Friday, October 14, 2011

Birthdays and other nice things

Location: Brad's couch
Listening to: Doctor Who

So, on Wednesday I turned 20. No longer a teenager. One year away from being able to legally do more things than I can legally do now. It was a pretty great day. Brad and I went to a nearby town and had lunch at Olive Garden and played with puppies at a pet store and bought Gryffindor ties for our Ron/Hermione Halloween costumes. Then he surprised me by inviting some of my friends over for cake that night. And it was lovely. :)

I don't really have any deep insights yet as to what it feels like to not be a teenager. As far as I can tell, 20 is not any different from 19, except now my boyfriend can feel a bit better because he is no longer a 23-year-old dating a teenager. But if I come up with anything deep and exciting, I'll let you know.

I've recently gotten addicted to Doctor Who. On the weekends when I'm by myself and bored, I just sit around and watch seasons straight through. It's hilarious and suspenseful and has cheesy special effects that make me smile. I love the romantic subplots that pop up occasionally, and David Tennant as The Doctor cracks me up.

If you haven't seen it, I suggest you give it a shot. It's on Netflix. Watch at least the first 3 episodes before you give up on it. If you liked Buffy or like sci-fi type shows or have a sense of humor, you'll probably enjoy it.

That's it for me, I suppose. What have you guys been up to? It's been a while since I posted or since I really got a chance to catch up on reading what you guys are posting. So let me know how life's going!

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