Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bye-Bye, Childhood.

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Today's Odd Holiday(s): Ask A Stupid Question Day; National Good Neighbor Day

When I picture someone being a good neighbor, I always picture a 50's era, Donna Reed-like woman showing up on someone's doorstep with a batch of fresh baked cookies, just because. This was the closest picture I could find to that. Although, I will admit I did not search very hard. So sue me.

Yesterday was a sad day for me. My mom called me and told me that my dog's cancer was affecting him to the point where he wasn't eating anymore and, because none of us wanted him to suffer, they had made the decision to take him in and get him put to sleep.

We had Buddy (my dog) since I was eight years old. That's over half of my life. He was the noisiest pooch in the entire world. He would bark his head off every time someone came to the door or walked past our house, but he was a huge chicken. He would hide behind my parents when someone came up to talk to them or wanted to pet him.

He was terrified of storms. He would hide under my mom's desk or cower next to my dad at the slightest hint of thunder or lightening.

Pretty much, he was adorable, even when he was being annoying.

Buddy was kind of the last real vestige of my childhood. We grew up together. Now that he's gone, I feel like my childhood is gone, too. Isn't that sad? I mean, I know I could definitely still run around and do childish things and be silly and stupid if I wanted to. But there's so much responsibility I have on my shoulders now. I have to keep up with my grades and make sure I'm eating right and getting enough sleep but not letting myself stress too much and pay for my credit card and random other things I need and more or less taking care of myself.

It's kind of a shock.

I don't think I'm explaining this as well as I want to be, but I really can't think of a better way to say it. So I guess you'll just have to deal with this. Haha.

It's going to be so weird going home in a few weeks and not being greeted by this little guy.

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