Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miracles happen!

Location: Dorm desk
Listening to: Gilmore Girls background music

I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! It's for a fairly stupid reason, but I am so freaking excited. You have no idea. Let me explain.

Back in December, I lost my flash drive. This ordinarily wouldn't be a huge deal. I've gone through a few flash drives in the past year or two. Except, this one has everything I've ever written saved on it. All of my creative writing ventures, all of my stories for my high school newspaper, everything I'd written for college thus far. And it just disappeared.

My theory is that I went to the computer lab in my dorm basement or the basement of the dorm next door and left it there after printing something. Either way, my flash drive was gone and I was devastated.

So I made it through my winter break trying to figure out what happened to my flash drive. I have a writing class this semester, so I really wanted to track it down or at least buy a new one so it wouldn't be such a pain in the ass to print things. Yesterday, I went to the front desk of my dorm to see if anyone had maybe returned it to the Lost & Found, but the guy who was working the front desk didn't see it anywhere in there.

By this point, I'd given up. I'd resigned myself to buying a new flash drive and moving on. Most of my favorite things I've written are online, so it wasn't too terrible.

But then, today, a miracle happened. I came back from work and checked my mail box. Inside was a small object wrapped in a purple post-it note. Excitedly, I opened the mail box and took it out.

IT WAS MY FLASH DRIVE!!! Someone found it and somehow got it back to me! I am so so so so happy!!! The timing is insane, since I asked about it yesterday.

I am a very happy girl.

So far, this semester is looking good. I have two radio shows (one of which I'm co-hosting with Brad), a position with the newspaper, more hours for my job, and a Lunch Buddy through Big Brothers, Big Sisters. My classes are going pretty well and so far I don't entirely hate any of them.

How is everything going for you guys? Anything exciting happen recently? I want to hear your stories!! Share them in the comments and have a great weekend!


  1. That is awesome. I have lost so many things in stupid ways and it always leaves you wondering. You know how you're supposed to back things up? Well I even managed a way around that. Several years back when the world still used 3.5 disks (several, several years) I left a backup copy of a novel I was working on in the computer before going out. Which would have been fine normally except the house was broken into and the computer was stolen with both of my only copies.

    Needless to say since then my preferred method of writing has been longhand.

  2. If you had the time you could read my blog and learn everything. How cool that your flahs drive came back. That is divine intervention. I know I would hate to loose any of my stuff. I thought awhile back that I had lost all the comments on my blog and was devistated. But then I found only the last 25 post's worth of comments was gone.