Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things To Do When Your Power Goes Out

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Days til College: 47

Today was crazy! You know when it rains really hard and people go, "It's raining cats and dogs!" or "It's raining buckets!" (which, personally, I find harder to believe than raining cats and dogs. Because the cats and dogs thing came from when people still had thatched roofs and animals would take shelter in the dry vegetation of the roof and when it rained it would get slippery and they would fall out of the roof, making it look like it was raining cats and dogs...and other animals. But when have buckets ever come falling from the sky? Hmmm????)?

Well, today it came close to doing both. It started storming around 1:30 this afternoon. One second it was a little bit cloudy and insanely humid out (and we all know how I just looovvveee humidity), the next these crazy black clouds were rolling in. There were huge lightning bolts shooting across the sky and rain was falling in sheets. Our power ended up going out around 2 and it was still out when I left for work a little before 4.

So it stormed off and on throughout the night. It still is storming. It's kind of cool.

I finished reading Love is a Mixtape. It was just as wonderful/beautiful/amusing as it started. Definitely a great read. I'd reccommend it to anybody who likes music and love stories.

Also, I discovered this guy who's going to college with me next year. He's pretty cute and he's majoring in journalism like I am and he seems like he'd be pretty cool. I found him by going through the people who are going to my college next year on Facebook and I'm debating the merit of adding him as a friend before we meet.

-I could make a friend even before I get to school.
-He could potentially be a potential boyfriend.
-He seems like he'd be a very nice and funny guy.
-He has great taste in music.
-I need someone new to talk to because my friends kind of suck lately, and he'd be someone new to talk to.

-He could think I'm some creepy stalker girl.
-He could end up being a total jerk
-He could reject, leading to awkward situations in classes we may have together (ex. him pointing out/thinking, "Hey! There's that creepy stalker girl who tried adding me on Facebook before she met me!")
-I'll probably end up meeting him at school anyway, but I'm not a very patient person.

Thoughts on this? If you were to receive a friend request (along with a message that said something along the lines of, "Hey, I was looking through people going to our school next year to see if I could find anyone else majoring in journalism and I found you. You seem pretty cool. Etc.") from a girl you'd never met, what would you think/how would you react?

Ok, well that's it for me tonight. Have a wonderful night, Internet.

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  1. It was raining 'cats and dogs' here too. I know that because I stepped in a poodle. (see what I did there?)

    I think you have the best 'in' with him -that you are going to the same school and the same major. You play it cool (and avoid calling him 'dreamy' in your first conversation) and rely on your awesome personality.

    Let me tell you a secret about boys. They could hate a particular girl with the intensity of a white hot sun BUT when they find out that girl noticed them - they are always willing to give her a chance. What have you got to lose? You are cute and not that strange (everything is relative) so how can he not like you. You don't know how nervous he may be about a new school and having a cute girl to talk with is never a bad thing.

    So add him as a friend. If he friends you back you got your opening. You have nothing to lose. If he rejects you AND THEN sees you around class and campus he will be SO mad at himself that he didn't give you a chance and really, isn't that always the best revenge?

    Have you noticed in the past that when you have been brave that things tend to work out for you?

    Oh and why can't I be your facebook friend. (just kidding, I rarely go there)