Saturday, January 29, 2011


Location: Bed
Listening to: Ain't No Mountain High Enough as performed in "Remember the Titans"
Mood: Cranky

Do you ever have those days where nothing goes wrong? Things are maybe kind of dull, but nothing drastically bad happens. But then you're sitting around later at night and suddenly the day seems like a failure and your mood just plummets?

That's me today.

Today was not a bad day. I slept til 10 a.m., wrote a decent article for the campus paper, read through two interviews for a project I'm helping my mom with, and made an excursion with my roommate to the local Walmart to restock on toothpaste and snacks. Overall, it was not a bad day. Mediocre, maybe. But far from bad.

Within the past hour, though, I've just been sitting around and getting crankier and crankier by the minute. Mostly because really petty thoughts keep popping into my head. I know I have no rational reason to feel like this. But I do have reasons.

I guess it started when my roommate was on Skype with her mom. She was eating some snacks her mom sent her and just chatting. Which made me start thinking about how she's always, always getting packages from her family or talking to them, which is understandable because they live halfway across the country. I started to get a teeny bit jealous, though, because my parents never send me things. Or visit. Or hardly ever call. Which kind of sucks, because I get homesick sometimes. I usually call them, but it's hard to catch them at a time when both my parents are home or my mom isn't rushing off to do something.

Anyway, so I started getting cranky. And I took the opportunity to be the bitchy roommate for a bit. Honestly, I always try to be courteous and understanding, because I know my roommate is used to having a space much, much bigger than our tiny room to herself and I know she's not exactly used to sharing.  But all day, I've had the TV on ABC Family because they play fluffy movies that make good background noise. About half an hour ago, she asked if I was watching the movie that is currently on. Admittedly, I wasn't, but I told her that I was purely because I wanted something to go my way and I was the one who put that channel on, dammit, and it was going to stay that way!

Immature, right? But it was mildly gratifying.*

Other little things keep irking me. One of my friends asked me if I still had my job from my senior year of high school, because a girl who's a senior this year just got hired there. I don't work there anymore, but I recently reapplied for the summmer/weekends/breaks. Obviously I did not get hired, so finding out she did annoyed me. I assumed I'd have some kind of plans for tonight without actually talking to anyone about doing anything or hanging out, so I didn't, so that kind of annoyed me. I'm really hungry, but I already brushed my teeth and don't feel like eating my food, so that's annoying me. I was doing crossword puzzles, none of which I was actually able to finish, so that annoyed me. I keep hearing techno music and rhythmic thumping from what I think is the room above us (someone's having a good time up there...), which is also kind of annoying me.

Sorry for being so un-cheerful tonight. I just kind of needed a medium to rant through. I hope you are all having a better day than I am. More later.

*Being the softie that I am, I felt kind of bad when my roommate was trying to sleep after I refused to change the channel and she had to bury her head under pillows and blankets to block out the lights and the sound of the TV, so I turned off the lights and put the TV volume as low as it can go without being mute. Although the thought of leaving them did cross my mind. But I figure a well-rested roommate is less likely to be a cranky roommate in the morning.

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  1. Hope you had a better day today. This was a primer for when you have kids,a house payment,car repairs, etc etc....With 6 kids I always can find something to worry and be in a bad mood about, but most of the time I don't.