Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Hobby

Location: Awesome fort
Listening to: Family guy
Days Without Fast Food: 0

Hey guys! How's it going? I hope those of you back at school are having a good time with your pursuits, and I hope those of you in the real world are having a fun and successful time being grown-ups.

Me? I'm having a night of reverting to my 5-year-old self with my boyfriend. Last fall, Brad and I built a pretty epic fort in his old apartment. Tonight, we decided to top it and build one consuming almost the entirety of his new place. It's fantastic.

We also made chocolate chip pancakes, got chocolate Oreos, and are planning on eating them with chocolate milk.


After tonight, we are planning on being super healthy because...well...neither of us wants to get diabetes. (This is also the reason I am tracking my fast food now. Because I eat wayyy too much of it and I'm hoping to shame myself into cutting down.)

Anyway, he's off doing other things at the moment, so I'm sitting in the fort by myself and I have come up with a new hobby.

Blog, meet Tumblr. I hope you get along. :) If you have a tumblr page, add me! If you don't, feel free to check it out, anyway. It's pretty much just going to be full of things that I Stumble and find beautiful or amusing, but if you like the stuff I post here, I'm pretty sure you'll like what I've got going on there.

But yeah. That's pretty much it. I haven't done anything exciting. I might be going to Ireland in the summer, but I don't want to jinx it, so I'm gonna wait to talk about that until things are more solid.

So stay tuned!

More later. :)

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  1. Yeah I tumbl. Consider yourself blog followed. Ireland, that sounds really exciting.