Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fake Birthdays

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You guys. I know I gush about my boyfriend a lot (really, I try to hold it in, but sometimes it just swells up inside me and explodes out of my fingertips and into my blog), and I know I'm probably a teeny bit biased because I am dating him, but I am here to make a sweeping declaration:

My boyfriend is the best boyfriend in the world.

Argue if you must, but I honestly can not think of any ways that any boyfriend other than mine could possibly be the best. I'll probably give him a trophy for it, or something. And here is why:

So, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks. And for the past month or so, Brad has been teasing me about the great and fabulous present he was planning on getting me. Now, my curiosity, once piqued, is a force that cannot be stopped. I wheedled for hints and made absurd guesses (the most common of which was a puppy, with absolutely no evidence that that was possibly the gift).

And then the other day, he left work and came home with a giant stack of boxes wrapped in Tangled (one of my favorite movies) wrapping paper.* He teased me about having to wait 3 weeks until my birthday to open them, saying I'd have to just sit and stare at the boxes until my real birthday. Which was fine by me, because I was excited that he even got me anything, and I didn't even care about the presents that much, I just wanted to know what was in them.

But he got really excited to give them to me. And I was beyond curious about what they were. So we decided to make yesterday my fake birthday. After classes and after he was done with his day, we would go back to the apartment and I would get to open my presents (all non-present related birthday activity is being saved for my real birthday).

So after my class, I meet him at the campus radio station and hang out while he records the baseball podcast he does with some friends every week, and then we went home.

And I opened the door.

And on the desk was a bouquet of pink roses, and a card saying "To the girl I love."**

And he told me to open the card. And in the card was a clue. All of my presents were hidden around the apartment, and I had to go on a scavenger hunt to find them. Which was awesome.

So I went through all of the cards, opening presents along the way.

And you guys, my boyfriend is the most thoughtful guy ever. Every time we're in a store and we walk past socks, I always go on a rant about how I loovvveee warm and fuzzy socks because my feet are always freezing. So he got me two pairs of fuzzy socks.

And he made me a mix CD of a bunch of songs that I love and that remind him of me and that are significant to our relationship in some way or another.

And he got me a season of How I Met Your Mother (which happens to be both of our favorite shows).

And. Well. Backstory first.

So, when I graduated high school, my parents got me a Kindle (which I had asked for), but after I had it, I was not impressed. It didn't feel like a book. It didn't look like a book when I turned the pages. It didn't do anything other than let me read books. But I love the concept of an e-reader where I can have tons of books at my fingertips and not have to lug them all around.

So recently, I'd been looking at the Nook. And it's come a long way from the first version, which wasn't much different than the Kindle. Now it's in color and you can get magazines and apps and all kinds of fun stuff. And I'd decided that I was going to save up for one and maybe get myself one for Christmas (or whenever I had the extra cash laying around), all of which Brad knew.

So, I open the last present.

And.(I bet you can guess what's next).

It's a Nook.

And I freaked out and got really excited and insisted that he shouldn't have spent that much money on me but told him I was too happy to have it to let him take it back and overall just being a spazz.

So, pretty much it was the best fake birthday anyone has ever had ever in the history of the world.

And my boyfriend is the best boyfriend anyone has had ever in the history of the world. Not because he spent money on me. I would still think the exact same thing if he hadn't gotten me anything for my birthday. He is the best because he gets me. And he is my best friend. And he makes me laugh. And he makes me feel like the luckiest girl ever. And he loves me. And he gives me butterflies, even after a year together.

And he is the best. And he deserves an award. (Especially because he puts up with me, and I can be a handful sometimes.)

Anyway. That's my big, happy story for the day. I hope you're all having wonderful days as well.
More later. :)

*One was actually wrapped in the cardboard-ish paper that the tube had been made of because he'd run out of wrapping paper. Which I thought was genius.

**He hates cards, so I gave him a lot of crap at this point about the fact that he got me one when he'd expressly forbidden me from ever getting him any kind of cards ever.


  1. So if I read this right, you like your boyfriend? LOL Happy Birthday

  2. If you do anything less for him then you don't deserve him and the angels will weep for you. Very happy to read that post. It's why I followed you from the beginning. That is a story from the heart. That is the kind of stuff that should be written while someone is experiencing it. It makes me sick but in a good way. Be happy. You are already magnificent.