Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Guilianna and Bill

Dear Giuliana and Bill,

I am oddly into your show. I've never really liked reality shows, especially the ones that just follow a famous family/couple/person, because I never really got the point. But you two are just so cute, and your attempts to have a baby are so sad and endearing.

And now Giuliana has breast cancer. WTF guys. That is maybe the saddest thing ever. Except, you won't let me properly empathize because you never show the episode where she finds out she has cancer when I can watch the whole thing!!! It's extremely frustrating. I mean, it's nothing compared to having cancer, but I need to know how this ends! Does it have a positive message (I'm sure it does, I've seen enough of it that I know you try to use this as an opportunity to educate other people)?

Please air this episode at a time when I can view it in its entirety. So, pretty much any time not between 9 a.m. and noon. Which is when you always want to show it. And then I always have to leave for class before it's done.


An unlikely fan.

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