Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm always awkward

Location: Dorm desk area
Listening to: The Office + the guys across the hall playing video games + the guys down the hall listening to rap + someone carrying crinkly plastic bags up the steps
Today's Odd Holiday(s): Neither Rain Nor Snow day

I am convinced that I am the most awkward person ever. Always. It doesn't matter if I'm by myself or with other people or asleep or awake or trying to do something or not. I am 100% awkward 100% of the time. Let me give you some examples from today.

One of the glories of dorm life is the constant presence of drunk-people-who-think-yelling-makes-them-easier-to-understand. Our dorm happens to be right behind the apartments near campus, so we get a lot of party traffic out our window. I kept getting woken up by yelling drunkards last night (which is funny after you've gotten sleep, but really annoying in the moment). At one point, I woke up and knocked some pillows off of my loft and on to our TV stand, which knocked a bunch of crap over. My roommate was dead asleep, but I still felt the need to groggily say, "I think I knocked over Abe..." (we have a tiny bust of Abe Lincoln on top of our DVD player, courtesy of my awesome friends' awesome garage sale cruising skills).

Then I went to my classes this morning and all was fine. My schedule doesn't really mesh with any of my friends, so I eat lunch alone a lot of the time. I don't mind it. A lot of people eat alone and there are TVs and stuff, or I bring a book sometimes. So today I'm sitting there munching on this delicious herb chicken with roasted veggies (yuuummm) when Hunky RA comes over and playfully punches my shoulder and begins talking to me. My mouth was full of food. There were probably flecks of herbs on my teeth. And he starts asking me about classes and my food and what I'm up to and how things are going and genuinely being a nice guy. And I'm taken completely off guard by the fact that he spotted me and started talking to me, so I can't think of things that make sense to say so I jumble everything together and babble. And then he starts asking me about eating alone which just makes me self conscious and embarrassed.

And then I went to my last class and decided to skip the second half. So I'm sitting her blogging and eating cheesecake and hoping that a certain Hunky RA might stop by to visit. He did last night. Well, not necissarily to visit. But he stopped by. So he knows where I live now. And...um....I'm overly optimistic about this budding friendship. I need to hang out with him so it can turn into more of a friendship and less of a me-wishing-we-were-friends.


See what I mean about the awkward? Hah.


  1. Befriend Hunky RA! Do it! Do it!

    Also, we're all awkward in our own little ways. I usually suffer from word vomit where I say things I either don't mean or meant to say but they just came out wrong.

    And I'm super jealous of your Abe Lincoln bust. I love random decorations.

  2. Yeh, befriend him. He may be just looking for a reason for breaking up with his bitchy girlfriend. Oh and for the drunks outside your window - go buy some cheap vases that you can fill wilt yogurt and drop on them when they get too noisy.

  3. This has become a serious problem for me. I honestly don't understand how other people can be so socially competent. I am so awkward, all the time. Haha... we would be a riot together.