Monday, October 17, 2011


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You guys! I just realized that I never told you about my epic road trip from last month! Oh my gosh. Let me correct that.

My friend Jess and I love the movie Fanboys. It's about a bunch of geeks who road trip out to Skywalker Ranch in California to try to steal a copy of Star Wars Episode 1 before it is released in theaters because their friend has cancer and they want to make sure he gets to see it. One of the stops on their trip is Riverside, Iowa, where they take some time to make fun of Star Trek fans.*

As an homage to our favorite movie, we decided to make a mini-road trip, just to Riverside (because we're broke college kids and Iowa is the closest place to where we're from) to enjoy the eccentricities of this town that has named itself the future birthplace of Captain Kirk.

After hours upon hours of driving through corn fields**, we arrived at our destination. We stopped at a Star Trek memorabilia museum where a very kind lady direct us to the sites of Riverside. After a short walk down the main street and behind a hair salon, we found the above place marker.

Yes, that's right. I stood on the spot where Captain Kirk will be born. Jealous?

In the parking lot of the museum, there was the S.S. Riverside.

And in a bar where we watched an Iowa State football game and ate some delicious burgers, there was this lovely plaque.

In case you can't read it, it says "Captain James T. Kirk was conceived at this point on June 22, 2227. And it's under a pool table. Classy, right? Jess and I made bets on how many couples are going to try to get busy under there on that date just to see if their progeny will be one of the great space captains of all time.

Anyway, it was pretty fantastic. We also stopped at a Swedish heritage museum in Swedesville that we're pretty sure was haunted.

Have you ever taken a cool or random road trip? What kinds of things did you see or discover on your adventure? This may have been my first real road trip, but it just may become an annual thing.

More later!


*Don't hate me if you love Star Trek. I like it. We didn't go to mock Star Trek fans. I promise!
**Fact: Iowa is probably the most boring state to drive through besides New Hampshire.


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