Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Survived!

Location: Home
Listening to: The Proposal
Today's Odd Holiday(s): Humbug Day; National Flashlight Day; Look On The Bright Side Day

I find it ironic that it is both "Humbug Day" and "Look on the Bright Side Day". Funny stuff, right there.

So, I'm home now. Finally. I survived finals, and I'm pretty happy with how I've done on my exams so far. I think I might pull out of this semester with all A's and a B in my least favorite class.

None of my exams were too challenging, thankfully. The only one I studied for was Global Perspectives (the class I ranted about ad nauseam in my last post). I was kind of annoyed because I was really looking forward to filling out a class evaluation for that professor so I could tell her just how much her teaching methods failed me, but she was the one professor I had who didn't offer an evaluation.

Thanks to everyone who shared their awful teacher memories. CSmith, your tech professor sounds terribly boring. I'm glad I didn't have to suffer through anyone like that this semester. And TS, your story about a teacher you never had constantly creeping on you was hilarious (and mildly disturbing).

Anyway, my last final was yesterday, and I drove back home today amidst some crazy fog and some other interesting weather conditions. It was snowing and raining and windy and just overall ridiculous when I started out. I survived, thankfully.

Tomorrow I have big plans. My boyfriend is getting some pretty scary surgery - he's having a piece of his skull removed because his cerebellum is pressing against it and giving him really awful headaches and other problems. To distract myself from worrying, my friend Danye and I are going to spend the day watching whatever is on ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas, and then go to Walmart and Taco Bell in prom dresses.

I'm sure there will be photos. I might share some.

This week is crazy busy with holiday festivities for me. What are you guys doing? What are some of the traditions you celebrate for the holidays? I'd love to know!

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. Well here is hoping that your bf does okay with his operation. Those can be often tricky things. I will be praying for him. If you want to know what I want for Christmas is to be mentined in your blog. I remember when you were just some snot nosed teenager ad not a first semester college graduate who I admire.

  2. Yeesh, that does sound bad. Having to cut up the skull to relieve pressure. That thought makes me shudder.

    Christmas this year for me means homemade tacos (I'm not mexican, and yet homemade tacos, is a traditional dinner for us, go fig) and ODing on holiday movies. I celebrated early with most of my family so I think it's just me, my brother and our idiot friend who wasn't able to make it home this year. Still it might snow for real on Christmas so I'll be happy for a quiet holiday this year.

    Hope you have a merry Christmas Abbie.