Friday, July 16, 2010

Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You

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Today has been pretty much the most eventful ever. I just don't even know. Wow. Ok. So. I'll start with last night, because last night was good.

One of our area community theater companies started this dance troupe the other year. They put on a show every summer about teen issues. Last year's theme was about how our (well, my) generation still has a voice. This year, they used that voice to help raise awareness about things like teen suicide. It was sooo intense. They have a live band performing the music, and they put together a bunch of popular songs by different bands to make a story. This year, the story was about a boy named Mike who's dad abuses his mom. He's in love with his best friend, Kelly, but she's also dating an abusive guy. His friend Kelson's girlfriend has just been diagnosed with cancer, and his other friend is getting into drugs. His sister cuts herself. At the end of Act 1, he commits suicide. In Act 2, he has to witness the consequences of his actions and watch his friends and family deal with his death.

It was so emotional. Especially because as transitions, they had one of the actors/dancers step up between almost every number and explain one of the steps to suicide prevention, then give a short monologue about how the wish they would've/could've helped Mike with his problems. It really hit me hard because the summer after my freshman year, I had to talk one of my best friends down from suicide. It was the scariest thing ever, but I succeeded in making him think twice and realize that no problem was worth killing himself over. So he's still here. But he was in the show, so I bawled my eyes out almost the entire time.

Also, one of the songs for the character who had cancer was Skin by Rascal Flats. And the girl who sang it in the band is one of my friend's little sisters. She was diagnosed with leukemia in January, and just recently found out they have contained her cancer so it's not getting any worse, which is the best she could hope for. She has a gorgeous voice, and seeing her sing that song (which is beautiful and sad) made me teary.

I keep getting teary just thinking about it.

Also, last night I bought a CD by a band I'd never heard of because the title sounded pretty. The band is Wakey!Wakey! The CD was Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You. The music is gorgeous, so it was definitely one of my better impulse buys. Plus it was only $10.00. Win!

Today I went college shopping with my mom. We got just about everything, so I'm pretty much set. So excited. :)

This morning I got an e-mail offering me a spot in a leadership workshop 3 days before move in at school. If I get accepted, I get to move in early and do all kinds of leadership developing things. I really hope I get in. It'd be really nice to get to know some people and the campus and move in early. I'll be all settled by the time everyone else gets there.

This afternoon, I was running some errands for my mom. I had to stop and pick up dog treats and then go scout prices for a laptop bag. While I was in town, I decided to stop at a local bike store to look at bike baskets that I could use for next year. While there, I met this incredibly awesome guy. He's my age, really cute, and funny. We talked a lot about college and joked around and he helped me find a couple of options for things I could get for next year. It turns out he just graduated, too, from the other district in our area. We were pretty flirty, and I nearly asked for his number, but I chickened out.

Good thing, too, because I got home and looked him up on Facebook (I figured he must be friends with someone I know, and I was right) and it turns out he has a girlfriend.

So now not only am I debating the merit of adding that boy from the last post as a friend, but now I'm debating adding this guy who I've actually met.

-Extremely nice, so probably wouldn't be a jerk about it
-Has a good sense of humor
-Seems like a friendly guy, could be a good friend

-He has a girlfriend
-I've only met him the one time, and we introduced ourselves to each other, but it could still be weird/awkward.

Ack. I need you guys to help me decide. About the other guy, too. I'm blinded by my impatience and extreme want of a close guy friend. I need outside opinions.


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  1. He may have a girlfriend but he can always use another freind who is a girl. You got nothing to lose. Go for it. They may break up or she may be mauled by a lion. Accident happen everyday in the jungle. Go for it and keep adding these cute boys to the list. You are platinum girl and you know it.