Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Location: Brad's couch
Listening to: Mad Fashion

You guys. Sorry I suck at this lately. I honestly just haven't been having that many great ideas for things to write about, or if I do, I try to write something but it just doesn't work out.

I hope you all had good holidays. I had a nice Christmas hanging out with my family. I got to see my friends a lot, which was nice. Sometimes I get really nostalgic for high school. Or, at least, for specific events or times in high school. This gets especially bad when I'm home and I realize the people who did those things or were there for those times with me are not really people I talk to much any more. I have a few high school friends who I keep in contact with. The rest kind of fell off the map. Which is also really, really apparent when we're all home for break.

I'm actually back at school now. Classes start next Tuesday (we start way earlier than most non-private colleges, for some reason), and I am kitten sitting for Brad's new kitten. The one in that adorable picture up there. He's a cutie. His name is Gus (short for Augustus), and he thinks he is a puppy.

I hope this pitiful excuse for a blog post is good enough for now. I really can't think of anything riveting to say

More later!

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  1. Just blog about school and the great journalist you are growing into. Classes this semester would be cool. Christmas gifts received and given would also be nice. Just write, girl. You are missed when your away.