Friday, March 16, 2012


Location: Brad's couch
Listening to: TV commercials

YOU GUYS. This week has been SO GOOD. Earlier this week I had an interview for a summer internship with a company that publishes trade magazines (which are magazines aimed at very specific business areas, like landscapers or kitchen and bath designers or airport workers). I talked to three editors for their three different aeronautics magazines and things went pretty well.


So this summer I'll be writing features for them and helping with editing and layout stuff, which is exactly what I want to do after I graduate. I was a little intimidated at first, because I know absolutely nothing about airplanes, but I was quickly assured that I really wouldn't have to deal with the technical aspects of that stuff. Phew!!!

They're a pretty well known company in the business magazine trade, so this will look great on my resume and I'm really, really super extra excited.

To make things even better, Brad and I signed a lease for an apartment for this next year together! We'll be living in the town where my college is, and he will continue to commute to his fancy full-time grown up job (I don't know if I mentioned this, but he graduated in December and is now a producer for the nightly news at a TV station about an hour away from here.)

So I officially have a place to live. With my boyfriend. Close to my school. And my job. And my internship. Where I will get to have daily interaction with Brad's adorable kitten, Gus. And I will be able to keep all my things and have my own room and live happily ever after the end.

It's pretty awesome.

I hope you all are having an awesome week! I'm going to be posting soon with my tips on HOW TO GET AN INTERNSHIP (because now that I got one, I consider myself an expert. That's not conceited at all, right?)

 More soon!!!


  1. I am glad that you got the intership you wanted. Steping out of your comfort zone (the planes) to further develop your talents is a great example to any are you.

  2. Cool! I love writing internships.
    My uncle used to be editor in chief of a trade magazine, so I vaguely know what you're talking about. That sounds awesome. Glad for you. Even though this is my first visit to your blog. Ugh. My best friend is always saying I'm overly empathetic.

  3. I am so happy for you, on all of those counts. You are pretty far from that freshman girl that was scared of everything. Are readers allowed to be proud of "their" bloggers?