Monday, July 12, 2010

You guys rock

Location: The couch
Listening to: The theme song from some 90's sitcom
Days til College: 49

You guys are the best. Have I mentioned that before? No matter what I'm going through, no matter how trivial the things that I rant about, you're always there with comfort and advice. Even when I think that I'm just being stupid, you never tell me that I am. It's really nice. Thanks. :)

There's not much going on today. I got a new layout on here. What do you guys think? I needed a bit of a change and they have a lot more options on design stuff now and I found a header that matched really well. I think I'll keep it like this for a while. It's a little bit more personalized than the old one. Note the whimsical star dotting the 'i' in 'Abbie' in the title. How cute.

I hung out with one of my old friends today. I've known her since kindergarten, but we usually don't see much of each other during school. So we catch up during the summer. It was nice. We went to a park and chatted for a while and then went to a few stores to do some college shopping. I got a shower tote, four plates, four bowls, and four cups for $7.50. I pride myself in my bargain shopping skillz.

I am feeling marginally better than I was yesterday. I'm not hating my friends quite as much. I guess that's life. Something pisses you off really badly and you rant about it and then it doesn't seem like it's such a big deal. Handy how that works.

Well, I work tomorrow morning, so I think I'm gonna call it a night.

Goodnight, internet. Sleep well.


  1. Isn't there just one "90's theme" and they just took turns using it?

    Lazarus Lupin
    arts and review

  2. Love the new design. You've really given things a nice punch.

  3. A. Like the new design -- I missed the star in Abbie until you pointed it out.

    B. You should do a "bargain haul" video and make that a thing.

    C. Friends suck. If you're a good person, people will let you down. If you're a bad person, you're always letting people down. Your friends should be cooler than they are -- which means maybe you've outcooled them and need better friends.

  4. Yeh, that design is 'you' - the star bathed in the spotlights.