Saturday, July 30, 2011

Post Script

Location: Bedroom floor
Listening to: Nothing

YOU GUYS. I ALMOST FORGOT. (Well, I did forget, which is why I'm posting this part now instead of with my last post which you should definitely read, don't ignore it because this one is here.)

Death By Roller Coasters? Yeah, that was my 200th post. No big deal. :)

Also, Allyson, I was too afraid to try Superman because I didn't want to be facing the ground the whole time, but Brad really, really wanted to go on it, so I promised I'd try it next time.

HMWeasley, I am soooo pumped that I like roller coasters now, because I hopefully will be visiting Harry Potter World in the spring!

JW - Of course you are wonderful. You read my blog. :p


  1. I'm commenting here instead of Roller Coasters, because this is more recent. Way to go on 200 posts -- and Raging Bull, which I've ridden, is great. Batman is okay.