call their parents "mother" and "father". In a modern age where everyone abbreviates every word they possibly can, you hardly expect anyone to refer to their parents as Mom and Dad, let alone Mother and Father. My roommate last year would do this, and it struck me as incredibly pretentious. I know it's not something she picked up from her family, because I've hung out around them enough to know that her parents refer to each other as "Mom" and "Dad" in their childrens' presence. It's just a habit that she's affected. She calls them that while speaking to them as well as speaking about them. And it just kind of irked me.

3.) Books where you spot the set up for the twist in the first 20 pages, figure it out, but which you still feel compelled to read. Sadly, this is most books that come out nowadays. With the exceptional few who manage to surprise you and catch you off guard, most books are pathetically predictable. But I always feel the need to read them, anyway. Even if I figure out the twist or resolution or whatever right away, I still want to read to make sure I get it right. But it's not as fun as reading when you have no clue what will happen.

4.) Comic sans. This font should not exist. I don't know anyone who actually likes to use it. The sight of it makes me feel like I've entered a kindergarten nightmare. Because that's what it makes me think of. Kindergarten. And my teacher showing us boring posters and things typed entirely in comic sans. Seeing it used in professional situations (notices, announcements, etc.) is...well...comical. Which I guess might be where they got the "comic" part from?

5.) People looking at the book I'm reading. I have absolutely no idea why this bothers me so much, but I suffer agonies when I'm either in the process of reading and people ask me what I'm reading, or I'm carrying a book I'm halfway through somewhere and someone asks me what it is and if they can look at it. I get weirdly possessive about my books and it annoys me to no end when people are grabbing at them or staring at me reading them or whatever. This is probably the least rational thing that bothers me. Because if I read a good book, I love telling people about it and recommending it to them. But when I'm reading a book, I want it to be a secret so that I can be the only one who knows how awesome it is for a little while (which makes no sense, because I know I am never the only person who has bought any of the books I've loved and hoarded).

What weird or not-so-weird things annoy you? What types of things bother you for no particular reason? Leave them in the comments!

More later!


  1. I can relate to your #5 and I am even worse. Newspapers, I will not share my paper till I have read it. "Let me see the blank section" annoys the hell out of me. I have been known to buy 2 morning papers one for anyone to toss about all willy-nilly and one for me to read, front to back page by untouched page. Ok rant over.

  2. I hate when people say "mother" and "father". My mum hates it too so when she's annoying me I call her "mother" to wind her up! Her reaction is hilarious lol.

    And I hate reading in public for that reason too! I don't like people's eyes drifting over the book I'm reading - it feels as if they're judging me on my taste in books!