Friday, September 3, 2010

College is nice

Location: Library
Listening to: Hopeless by KT Tunstall

I have found myself the perfect study spot in the library. Some day when I bring a camera, I will take a picture of it for you. But it's in this cozy little corner situated against a window with a pretty view of some trees. The seating is standard library loveseats. They're squishy and comfy and there's a nice little table that goes with them. It's all the way in the back of the library by some archaic teaching materials and if I look down the aisle along the wall, I can see the childrens' area. There's a nice little bank of computers right next to it and a higher table that I can use if my back starts hurting or something. I like it.

I still haven't found a replacement for my countdown, but I'm kind of getting used to the smaller opening thing. It's not too bad. I might keep it unless I can think of something really good and creative to put there. I keep forgetting your ideas and I'm too lazy to go back and look.

As for the comment about 50-year-old-creepsters, as long as none of you out there (and that includes people of all ages and genders) start stalking me or being scary, I don't care who reads this. I like all of the support and input you guys give me. My roomie was just teasing me. She likes to do that.

I'm still not used to living in such close quarters with someone. I haven't shared a room since I was 5 and decided I was too grown up to be sleeping in the same room as my big sister and my parents converted a giant storage space into my room. (It wasn't anything like Harry Potter being crammed under the stairs. It was big enough for my bed and dresser and toys, and there was a window and ventilation. And I think I only lived in there for a year or two before we added on to our house and I got a real room).

But my roommate likes to talk and listen to music as she does homework. I like silence. So I'm really glad I found this cozy little space, because it's nice and relaxing and studious feeling in here.

College suits me.

So far all of my classes are really cool. They all seem incredibly interesting and like things I'm going to enjoy a lot. I've only had 3 of my 6 classes so far, but I'm thinking the rest should be just as fun. I am taking a break from some Intro to Mass Communications reading I've been working on, and after that I'm going to try and make a dent in my newest article for our school paper (a profile on a professor who is kicking off a year long concert series).

I think that's it for now. I'm going to have a lot of free time this weekend (it being Labor Day here in the States meaning that we get Monday off of school and work). So I'm sure you'll hear from me again. I'm in the process of editing my first vlog from my dorm room, so that should go up sometime this weekend as well. :)


  1. wow college seems nice!!
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  2. It's those funn little hide away spots that make everyone seem familiar and sometimes it's familar that you needs. Hope I wasn't the starker. I just want to enjoy watching you do well.