Thursday, November 11, 2010

Best Night Ever

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Today's Odd Holiday(s): Veteran's Day

First off, I don't know if any of you darling readers of mine have fought to defend your country or know anyone who has, but I would just like to thank all of the men and women out there who have served in defense of their homeland. I don't care if you're from the USA or some other country, it takes a lot of bravery to risk your life in defense of anything, let alone a population who may never know your name.

So thanks.

Now that I'm done being sentimental and grateful, I have a really nice story to share with you guys.

Remember Brad? He's the guy from my History class who's a few years older than me who let me guest co-host his radio show, and subsequently has flirted with me to no end. I think I even may have mentioned how he asked me out a week or two ago after I hung out with him for a while.

Well, about a week ago, he told me to make sure I was free tonight because we were going on a date. And it was a surprise date. He wouldn't tell me anything about what we were doing except that it was outside of the town our college is in, it wasn't going to involve watching a movie, and there were potentially up to three stops we were going to make.

So I spent all week trying to figure it out, and I couldn't come up with any ideas. He mentioned that it was something we'd talked about, but we've talked about so much that just about anything was an option.

So today finally came, and he came and picked me up around 3:30 and we started driving. He told me that our first destination was about a half hour away, so we spent the car time talking and singing loudly with whatever song we picked on his iPod.

After the half hour in the car, we pull into this tiny town that I'd heard of but never been to before. It had those classic looking storefront buildings. And we get out of the car and wander up and down the street until Brad goes, "Oh! There it is!" and leads me over to this amazing bookstore. It's a used and rare book store, with piles and piles of books everywhere. I'd mentioned it once to him in a brief conversation, and he'd totally remembered. So we wandered around there for quite a while. There are two cats who live in the store, so we played with them and browsed all kinds of really old (and quite a few relatively new) books and assorted other items.

We finally left the store and started driving again. I knew we were going to dinner, but Brad had to stop at his work (a skydiving place) first to check something out. So we get there and he takes me inside and introduces me to a few people he works with and shows me around and does what he needs to do. We don't stay there very long.

When we're back in the car, he informs me that his work was originally supposed to be our third stop. He was going to drag a couch into the field behind the office building, and we were going to stargaze and cuddle. Except the weather wasn't cooperating and it was too cloudy to actually see the stars. I told him that it was a really cute/sweet idea, and then we went on to get dinner.

After dinner (at this really cute restaurant/pub called The Fork In The Road, where I got macaroni with chicken, spinach, and tomato), we drove back to campus. Or, at least, I thought we were going back to campus. Except he turned somewhere different and we ended up at this lake. Across the lake, you could see houses with the lights on and they were reflecting and it was really pretty. The sky was still kind of pink from sunset. We just wandered around the lake edge for a while. He picked me up a few times and pretended he was going to throw me in. At one point, I accidentally stepped in the lake, about which he's still teasing me.

There was a playground by the lake, so we went on the swings and played tag for a bit. On our way back to the car, we discovered this little bridge over a small waterfall, so we walked out on it. We ended up sitting out there for a while talking and playing truth. By the time either of us checked the time, we'd been out there for almost three hours.

And it felt like barely half an hour had gone by.

It was such a great time. Definitely the best date I've ever gone on. I wouldn't be surprised if by the end of tonight, I was no longer a single lady.

Goodnight, blog. I hope you had as wonderful as a day as I did.


  1. WOW. That is the best date I have ever HEARD of. Don't you let this boy go or I swear I will switch and steal him from you. You don't know how charming I can be. Very cool. Play it smart. Don't you be chasing him away.

  2. Oh to be young and in love, you go girl and enjoy.

  3. Aw yay!! This boy sounds like a keeper! Now you need to find out if he has any adorable brothers between the ages of 21-25 that would like to come to Georgia and date me.

  4. Simply one of the cutest dates I have ever heard of! :)

    I'm a new follower here. Found you the the teen scene blogfrog community. Hope you will stop by my place!

  5. You are so much wiser than your years, you so deserve that date and for all your dreams to be there for you.

  6. I APPROVE OF THIS BOY. And this evening! Sigh, aren't they just WONDERFUL?! Are you falling asleep with a smile on your face?! :]