Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

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Today's Odd Holiday(s): Christmas; National Pumpkin Pie Day

Hey everybody! Happy holidays!

I honestly considered going on a huge rant about how commercialized Christmas and the holiday season in general has become, but I figure there are enough people out there doing that. I don't need to be negative. Especially because, at heart, I am a 5-year-old when it comes to Christmas. I love everything about it. The surprise of opening presents, the excitement of seeing peoples' reactions to what you got them, spending so much time with family and loved ones. It's fantastic.

I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas out there had a wonderful time with it. And I hope all of you who celebrate Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/Winter Solstice/etc. had/will have a great time with your celebrations.

I am currently up trying to decorate a paper star for the Christmas celebrations my dad's side of the family has. We always do a gift exchange where you get someone's wish list without their name, so you don't know who you're buying for. Then, we take turns opening a gift at random and everyone has to try to guess who's gift it is. The person who guesses the fewest gifts correctly has to host Christmas the next year.

This year my Aunt also decided to have a different contest. We each have to decorate a paper star however we choose, and then everyone gets to vote on their two favorites. Whoever's star gets the most votes gets a prize. I'm completely stumped about what to do for mine. I have a bag full of cloth scraps, so I'm thinking of cutting them up and pasting them on the star in a mosaic sort of way.

We'll see how that works. Maybe I'll post a picture in my next entry.

Thank you all for the kind thoughts about my boyfriend's surgery. It went really well and he was able to get out of the hospital the next day. He's been home and recovering and doing great. I'm going to visit him next weekend. I'm really excited about it.

I was really amused by your holiday celebrations. TS - your Christmas taco plans made me laugh. I hope they went well, and I hope you got the snow you were looking for! Kal - Thanks for the positive thoughts. And thanks for always giving me a positive word or two. I hope this mention fulfills your "Christmas wish"! (Although, I hardly believe that me mentioning you in my blog was what you wanted for Christmas!)

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season, and I hope all of your wishes come true!


  1. Well I'm glad to hear he's doing better. I like the sound of a star mosaic. I hope you'll post a picture of the finished star.

    It "snowed" here. There was a enough to scrape off the ground and pack into a snowball. And isn't chucking a snowball at an unsuspecting friend really what Christmas is about? haha

  2. Yeh, it was exactly what I wanted from you. Thanks for noticing the positivity. Hope you have a great holiday and new year.