Sunday, July 24, 2011

How To Get People To Read Your Blog

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Not to sound conceited, but after over a year maintaining this lovely little explosion of my mind we call a "blog", I feel like I'm kind of a pro at blogging and the internet in general. And I know I tend to find myself shamelessly trying to find ways to tempt/lure/trick people into reading/following my page. After very little research and lots of dumb luck and avid following of other people's blogs, I believe I hold the secrets of How To Get People To Read Your Blog. And, because I love you all so much, Internet, I am going to share them with you.

How To Get People To Read Your Blog

1.) Mention Harry Potter.  Two of the most-read posts I have posted were about Harry Potter. Go figure. It's not like everyone doesn't love HP. If you would like to shamelessly trick people into reading your blog, talk about Harry Potter. Make a list of what you hate/love about the books or movies or characters or just ramble about your thoughts on such subjects. I bet you that just mentioning those two words will get people to take a peek at your post.

2.) Have a successful YouTube channel. The first few people who's blogs I started to read were members of Five Awesome Girls (5AG), a ridiculously popular YouTube channel featuring five equally popular YouTubers (that makes them sound kind of like potatoes...) who had been posting videos practically since the website came into existence. If I hadn't seen their videos, I would not have known to look for/at their blogs. Thus comes Tip #2: Get popular on YouTube, and your blog popularity will follow.

3.) Get spots guest-blogging on other, more popular blogs. My most-read post is one that I linked to from a post I got to write for Keltie Colleen, a dancer with a pretty popular blog. So, if anyone you follow who has lots of readers ever mentions looking for guest bloggers, jump on that. Write a post for them, mention one of your other posts and link to it, and readers will follow.

4.) Casually mention to your friends that you have a secret blog you don't want any of them to read. This should be kind of self-explanatory. If you tell people that you have a secret and that you don't want them to do something, they will want to do it. Reverse psychology. Try it. I haven't, but it sounds logical.

5.) Have no shame. If you are always serious and have no sense of humor and don't share any stories that make you seem human, people aren't going to be able to relate. So embarrass yourself every once in a while. Tell people about the time your pants ripped all the way down the back in the middle of a crowded party or when you accidentally threw up all over your date. People are kind of creepy and like to reassure themselves that they are not the only ones who do stupid things, so if you offer them stories that will make them feel better about themselves, they'll be hooked.

6.) Comment endlessly on other people's blogs.  Being friendly helps you get friends. When you comment on other people's blogs, often times they feel obliged to comment on yours as well. Maybe they'll read and actually enjoy your posts. Maybe their readers will see your comment, think you sound witty, and wander on over to your page. Maybe the blogger will like you so much, they will mention you in their blog or let you guest blog (and give you a chance to try #3).

7.) Offer advice that appeals to your target audience. Reviews. Relationship tips. Lists of things to do. Things people should try. Things you would warn against trying. Whatever. If you offer advice that might help someone figure something out somewhere, someone is going to look at it.

8.) Post pictures of and stories about your baby. The world loves babies. If you have a baby (or are going to have a baby), take pictures and tell people about your experiences. How, when you were pregnant, you always craved pickles and ice cream. How you accidentally went to the ER once because you thought you were going into labor when you were really just constipated. How your baby smiled/laughed/blinked at you the other day. Babies = gold.

9.) Link to other people's websites. If you link to someone else's website, you will be doing them a favor as well as yourself. Your blog could bring them more traffic, just as their page could bring your blog more traffic. If people search for their website, your link will make you show up in the list of pages.

10.) Tag posts with words you KNOW people will search for. Obama. Amy Winehouse. Harry Potter (Tip #1). Whatever is popular at the moment. If you mention it in your blog, tag it. If you don't mention it, maybe don't tag it. I mean, I'm sure you can, but you might just upset people. No one likes a liar.

So, that, my friends, is how you get people to read your blog. How do you get people to read your blog? Do you do anything special that seems to draw in readers? Leave your tips in the comments!


  1. I try to write interesting posts that people will comment on but mostly I want to have a place to store the things that I find cool. It's when others want to read about that same stuff. Though you have never made a comment there. That's cool. We have nothing in common.

  2. If you excuse me, I really want to respond to your comment on my blog.. so I'm going to do it here so you see it. I TOTALLY get what you mean. And i think that's why i've never written letters to them before. Because i've always liked someone hardcore. But I just kind of went through a break up and I absolutely have no one in mind right now. So I think I'm going to take advantage of this and write to my future husband, because that's all he is... my future husband. Not some current crush or anything. Ya know?!

  3. ahhaahha that was funny;)
    I know what you mean-my Harry Potter post has the most views on my blog.
    You are FUNNEE! followed ;)
    Oh, and btw, you have the same background as I do:)

  4. You're right, all I saw was Harry Potter and I had to follow :D
    Harry Potter is just brilliant!

  5. This is the best advice I've heard so far!