Saturday, January 8, 2011

Productivity is Over-rated.

Location: Couch
Listening to: Psych (I adore this show)
Mood: Industrious

What's this?! Do mine eyes deceive me?! It appears I have uploaded a new video to my YouTube page! What a complete shock!

I bet you guys all thought I'd given up on YouTube. That it and I had a short-but-sweet fling and then moved on to other loves. Well, anyone who thought that was mistaken! I was really, really busy during school this past semester. I mean, I had time to vlog, but my roommate was always, ALWAYS in our room and privacy is kind of nice when you're being ridiculous and recording things for the internet.

I have a ton more excuses. I can tell you if you want. They range from reasonable (I was trying to establish a social life and adjusting to living on campus and away from my family) to ridiculous (my roommate ate my webcam?).

I've been mildly productive today. Not with anything that is going to hugely influence the outcome of my life, which is kind of sad, but with things that I enjoy. I added some new tabs up at the top of the page, here, for anyone who is interested in seeing some more of my creative projects. I discovered that you can view your stats, much like on YouTube, for your blog.

I was so amused! I discovered that my most viewed post is this one, which makes sense because it's kind of hilarious. I also discovered that people from South Korea are among the highest demographic of my readers. They're miles behind my readers from the U.S. as far as numbers go, but they're not terribly far behind Canada and the U.K., and they're way ahead of everyone else. I was totally surprised. I didn't think anyone outside North America read this. It made me happy to know that this blog goes international. :)

I also made a tuna casserole today and managed to not burn the house down, which is pretty impressive because I totally lack cooking skills. I haven't eaten any yet, but I'm pretty confident I won't get food poisoning. Mostly because everything in tuna casserole is precooked or whatever. But still. I think I did a good job.

I'm not gonna lie, guys, every once in a while (like today) I'm kind of short on ideas of things to write about. Is there anything you guys want to hear about me or from me? Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll answer! Or feel free to suggest some topics for me to blog about! I'd love to hear what you guys want to hear from me. :)


  1. Abbie goes global. Well the world needs more you and your example. I know you will brush this aside because that is your way but it's nice to read about someone who has good things happen to her because she is a good person. I take great comfort in that. You renew my faith some days. Kick ass next year for all of us okay?

  2. you have a good vlog voice ;)