Friday, February 18, 2011

Never Poke A Sleeping Badger

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Have you all heard about what's going on in Wisconsin? Governor Scott Walker is trying to impose a new budget bill that would essentially get rid of Wisconsin unions negotiating rights and raise the amount government employees would have to contribute to their own pensions and health care. Supposedly taking money away from state employees will help to lift Wisconsin out of debt without having to cut jobs.

Maybe this just strikes a nerve with me because I'm from that part of the country or because I have more democratic leanings or because I just think Scott Walker is a douchebag, but there have to be better ways to solve this problem.

Admittedly, I never really paid much attention to politics until I voted for the first time. It was then that I decided I should start keeping an eye on things and doing my research so I didn't make a decision while voting that could ultimately aide in screwing something over. And admittedly, I'm not entirely sure what the full implication of this bill would be. But I don't like it.

I feel like there has to be a better way for Wisconsin to level it's debts than taking more money from professions that do so much to give back and get so little in return. Take teachers, for example. Teachers in most public school systems get paid next to nothing. They take these jobs because they love teaching and they love their students, not because they're going to make extraordinary amounts of cash. Without teachers, we would all be illiterate and ignorant about so much.

I also feel like taking away unions rights to collective bargaining is in no way going to help anything. I don't understand how making it easier for companies to exploit workers and making it more difficult for the employees to stand up for their rights is going to save anyone money. Taking away the rights for union members to negotiate things besides wages just seems like a cowardly way to try and control people.

One of the main pillars of American society is the concept of freedom. Unions are a direct result of that freedom. Unions make give average citizens the power to have a say in their fate. Instead of being helpless at the hands of companies that could take advantage of them, they can negotiate their terms and fight what once would have been inevitable.

If Walker wants to make these drastic changes, he should put it to a vote. Not by the government of Wisconsin, but by it's people. Everyone who it's going to affect should get a say. And it will affect everyone in the state.

I am so proud of the Wisconsinites who are currently peacefully protesting at their capitol. I'm glad that the democratic leaders from other states are standing up for the Wisconsin dems and giving their support. I hope that these things will bring the change that the citizens of Wisconsin are looking for.

I also hope this will change the way politics work in our country. It seems that every political party is so invested in itself and it's own personal goals that they refuse to see when and where they are wrong and fail to compromise when it would seriously benefit them. Hopefully this will open people's eyes and make them see that if everyone is just looking out for themselves, nothing will ever get accomplished.


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  1. Thanks for that post. It was well written and informed on the issue. Governor Walker is a power mad despot who thought he could ride a wave of anger against government to pay for a debt HE CREATED by giving handouts and breaks to his rich buddies. I am proud to see people in the streets peacefully expressing their outrage. Now if only Washington would pay attention.