Saturday, July 30, 2011

Death By Roller Coaster

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Wow, you guys! I'm gone for a few days and suddenly I have several new followers. Welcome to Kali, Jay, and Jordan! I bet you're all wonderful. :)

Recently, I have had some pretty big adventures. Mostly involving roller coasters.

Until last Tuesday, I had never ever been on a roller coaster before in my entire life. I'd been to a few amusement parks where they had them, but I was always a huge chicken and refused to go on anything more adventurous than the carousel or the ride where you sit in a swing that gently lifts you off the ground while flying in a circle.

But, because of a deal made with Bradly, I had to go on roller coasters. And I could only veto two of his choices.

The first one I went on was a pretty basic kids roller coaster. It went fast and tipped you sideways and had some sharp corners, but nothing too dramatic. The second one had a few loops, but I survived.

But the third one. The third one terrified me, but Brad said it was the one that I absolutely could not veto. I don't know if you've heard of it. It's called "Raging Bull". It brings you up 208 feet, lets you hover for a second, then drops you almost straight down, then resumes to be like most non-loop roller coasters with lots of twists and sideways-tipping at ridiculous fast speeds.

Now, my least favorite part of coasters (except for loops, but I'll get to that later) is the ride to the top of the first drop. It's slow. They let the anticipation build. My heart feels like it's going to explode out of my chest. I hate the feeling of laying nearly straight back facing up at the sky, getting higher and higher, knowing that when the climbing stops, I'm going to be plummeted. It doesn't help that I'm also terrified of heights.

We stood in line for about 45 minutes, then got seated in a car pretty close to the front. We start our ascent, and Brad is next to me trying to distract me from what is happening and what is coming, but I'm having none of that. I'm clutching his hand hard enough to break it, muttering over and over about how terrified I am and how I'm going to die and how did I let him take me on this? Soon, we're at the top. They give a short drop, then plunge you down further than you climbed (the platform where you start is a few stories up, plus the track goes through a tunnel in the ground). It feels like you're dropping straight down, like you're going to fall out of your seat.

It was terrifying.

It was awesome.

The rest of the ride was just really fast and lots of quick turns, and I came off of it smiling, not being able to believe how much fun I'd just had. We ended up going on it twice.

My least favorite ride of the day: Batman. It's a coaster where you're sitting with your legs dangling, the harness attached to the track above your head. It has lots of loops, but instead of going along the inside of the loop like a normal roller coaster, you are on the outside, getting flipped upside-down with you're legs just flailing wildly above you. I didn't hate it, but it made me really dizzy and I was terrified the whole time. I didn't like my legs dangling freely. It freaked me out.

Have you ever been on any crazy roller coasters? Or do you hate them? What is your favorite ride and what is your least favorite? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love roller coasters. I live an hour away from a theme park that has three of the world's top rated roller coasters, and I've been riding them since I was at least ten years old.

    I absolutely refused to go on any roller coaster that went upside down until we went to Sea World last year though. I'm so glad I finally decided to give them a try. It was so much fun! Plus, it meant I wasn't afraid to ride the roller coasters at the Harry Potter theme park.

  2. Raging Bull is my faaavorite. :] Batman and others with dangling legs seem to whip you around a lot and hurt more than actually be fun. I hope you did Superman!

  3. I am wonderful, how'd you know? I've never been on a roller coaster once, never felt the need to, and never want to. But I liked your story :)

  4. Roller Coasters are sheer hell for me. It's the exact reason why I can't be an astronaut. I could never get through the test that twist and push and twirl ya in all different directions. I hate having to just hold on for the ride and pray for death...or say the Litany Against Fear from 'Dune'. Bad Ju Ju.

  5. I've never heard of "Raging Bull", but at the local amusement park we have something called "Goliath" which is, I want to say, one of the biggest roller coasters in the US and you STAND UP the entire ride. I mean, you're "sitting" but it's on this little bicycle seat and they have straps that go around your ankles to lock you in and this really crappy lap belt thing where basically your entire upper half is free from restraints. It has like an 88 degree vertical drop and you get lifted out of your seat when you drop.

    It's terrifying and not in a good way either. I've only rode it once and I doubt I'll ever do it again.

  6. Unfortunately there aren't any great rollercoasters where I live. Though I'd love to go on some really scary ones! I just love that sensation of falling - is that weird lol?

  7. I LOVE THE BATMAN. It is awesome. I wanted to be a roller-coaster tester when I was a kid. Oh, who are we kidding, I STILL want that job. They actually hire people to sit in EVERY SINGLE SEAT on EVERY SINGLE RIDE to make sure that the experience is "enjoyable from every vantage point." Sounds like heaven to me! And one of the best coasters I've ever been on is the Hulk at Islands of Adventure at Universal in Orlando- no such anticipation climb and drop with that one; as you start climbing up through a strobe-lit tunnel, halfway up the coaster just ROCKETS forward and out and THEN over the drop and it is just so amazing. The ride lasts a good few minutes, too. Also, as far as rides go (not necessarily coasters, but general experiences) my favorite in the entire world is the Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey ride through Hogwarts at HPWorld. Seriously worth it. So great. Guh. Butterbeer. Foaming at the mouth with Potterlust.