Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eventful Weekend

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Today's Odd Holiday(s): Make Your Bed Day; No News Is Good News Day

So, as everyone knows, college weekends start on Thursday because most people work their schedules so they don't have class Friday. Unfortunately for me, I have class Friday mornings from 9-10, but then I'm done.

Anyway, our Student Entertainment club thing organizes events for every Thursday night in attempt to get people to go the non-Thirsty-Thursday route (even though the ones who want to go out and get trashed still do it, and then come to the events). This Thursday, they had a night club in the student union. I went with some of my friends from the other building.

The music was pretty terrible. I still had a good time, though. I hung out with my friends (Ashna, Ashley, Cole and John) and their friends and pretty much danced like an idiot.* It did get a bit awkward, because John has a little crush on me according to Ashna. And he kept trying to dance with me. And I kept edging my way around the circle to put people between us. I ended up dancing by some of my friends' friends who I didn't know. Including this guy, Jordan.

Now, apparently in the 20 minutes I was in Jordan's presence last night and through the brief conversation we had, I managed to charm him. Which is ridiculous because I'm hardly a charming person. Anyway, so I ran into Ashna the next day and she told me that he's crushing on me and wanted to know what I think of him and he wanted my phone number and stuff. So I told her to tell him I don't really know him so I don't know how I feel (which I felt was very diplomatic) and to go ahead and give him my number.

Anyway, so he texted me and invited me and my roommate to come play frisbee with him and his friends, so we went. And it was really fun. I'm not attracted to him, but he and his friends seem like cool guys and will give us lots of opportunities to hang out with people. Plus one of his friends is cute and might prove a nice distraction from Hunky RA.

Speaking of Hunky RA, last night our school also had a concert by Quietdrive, who is one of my favorite bands. So I went with a bunch of people. It was super awesome. Afterwards we were trying to find something to do so we were wandering around the dorms and we ran into Hunky RA and he invited us to go to a movie at the campus theater with him and his friends. Except Jordan wanted to wait for people who we ended up ditching anyway, so we ended up just with the small group of people we went to the concert with.

Mostly, things here are really eventful. Today I'm going to my first college football game. John is having a party in his room, but my roommate are planning on sitting in our room and watching his window to see him get busted. Because he's also 18. Personally I don't get the appeal of drinking, so I just don't do it. And I'm not interested in getting in trouble.

But I'll probably find other things to do tonight. So expect more crazyness in the future.

Also, today is September 11th, the 9th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers, Pentagon, and other places. Please keep the men and women who died in these attacks and attempting to save victims of these attacks and their friends and family in your thoughts.

Have an awesome weekend!

*This is obviously the only fun way to dance.

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  1. "I managed to charm him. Which is ridiculous because I'm hardly a charming person." Please shut up! You are charming and write and speak well, that alone puts you way ahead of the curve. When will boys,men,hunksters lol, wake up and realize that the brain is the most attractive part of a person.