Thursday, March 10, 2011

Too Much Food

Location: Brad's couch
Listening to: Brad play Call of Duty
Mood: Very, very full

That's not an ad. Well, it is. But I'm not advertising the McDonalds 50 nugget meal. There just wasn't a good picture to illustrate just exactly how much food that really is.

Tonight, Brad and I were hanging out when a commercial for McD's came on, and we decided the best idea in the world would be to go and purchase the 50 nugget meal to split. We misguidedly believed it came with the 50 nuggets, two medium fries, and two medium drinks.

Everything was large. Really large. So large that my stomach now feels like it's trying to give birth to a second stomach just to handle all of the food I'm forcing it to digest.

I'm not a very large person. I'm actually pretty average-sized. I managed to pack away 20 nuggets and two thirds of my large fry, plus drink half of my large soda. Collectively, just what is left of my fries and 5 nuggets remain.

I still can't believe I ate that much.

I am so full.

And so, so happy.

What's the most you've ever eaten? I'm pretty sure this is my record. I don't remember the last time I felt this full. I'm curious about you guys. I'm also kind of hoping it will make me feel better about the gross amount of food I just ate. So, leave your stories in the comments for me. K? K. :)

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  1. When I was in University in Edmonton we would go for Sunday Chinese food at the West Edmonton Mall, largest in the world. They had a buffet that cost 5 dollars a plate, all you could get onto the plate. We became masters at making pyramids of chicken balls, beef and greens, vegitable medley, rice, and all the other dishes. For about 30 bucks we could get out with a huge amount of food. We packed it all in tupperware containers and it fed 4 guys for 3 days. It became more of a game than a night out since we brought the food home with us. I once ate 34 chicken balls with that red sauce. That was the most I think I ever ate and that was only HALF of the chicken balls I had arranged on my plate. I felt like a NASA engineer. And I am a big guy so you got me beat kitty kat. Nothing felt better than going to the bathroom the next day and I suspect you will discover that over the next several hours.