Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh, college.

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Listening to: My roommate talk to me about how all of you are probably 50 year old creepster men.
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Welcome to Nicola and OhSoPrettyThings (or something similar to that, I'm kinda rushed and I don't have time to stop and check). Thanks for thinking my rambling is nice enough to listen to.

My roommate and I are discussing how Jesus was a rebel Jew because some church type people just came to visit us because of some survey things we filled out. They gave us cookies and drew us a picture. It was kind of nice.

Today was kind of hectic. So was yesterday. We did all kinds of orientation type things. Yesterday we ran around with our 'clubs' and painted a road purple and ran onto a football field and getting free things. Today we finished our orientation type things and one of my friends helped me lower my loft so I'm no longer scraping my head on the ceiling. Which is awesome.

Then we rearranged our room and stuff. And went to a rootbeer social in the basement of our sister dorm. Well, I went and hung out with some friends from my leadership thing. And stared longingly at the RA I'm minorly crushing on. Shhhh. Don't tell.

Then my friend Ashna and I helped our friend John name some fish he got. (If you were curious, they ended up being Sushi, Cook, Swimmy, Nemo, and Popcorn). And helped him set up his giant tank that hardly fits on his desk. I have no clue how that's going to work for him. Whatever.

Anyway, I should get going. I have to go shower and stuff. Classes start tomorrow, so that should be interesting. A lot of schools are starting lately, so I want to hear some of your back-to-school stories. I don't care if they're recent or not. Just tell me something about your school experience.

And also, ideas for what should replace my countdown.


  1. What if only a few of us are near fifty year old creepster men? Does our support and friendship mean any less. Just say the word and we can leave. I miss the leaves of fall and the old buildings that smell of knowledge. Best of luck on your first day. I don't know you but I believe you will rock the campus...Kal

  2. Have a good first day of college!! I'm sure you'll do amazing things even if it has been 29 years since I've been in college! Ah, just kidding, but have a great first day!

  3. i love the random things people stuff in their room like it's natural. i'm not at college yet....saturday! but i did go last week for this chemistry refresher. i moved all my stuff in, and though only we chem kids and the athletes were there, it felt like real college. i posted stories about that experience a while back.

    it's here

    and here

    don't worry i'm not trying to promote my blog like those people who don't really read your posts, they just comment on one line and then tell you to go to theirs. ugh. no, i'm just lazy and don't feel like typing it all out again. hahahaha forigve me. :D

  4. also, that's really weird that your classes start on a thursday! they should give you the whole weekend. am i right?

    and was it a root beer float social? or just root beer. because i've never heard of those. unless i'm naïve and 'root beer social' is really code for something else. okay. no i'm kidding. sorta. hahahahaha

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  6. thanks for welcoming me ;)
    i love your blog