Friday, July 9, 2010

Disasterbation - the death of a nation.

Location: The floor
Listening to: Family Guy
Days til College: 52

Hello, there. I can't really remember the last time I wrote. I know I spent a lot of time ranting about my friends. To be totally honest, I was being kind of melodramatic. My friends don't suck that bad. I mean, they might not always be the greatest people around and, yeah, I might put up with a lot of neglect I don't really deserve, but they're there for me most of the time.

This week had been full of all kinds of awesome developments for college. I found out that my scores on my AP exams were good enough that I test out of all of my required english classes (which means I don't have to take a basic english class ever again! I also never have to take math ever again, which is amazing). So I have more open credits now to fill with other classes.

I also got a job on campus. I started e-mailing people in the theater department and told them that I have work study and stuff, and they lined me up with a job doing office work for the theater and selling things at events. I'm really excited, because it sounds pretty easy and fun. Plus I'll get to see some of the shows for free.

And, I got offered a spot on the newspaper. During registration, I talked to some of the communications profs about writing for the paper as a practicum so I could get credit for it, and they said they'd give my name to the advisor. So he e-mailed me and told me he gave my name to the editor and managing editor and they'd be in touch with details about when they're going to start producing the first issue.

Mostly, I'm totally looking forward to college. Even more than before. Yay!

I've gone to see a lot of movies lately, so here are some reviews for ya:

Toy Story 3: These movies were my childhood. Honestly, the third installment was just as great as the first and even better than the second. (Almost) all of the old characters are back with all kinds of crazy hijinks because Andy is leaving for college. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me incredibly nostalgic. A+

The Last Airbender: Ok, I've never seen the TV show that this movie was based on. Most of my friends who were fans of the show were disappointed in the movie. I loved it, though. It was a super cool concept with very straight-forward dialogue and fantastic special effects. I was never bored. A+

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse: Don't judge me! I went to see this with a bunch of people I work with because, working at movie store, we're all movie buffs. We were all intrigued about whether or not this apparent box-office hit was going to be any good. It's definitely the best Twilight movie so far. It had a lot of action and a lot of tongue-in-cheek moments where it seemed like the actors were making fun of themselves. Example: In one scene, Edward (the vampire boyfriend of Bella), Bella (the girl), and Jacob (the werewolf/shapeshifter guy who also loves Bella) were up on a mountain camping because it was crucial to the very thin plot. Bella, being a weak human, is freezing because there is a snowstorm going on. Edward is freaking out because, since he's undead, he can't do much to keep her warm. Jacob, who apparently is always burning hot because of that werewolf thing, offers to get in her sleeping bag with her to keep her warm. Edward starts freaking out until Jake looks straight at him and goes, "Edward, face it. We both know I'm hotter than you." Which is hilarious because many tweenage girls frequently gush over Taylor Lautner/Jacob's 'hotness'. Haha, whoever wrote the script for this movie. It's funny how you know your audience so well. B+

Despicable Me: Best. Movie. Ever. I had extremely high expectations for this one because I've loved every trailer I'd seen for it. The concept of Steve Carell as a super villain who keeps getting out-villained by another guy and has to look after three little girls looked amusing. It was hilarious. I would definitely go see it again. And again. And again. A+++


  1. I love the way you look at great college things that are happening to you like it's all just ordinary things that happen to everyone. Yeh, everyone named Abbie who has got mad skills and potential. I hope you continue to share everything you do on this adventure. It has the potential to be the best college reality show EVER. I am going to see Despicable Me tomorrow. I thought the trailer was great too and I am glad to know you gave it a good review.

  2. Oh and you have to find a way to include some pictures. Nothing that put you in any danger but there is nothing better than seeing a campus in the fall.