Friday, December 17, 2010

Holy Finals!

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Hey Blog! So, I've officially made it through over half of my finals. I just have to wait out the weekend to take one more on Monday, and then I'm off to home and a glorious month off of school. Of course, the one I have on Monday is the one final I'm kind of dreading.

At my college, we are required to take some specific General Education classes. For one requirement, we have the option to take Historical Perspectives, which is kind of an analysis of how views have changed over the course of American history, or Global Perspectives, which is an analysis of how views are different from around the world.

I opted to take Global, because I figured it would teach me some information on cultures from around the world that might be helpful in my future career as a journalist. Due to some weird quirk of fate, I was landed with the worst professor on campus. She's crazy. She started our first class off by coming into the room five minutes late, plunking her stuff on the table up front, and saying, "You don't want to be here, I don't want to be here, let's just get through this."

Things did not improve through the rest of the semester. Map quizzes are a standard in every Global class, no matter who your professor is. Unlike other professors, though, ours did not give us a word bank, multiple choice, or any kind of help. In fact, she purposefully tested us on at least one place every quiz that was not on the list we had to study from.

Our professor doesn't really teach. She reads off powerpoints and talks about her experiences working with UNICEF in Sri Lanka or being a tourist in China. She offered extra credit for kids who brought her Starbucks coffee cups from parts of the world she hadn't yet collected them from. It was a total joke. She always tests us on stupid, ridiculous things that we never learned and asks questions with more than one correct answer.

Needless to say, I am not looking forward to this final. Especially because it's my last one. I already wish I was done. Making me stay an extra weekend is only going to make it worse.

Ranting just now has made me curious: What was the worst teacher you ever had like? I want to hear your stories.

I hope you all have a great weekend! And for anyone else taking finals right now, good luck!!!


  1. My worst was a VB programming night class. Three hours non-stop from a robot-like teacher that forgot this was the starting (entry level) class and was mad that everyone didn't get the tech part. This guy could have bored a meth-head to sleep. Oh and never once let us out a minute early,security used to wait by the doors to lock up as our class left each week.

  2. Geez... Sounds like she'd be more fit to be a grade school teacher. Extra credit for helping her collect cups? What a loon.

    This might be a weird statement, but I think the worst teacher I ever had, is one that I never actually had.

    Back in high school there was this one teacher who, whenever she saw me in the hall, would always stop to tell me how she'd talked to other teachers about me, and how she couldn't wait till the next year when I would be in her class. Used to creep the heck out of me.